Eromanga-sensei the Finale – I’m glad this episode ends before my life

Four minutes into the episode and there is already something you can’t mistake for having existed in OreImo beforehand.



That’s it. The most this anime has going for it, plot wise, is the use of unrealistic ‘sources’ to make things believable. In this case it’s the fact that Sagiri is the little sister and at least in this scene, according to Masamune – her reactions will be a set reference to all the little sister in the world!

And I’m not sure if this anime is trying to contend for a (cute) controversial stuff equivalent to the toothbrush scene?

Twister that is actually twisted


So yeah, middle school girls playing Twister in swimsuits? Expect no less than lewd.

A bit lewd?


No matter how you look at it


About time Tomoe actually gets real. I feared (actually, it’s between fear and expectation) that she’d just be the Neighbor Girl 2.0. Well, Tomoe is extremely similar to her in many ways. I’ll have to give it to Fushimi-sensei for actually being able to ‘improve’ all of the characters. They are all more to my liking despite heavily resembling OreImo casts.

I’ll leave the complaints for the full season review so let’s see what sorcery Tomoe did right…

It's porn!


While I cannot speak for you, having an opposite sex friend who casually comes by to drop off a porno with a smile – now this is one hell of a fantasy. I’m not implying that it has never happened to me~

Or has it? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Look, having a friend like Tomoe is actually an even bigger guilty pleasure than publicly admitting to loving this anime.

You really think that your little sister can be cute all the time? No issues whatsoever? She can be, in your dream that is.


Sagiri started off surprisingly cute and that formula worked with her character throughout the season. At times she did get annoying but that’s actually the ‘little sister’ in a nutshell. I’m sure Fushimi-sensei had this in mind when creating Kousaka Kirino but went much overboard. He definitely mastered it for Sagiri.

Sagiri's tantrum

Throwing tantrum comes standard in little sisters. I wish someone would just make the older sister do this – it’d be much more interesting.


You’re all mature enough and so am I. Let’s be honest – for someone’s reaction to reading a porno, this is off by a long shot.

I'm 12 and I read porno~

This is some serious attempt at resurrection for Kirino.

Uwah~ The irony


I know it’s inevitable that young people today have easy access to porn, hence imitating it. No, let’s not play the generation blame game because the current generation is only as good as the previous one allows it to be and instead of forcefully attempting to prevent your kids from seeing such things, how about further educate them on what can go wrong if they keep up with such behavior?
Oh right, the lack of parents sure make an easy plot device, God damn it.

With that said, I’m still trying to take it all in; taking in the fact that Sagiri is not even a teenager but already has learned the way of an adult. Being talented is scary, sometimes I can say that it’s a catalyst to disaster if used in a wrong way.

In Sagiri’s case, it’s true.

This is literally no different to saying, “I like watching gay porn but I ain’t gay!

It really does take one to know one, Sagiri.

Constructive Criticism (or the lack thereof)


Of all things Masamune could have mentioned that were wrong with the hentai which his twelve year old little sister drew for him to see, his attention to the mistake went straight to the most cliche, sexual thing that should get any female to start talking.

Of all things...


Nearly all of the females in this show appeared at this point, so as soon as the word ‘dick’ gets dropped in the mise-en-scène, I knew exactly it was the cue for the one and only…

"I love dicks!"
The one girl who loves dicks so much she’s not even hiding it.


I stand by my view on the fact that incest between Masamune and Sagiri remains one of the least offending thing in this anime. But holy shit, whatever the freak is the deal between Megumi and her little brother is… no. Just NO! People go and moan about how Fushimi-sensei is throwing morals out of the window when writing this story. If there is a time when he really does so, this is it.

She most definitely stripped her little brother naked just to get a glimpse of his dick. Shotacon is real and is equally as bad as lolicon, but this is just too far, my God!

Analyzing this anime would be a wrong move on my part, sorry~


Not even Megumi is able to prove her love for dicks so Muramasa saves the day.

It's art


What I got from this episode, in a nutshell, are:

Showing dick is fine as long as it’s art.
Incest is fine as long as it’s art.
Lolicon and Shotacon are fine as long as they are art.

I’m done. And so does the first season of Eromanga-sensei.

Not even a legitimate farewell


After ticking off the list of fun activities in a festival. It’s time for the kids to go home.

They are not trying to hide anything, but they aren’t explicitly hinting either.

See you again!
SEE YA (again soon).


Give it a year or two and then we’ll meet, second season!

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