Two episodes into Eromanga-Sensei: I’m in stitches!

I don’t think I can ever avoid talking about OreImo if I’m ever going to talk about Eromanga-Sensei. The two are written by the same author after all. Also, look at it this way; Eromanga-Sensei seems to promise overall improvements that OreImo already impressed you with.

Episode 1


We get the same OreImo treatment here. Introductions like short prologue, setting, characters, situation they are in. None of this failed so A-1 Pictures did the right thing in not fixing what’s not broken.

I’ll even show you the comparisons…

Eromanga-Sensei 1


The prologue : meeting of siblings(?)


Waking up to reality/setting


Getting along with the sibling? I think not

OreImo 1


The prologue: dreaming



Waking up to reality/setting


Of course, they are not getting along…

Caught red handed biiiiitch

 Both are on the quest to save their little sister from looking bad


One from loving erotic contents, the other from loving AND creating erotic contents.






The stuff I’m more interested in


This one should be clear as day since I’m the one who wrote massive blog regarding seiyuu. In Eromanga-Sensei we are introduced to a somewhat new face in the voice acting industry. Her name is Fujita Akane and she voices the main heroine Sagiri, not her first ever role though. Thank god we no longer have to deal with a tsundere mess that was Kirino! But we do have to deal with a loudmouth that is Yamada Elf.

The opening revealed


Now we know that ClariS has returned from OreImo to do the opening song for Eromanga-Sensei as well, hooray!

 Episode 2


This is really when I felt the need to write a review despite the anime not finishing entirely. Voice actress Kido Ibuki returns from OreImo to voice a rather audacious Jinno Megumi, whom now anyone would know for the famous memes created just for her.

Useless dick.
Logic for men from your one and only, Megumi!
She loves dicks
Well then…
Speaking on behalf of all girls
Speaking on behalf of all girls in the world!

Let’s appreciate Tsundere


She’s definitely the Kirino of the series albeit less annoying. But like all tsundere girls out there, two sides need to be seen.

The tsun
The dere: takes one word to bring it out!
Classic tsundere lines

Surprisingly, she actually has ‘tastes’

Literally, I’m talking about food.


How did THIS start to begin with?


Let’s also not forget the other characters that will or will not make any huge impact in the series


Given the fact that this is 90% relatable to OreImo, I’m putting my money on THEY WILL.

There’s always that one girl who gets along with MC well.
Yamada Elf!

The Ending


Good job on A-1 Pictures for being creative. They actually spent some money into serious animation for the ending credits. A lot of people overlook the fact that ending can be and is mostly more attention-grabbing than the opening!

Here in the ending, Sagiri shows us the three types of party goers:


This has been a lot of pictures spamming rather than giving out purely my own opinion/review on the series. Though this is actually what Rom-Com’s are meant to accomplish; make memes.

20/10 will keep tracking the progress!

3 thoughts on “Two episodes into Eromanga-Sensei: I’m in stitches!

      1. Ha, I know what you mean. Let’s just hope that we get a better resolve. Let’s hope that Eromanga Sensei is better all round. Fingers crossed the table remains un-flipped! 😀


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