Looking into Saekano Flat Episode 7: Good, bad, happy and sad times

It’s a Valentine’s episode in the wrong time of the year, argh!

All in all, this episode is first half of volume 7 heavily altered to fit anime storytelling style. I won’t say it’s bad at all; in fact it works just nearly perfectly. Hopefully the next episode can contain as much suspense as the light novel has.
I also hope that I will be able to fill in with serious stuff at the end.

So how come they are able to fit great amount of comedy into an episode but not so much when it comes to drama? On top of it all, many of the fourth walls broke!

Despite all of that, this episode’s overall mood is quite dark compared to all of the ones before it. Now I know that I should have taken Utaha’s warning seriously when she was concerned about this anime being called…

Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata Black


The episode starts off with Eriri who is shown to be happily drawing while on call with Tomoya. He is pushing the sales of Cherry Blessing after it has been given critical reception. That isn’t all, though. Like most promotions, even for anime, new trailers and visuals come out one after another and this is where Eriri is being pushed to create new illustration, though in her case it’s just a drawing to thank the fans. She then remarks on how Tomoya is doing something that Iori won’t hesitate to do – work over workers. After having his logic rallied like tennis in the previous episode, Tomoya can’t help but to shrug in response to her remark.

After the call, Eriri gives a few last touches to her painting and notices something odd.


The use of paint colors dispersing in water is a really nice way to go about saying something along the lines of messing up. Well, Eriri really has messed up and good thing she’s noticing it early.

It sure has been a long time, very long time!


Tomoya enroutes to school, only to be surprised by Utaha, whom first time in two years, shows up to walk with him. And just like Eriri, she also tells him about how he shouldn’t belittling himself and hold his head upright and high as the producer/leader of the circle, ultimately the reason that he should be keeping most of the profit. While Eriri’s version sounds genuine with good intentions, Utaha’s is kinda biased as she probably has some funny past with her novel producer.

Cheeky Utaha!
Cheeky lil’ b*tch!


Utaha’s real reason of showing up is that it will be her second last day to school. Better make a great memory, right?

It’s not Saekano unless Eriri sprints her tsundere ass to interrupt each and every one of Utaha’s attempts to advance onto Tomoya. I’m fully satisfied because I got exactly what I’d hoped for – a running gag that dates back all the way to the very beginning of this anime, first season’s Episode 0!

It goes without saying, Eriri + Utaha in the same scene = fight! They are literally reactive to one another – seriously good chemistry yo! Tomoya really has no way of getting out of this trouble involving two of the most well known students in the academy. Oh I almost forgot, Tomoya is among the top three as mentioned by Katou.

Yeap. It’s a hot mess.

The dialogues have all been altered from the light novel, leaving us with Utaha straight up ripping Eriri apart with the insults. Oh and did I forget to mention that fourth wall?

Never mind, it’s gone!


In class, Tomoya finally meets Katou after months of not talking to one another. She has been perfectly timing her arrival to one minute before the bell. Tomoya instantly takes it as her mean of avoiding him. I’ll have to give it to the anime version for this scene; Katou really does seem intimidating for what she’s well known for.

And here goes another fourth wall down.

Who's the real waifu now?
See? Even he knows that the real waifu is no other than Katou!

Rivalry as a cover for Bromance?


Because Izumi is busy with her school entrance exam, her older brother Iori takes the chance to tease the shit out of Tomoya’s manhood, giving Izumi’s chocolate to him in the straightest way possible.

The counter girls however, aren’t on the same page…
Especially that one girl who can’t stop peeping at the bros.

Now this is the one time anime is truly superior to its original source material; the backgrounds do get to shine! Good attention is given to the background characters whose attention springs right back to the foreground – no homo!

Onto a more serious talk, Iori has let Tomoya know that he has indeed played Cherry Blessing and loves it. He also tries to confirm whether Tomoya and his circle is participating in the Summer Comiket or not. Looks like round 2 is in setting!

The background music really does give an impression of bittersweet victory, something befitting Tomoya at that very moment after all the shit he put his members and himself through.

One tease isn’t going to end it all for Iori. He goes for the kill and pulls out Little Love Rhapsody 2 book that Tomoya had worked with Izumi back in his earliest Otaku days. This is somewhat extremely relatable to me, hahahaha damn! When I was still learning English, I managed to write a 200 page nonsense story that only involved a dragon being the end boss. Kind of adventure like stuff. Looks fun and all but after two years of English knowledge I went back to read what I’ve written in that ‘story’ and oh my, let me just say that it wasn’t English that I read; nothing made sense!

