Taking on MAL’s two lowest rated anime titles at once!

According to MyAnimeList, these two happen to be the worst anime of all time.

And I wonder what’s really wrong with people who relentlessly bash on mediocre ones like SAO and Eromanga-sensei. At least those really have something going for them.


For a good reason, I highly suggest to (please) not be chewing on food while watching the anime themselves or reading reviews/comments about them.

I’ve choked on my omelette. As much as I want to video myself choking, I thought that obviously, the most important thing to do was to self rescue.

Got the warnings in?

Good. Now you’re safe. Go do either, watch them or read the reviews anywhere – doesn’t have to be MAL but you’re welcome to.

Before I go there I’d like to admit that both anime were so damn good I can’t remember any of the characters’ names.

First up – Tenkuu Danzai Skelter+Heaven (2004)


Check out Fall 2004 list and salute to this anime for making its name as the lowest rated anime.

It’s a mecha pseudo-hentai battle with otherworldly-something-that-could-have-just-been-an-octopus?
Whatever; it’s about protecting the Earth from alien invasion.

Eh, at least this anime had an opening and an ending theme, by the goddess Minori Chihara at that!
I actually now wonder how she’ll feel if this anime gets bring up in front of her.

Other than the music, the only thing that I could actually approve of not being appalling was the voice acting. Oh, the wasted talents.

Second in line – Hametsu no Mars (2005)


Check out Summer 2005 list and realize how special this anime was to have made it south.

Just like the previous one, it’s also a sci-fi but gory anime about protecting the Earth from alien invasion.

And by gore, I know that I shouldn’t be laughing my ass off but the way heads get blown off – there was no feeling of loss whatsoever.

To fight monsters, you need a monster.

Readying MARS Suit
Preparing MARS Suit – Pin me like the great Lord, for the Earth’s future.


The MARS suit had potential, honestly. When I saw it, that shit looked like Lord Boros‘s great great great great great grandfather.

When it wasn’t dark, that got reduced to look like Shiba Tatsuya‘s failed prototype.

Despite how awesome it looked, all the dude did with that armor was breaking an alien’s arm. The actual f*ck. Seriously, the fight’s outcome was solely decided on whose arm broke first. There was even a nice sound effect to it. Haha!

Now this anime has no opening or ending theme but it has Beethoven to go with the fight scene yo~
The savagery was off the chart for me then.

Once the fight was almost over (oh God the horrible things both the characters and I went through, watching them), the plot twist couldn’t be placed anywhere in the story to have it made sense. So they slapped it in anyway and ended the story right there.

And no. I don’t want sequels just because of a twisted cliffhanger.


Unsurprisingly, both anime are produced by Idea Factory. Skelter must have made its production studio feel so much shame they didn’t want to leave their name on it.

I guess I am just going by the saying “if you don’t have anything nice to say then say nothing at all.”

And there you have it – the nice things (lol kill me now) I’ve said about the two titles.

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