Fan Service: When do we want them and when do we not? (Part 1)

They are actually rhetorical questions. Do not worry though, as much of a click bait the picture is (it’s Keijo!!!!!!!! by the way), this topic will undergo a huge exploration!

….as we try to find the plot.

That plot!
If the picture above was the first thing that caught your eyes then it just goes to show how fan service works in a nutshell.

Before we even take off

Fan service in its earliest days was only known as gratuitous titillation.

Let’s simplify that; it is saying, “your sexual excitement, on us.”
Well then.

But I also pulled more of the definition straight out of Anime News Network. It states that:
“Fan service does not have to be sexual in nature. Other forms of fanservice include gratuitous amounts of detailed mecha transformation scenes, mascot placings and so-on.”

In other words, practically anything and everything you see and hear from anime can be fan service!

If you still haven’t got the answer to that rhetorical question…

I’ll speak on your behalf!

  • Do you get excited whenever the plot thickens? (No. this is not a boob joke.)
  • Do you get excited whenever your favorite line/catchphrase is being said?
  • Will you be excited if the so called ‘protagonist’ ends up with the guy/girl you root for?
  • Are you excited about your favorite anime which is still up and running, whether it is within the main series or a spin off?
  • Do you like parodies?

So many questions but only one answer.
If there is a yes to any of those then there is a great chance that you are acknowledging fan service. If there are yeses to all of those then you have totally admitted to be watching many genres. Go you!

Now, when do you want fan service?
Obviously, all the damn time!

When do you not want them?
I can really pretend to be your mind reader and give you the answer to that…

…in the next part!

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