A-1 Pictures is hitting this season with TWO Rom-Com anime at once!

Haaaaaai! Hai hai!

I honestly first thought that the Fall 2017 season would be absolutely dull since most of what I saw being advertised were mainly shounen series. Both second seasons of Attack on Titan and My Hero Academia were heavily hyped for by many bloggers and anime YouTubers alike, then there is me – getting all excited for (lowly fan service-y?) Rom-Com’s.

Let’s get it to now!

Boring and not so boring girlfriends, continued


First up we have Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata ♭. (♭ for Flat)

This show literally continued the exact same way it did with first releasing episode zero, a pure fan service of laughs and giggles (or fap if that’s your way). Now that the actual first episode has finally aired, we are immediately taken to the past story of two main girls Eriri and Utaha. I can honestly say that the first episode of second season alone is already better than almost the entirety of first season.

Saekano Flat episode 0
Dig into Episode 0 for some of this…

New comer (or you thought so?!)


Second in line, we have Eromanga-Sensei!

New name, same author from the popular sis-con, rom-com series Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai (OreImo).

Dig in for a dense protago- something that exists in pretty much every harem rom-com.

Digging into this, if you’ve watched OreImo then you’ll come to realization that Eromanga-Sensei feels exactly like it. Absolutely no surprises there.
Again, if you’ve watched OreImo, you’ll also be thinking of a meme regarding sis-con protagonist. This time however, Eromanga-Sensei has the ‘little sister’ not being blood related to the protagonist. I still don’t think it will satisfy the fans if the author pulls the same crap like he did in OreImo.

Maybe it’s just me, or maybe it’s the fact that the author is somewhat fond of ClariS. Like OreImo, ClariS has returned to provide an opening song for Eromanga-Sensei.

For the geeks: Notice the similarity?


Both of these series have the protagonists voiced by the same seiyuu, Matsuoka Yoshitsuguwhom has been given a truckload of roles in Rom-Com/Harem as protagonists lately (you also can’t forget the fact that he voices Kirito from Sword Art Online; I count that as harem).

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