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Kumiko took one for the team!

Remember that funny scene in Hibike! Euphonium episode 6, when the bass section tried to cheer up Katou Hazuki? True to Asuka's character, you just know that it would go down the comedy route as soon as she took charge. Her instruction for Midori was straightforward. For Kumiko however, some things are better off without… Continue reading Kumiko took one for the team!

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Adding energy into Pop music

If music was a game, the pop genre would have forever been known as a cheater. Originally existed to be of anything that rock genre couldn't do, now pop practically means anything that is popular. Pop music takes greatest advantage by absorbing everything around it and amalgamate them into the things that already exist within… Continue reading Adding energy into Pop music

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Fan Service: The unnecessary stuff (Part 2) [Not Quite Safe For Work]

Let's get the bad things out of the way first, yeah? Oh, and you've been warned. It's nothing major but if your loved one catches you eyeing then good luck finding an excuse. Covering the baddies of fan service, it's actually quite unfortunate that bad things usually come from generalizations and this is no different. Let's… Continue reading Fan Service: The unnecessary stuff (Part 2) [Not Quite Safe For Work]

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Songs by Seiyuu: Seiyuu = Idol(s) (Part 3)

THE iDOLM@STER may have brought the idol vibes into anime but there were still gaps left to fill, some aspects to master (what a pun!). Anime fans were starting to accept that their voice actors (VA) do pretty much everything a non anime related idol could. Though they were only starting to, not entirely. What THE… Continue reading Songs by Seiyuu: Seiyuu = Idol(s) (Part 3)