Thank god I don’t have that story with me anymore and unlike Tomoya, whose dark past has just been uncovered from Iori’s bag, nobody will ever find my story, not even myself!

Tomoya's Dark Past!
“I’ll pay you up to 5000 yen! I’ll pay it, so please just let me bury this embarrassment!”


Iori’s last but not the least warning to Tomoya only adds pressure and doubt into his mind.

Iori's warning/request
It can be for the Summer Comiket or the next winter’s…

Masterpiece without the master


Pressured by Iori, Tomoya gets on with Blessing Software’s second project. The doubts are still strong in his mind, however.

Is it really okay to make one (the second game)?


His instinct tells him to do the usual… call Katou if he ain’t sure. But wait… Ah.

Karma is a bitch.

“What do you think I should do?”

I think it’s fine to just say that she has every right to ignore him after what he’d done to her in episode 5, yes?
And let this be a lesson to help your friends in need! Because when it is your turn to needing help, expect nothing if what you’ve given to others is the same.

It seems to me that Katou is the only character shown to really be studying in this anime. She did say that her grades are trash so this only makes her even more admirable! Get them A’s, Megumi!

Swiggity swaggity, lemme see that Tsundere moody


Right. Here it is guys! A fourth wall breakage that gives a clear shout out to all Tsundere girls out there! At least Tomoya should be thankful he didn’t get his face done in.


The pair have a talk on their way to school. Eriri feels like she just got one upped again when Tomoya let slip of his meeting with Utaha at lunchtime. Once again it’s just Tomoya singing praises to Utaha in front of Eriri. This time however, Eriri has done well in staying sane with just a sigh. Just as I thought, she really has that funny tunnel vision of romance; all she could see is love, especially on Valentine’s day!

Her next statement got Tomoya the shivers he didn’t welcome. Knowing the fact that Utaha will definitely be bold and give her chocolate to Tomoya at lunch, “So I guess then there’s Megumi’s obligatory chocolate.”

They haven’t made up?!

Being Katou’s best friend, Eriri is willing to be the middle man in resolving their issues in which she thinks she has some part to be blamed for (episode 5).

Oooh a rare Tomoya appeared! He says it loud and clear that Eriri is not responsible for any of it. In fact, Tomoya knows the reason – the cause and the solution to his damaged friendship with Katou. Find out in the next exciting episode of Drago- Saekano Flat where Katou will bring about hell. I mean it.

Tomoya direly wants to know of when Eriri’s next illustration will be ready but she’s pushing the deadline once again. Hasn’t she learned of her mistake?! It gets worse, she’s doing so by getting close and cozy with Tomoya all the while pleading him to extend her deadline. While Tomoya may be forgiving, I know someone who will not…

Oh no. Don’t you dare remind me of her collapse…

God please, no!


Tomoya is getting more than just Utaha’s chocolates


Tomoya then engages serious mode and asks Utaha if she intends to work with him again for an upcoming project. Knowing her future and all, he looks desperate as hell, asking her for a favor that may be too large. This is where the Ice Queen Utaha emerges from behind the screens.

Her beef with Eriri is becoming clearer. She only wants to see improvement in Eri Kashiwagi and the current Eriri hasn’t achieved anything in months.

As expected from the Ice Queen; she really has no chill when it comes to things that really matter.

Utaha questions his over-protectiveness of Eriri and tells him countless times that by being just that, Eriri won’t ever ‘grow’. To be more specific, she’s referring to the artist Eriri and not the tsundere little wimpy Eriri.

“That may please Eriri Sawamura, but I can’t imagine it makes Eri Kashiwagi happy.”

Utaha is not trying to hide her reasoning behind her displeasure towards Tomoya either.

Utaha's Wish
“..and try to make something even greater than Cherry Blessing.”

And naturally, Eriri being an eavesdropping little wimp that she is, stands just outside the door overhearing the entire conversation.

How far she has come


On the way back to his home, Tomoya notices Katou sitting alone in the circle’s favorite cafe (now I know it’s called Kameda Cafe! They are definitely getting tourists). Seems like she has indeed read Tomoya’s text. Her surprised face also surprised me (really) because that’s not how it went in the light novel, haha!

