Blasting My Headphones: Earphones – それが声優! (Sore ga Seiyuu!)

Let me first get a horrible joke out of the way.
Blasting my headphones with music from Earphones, hah!

A personal description to this song would be ‘feeling fancy while kicking ass in Kung-Fu’. That was at least how I felt when my ears got used to the tunes this song provided. I would then find myself listening to this while working to feel absolutely uplift, ’cause you know… happy worker = well done job.

Sung by the voice actress unit Earphones (Marika Kouno, Rie Takahashi and Yuki Nagaku), this song brings in a mixture of good old electro-pop and light music (軽音 – keion).

Attention to the details

This song is packed with more than your average pop tropes. Not only does the name of the song has everything to do with the anime, the lyrics are on point too!
The full version of the song will have each of the three characters doing an insane drop of words within a few seconds (the anime opening version only has Rin/Kouno-san doing hers).

Let’s go through the first one. Please don’t even try to Google translate these since you (should) know how it works.

Rin’s (Kouno-san) line:
“すもももももももものうち すもももももももものうち”
Read as, “sumomomomomomomomo no uchi   sumomomomomomomomo no uchi
Google translates to, “Among plum both thigh peach of plum nor thigh thigh.”
What she’s actually saying is, “Plum pits, peach pits, all stone fruits have pits.”

Got it? Good. I’ll just leave the other two and let the experts have fun.

Futaba’s (Takahashi-san) line:
春シャンソ\ンショー 春シャンソ\ンショー”
Read as, “shinjin kashu shinshun SHANSONSHOO   shinjin kashu shinshun SHANSONSHOO”

Ichigo’s (Nagaku-san) line:
庭には鶏がいる 庭には鶏がいる
隣の竹やぶ立てかけた 隣の竹やぶ立てかけた”
Read as, “niwa ni wa niwatori ga iru   niwa ni wa niwatori ga iru
tonari no takeyabu take tatekaketa   tonari no takeyabu take tatekaketa”

Poor Ichigo, she had to drop the most. If you listen carefully then you’ll notice that she struggled to come back to the same pitch with the others for the last sentence of the song. 😦

Pluses and minuses (art is subjective)

Everything you create is subject to opinion from anyone else but yourself. This song is no different so I’ll go on and say something.

The +

  • Great classic use of guitars in a pop song (like, the Japanese have always been doing this)
  • Enough bass to keep me happy!
  • Verses are not only straight up singing which is obviously nice for J-Pop
  • Catchy Chorus
  • Seriously good production (you can be the most talented person ever but if your producer is dog poo then your studio album will be only as good as that)

The –

  • Variation in the seiyuu voices; like damn! Rie Takahashi easily makes the other two sound nearly a decade younger than she is!
  • I’ve listened to other Earphones’ songs to make sure of this and I was right; this song really wasn’t up Yuki Nagaku’s (Ichigo) alley. She easily sounded the weakest out of the three.

Last thing (or first thing) to do is listen to it, no?

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