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Adding energy into Pop music

If music was a game, the pop genre would have forever been known as a cheater. Originally existed to be of anything that rock genre couldn't do, now pop practically means anything that is popular. Pop music takes greatest advantage by absorbing everything around it and amalgamate them into the things that already exist within… Continue reading Adding energy into Pop music

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Kushikawa Hatoko: Her Cry of Isolation (Part 1)

If Saekano's main story gets adapted into a visual novel (and not made separately with original story), Katou Megumi route's bad end would pretty much look like this. I'd like to welcome Ino-Bato's infamous...   Episode 7   This is probably the biggest reason most people today will ever want to watch the show at all--because… Continue reading Kushikawa Hatoko: Her Cry of Isolation (Part 1)