Let’s just take this moment to celebrate how far Katou Megumi has come as a character, from the stealthy and carefree girl to a main heroine whose presence screams majestic.

Shots from Episode 2 of the first season.

Looks plain, right? Not to mention she gets deliberately cut off too…

Onward to Episode 7 of the second season.

Now this is what we look for in a heroine – the absolute presence!

It’s a total guilt trip!


Back in his own room, Tomoya plays Cherry Blessing to only realize something grand. He finally understands how hard Katou had worked on the game, and how much she’d improved it. She isn’t just a model for the heroines. The interface, the timing of BGM and the subtle changes in characters’ expressions all scream Katou. Tomoya cries, contemplates, and makes a final decision as the sun rises.

About time, you dumbass protagonist. Drink your own salty tears, will ya?


Tomoya already knows the solution to his conflict with Katou, he only needs a method to stop her from either intimidating him or running away. It’s a do or die for him.

Blessing Software’s Second Project

Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata

Just in case if you want to know the alternate, or rather, original story


Eriri’s heart-throbbing moments with Tomoya are not here again!


Eriri technically was the first person to be walking with Tomoya to school, only to be surprise ambushed by Utaha. Eriri murmured that up until this time Utaha has never gone to school together with Tomoya. Utaha said Eriri is the same and called her childish for complaining over such matters. An angry Eriri was ready to strike back but Tomoya asked them to get along since they didn’t have much time left together.


For pretty much the entire episode, Eriri kept getting asked about her art work. Surely this would bugged her off a lot, haha…

She also gave her Valentine’s chocolate to Tomoya at night time, not the morning. The pair end up watching late night anime together. Eriri had told Tomoya that she was in a slump and couldn’t draw anything. Tomoya said that he could help with ideas for the composition but Eriri reminded him that the rough sketch had already been done. She told him to wait until the weekends. Tomoya noted that she’d been telling him the same thing for the past two weeks. Eriri reassured him and said she felt very fulfilled right then, though her lonely voice betrayed her as she leaned against Tomoya.

There was more to Utaha’s Ice Queen side…

Utaha wondered if she could see him like this after graduation. Tomoya said he would always come to her book signings, though he knew that they would become further apart as time went on.

Utaha asked Tomoya if he was going to her university next year. He said it was definitely impossible for him to get in and he was unsure if he wanted to do tertiary studies. Wishing to know what would happen to their circle from then on, he asked her what plans she had once the university started. With a gloomy face, Utaha inclined her head to Tomoya and said she would probably join a tennis club that go on group dating instead of playing tennis, and lead an uneventful life of passing out from spiked drinks and being taken to you-know-where against her will (referring to a similar incident). Just the usual Utaha type of answer, don’t you think?. She engaged serious mode and said that she would continue with her book and devote herself to her writing career if possible. Tomoya asked her about their circle and if she could remain as an official member. She told him that some big game company had made an offer to her.


Iori was going easy on Tomoya again with the warnings!

Iori warned Tomoya about Akane Kousaka, the shrewd founder of Iori’s circle and an acclaimed mangaka. Tomoya asked Iori if Akane was returning to their circle. Iori said that he can’t speak about the details but told Tomoya that despite what many people think, Akane had no interest in money. He said her interest was in something else. Tomoya asked if Akane was a bit of a weirdo. Iori said that was all he could tell Tomoya and apologized for being cryptic.

Looking forward to the next episode


Alright. I’m ready for the inevitable from Katou Megumi. Bring it!


LOLOLOL Omfg, they actually dared to pull this shit on us! They are hiding the best event that’s going to happen to Katou and instead give us this for a preview. I just cannot…. haha!

2 thoughts on “Looking into Saekano Flat Episode 7: Good, bad, happy and sad times

  1. Thank for your review, it’s just so good.

    I read some summaries before and quite impressive about the scene Megumi sat alone in Kameda Cafe. Then anime changed it, I’m not sure it’s good or bad since that scene really hard to adapt.
    What do you think?


    1. The part about Megumi’s reaction was nearly on point. The only slight change was how she looked at it. Otherwise her indifferent reaction (flat statue that she was) was a clear sign to Tomoya that he still had some glimpse of hope. The anime goes above and beyond in the way I briefed out in the post. ^_^


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