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Even Kirino and Kuroneko pick up on how to act Tsundere in English

Way back when OreImo was airing! Anime nowadays will almost always come with radio broadcasting programs to advertise them. It's one of the best way for anime fans to actually learn Japanese by listening (preferably WITHOUT subtitles) and picking up on common phrases used by Japanese people in the voice acting industry. Please consider looking… Continue reading Even Kirino and Kuroneko pick up on how to act Tsundere in English

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Dungeons 101: These girls get it

It is a common knowledge among gamers that we do not 'face-check' things around unfamiliar places, regardless to what genre of games we play. Taken from Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni. episode 3, Else, Linse and Yae practiced safety first.   Touya is invincible anyway, but there is absolutely nothing wrong in doubting him.

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Kumiko took one for the team!

Remember that funny scene in Hibike! Euphonium episode 6, when the bass section tried to cheer up Katou Hazuki? True to Asuka's character, you just know that it would go down the comedy route as soon as she took charge. Her instruction for Midori was straightforward. For Kumiko however, some things are better off without… Continue reading Kumiko took one for the team!

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Coming to terms with (love) rejection

I remember laughing at Kuroneko tripping after her rejection in the last arc of OreImo, then I remembered seeing something even better. This is it. Kudou Mirei's rejection in Inou-Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de, episode 2. Seriously, this tops out Eromanga-sensei for rejecting a girl two episodes into the show and given that the confession… Continue reading Coming to terms with (love) rejection