About Me!

Just another motivated person who lurks around the blogging community!

I’m horrible with schedules so I’ll be one of those people who only post things when they are fresh in mind.

To start with – where does the name Shokamoka come from?

When I arrived in New Zealand, nobody (even today) except my family members was able to actually pronounce my surname because it is eighteen letters in length.

Choca Mocha~I also cannot forget the fact that it’s a word play on choca mocha, one of my favorite things to sip on. Having this nickname given to me was pure coincidence – all the reason to embrace it even more.

I originally intended (actually, still do) to use this blog as a mean of leaving my thoughts because you know….
Writing a diary is fun and all but just like Anne Frank – it gets much better if your stories are being read worldwide!
Talking to myself all the time is just weird so even if it’s over the internet, I’m happy to have someone listen to my praises/rants. I’ve been the ears for the entire time throughout high school.

When it comes to anime, I’m not picky at all. I will watch just about anything you throw at me but that’s the hint.

Just throwing your favorite anime at me will not make me want to watch it; there needs to be some pressure or I will simply put them to the back of my priority list. With that said, the type of anime I usually go for are of comedy and slice of life mainly because they don’t require a hell lot of thinking to understand. Most of the time I find these genres to be easy watch.

I look at anime as a mean to fill the missing parts of my daily life; say that I spend 9 hours at work – when I come back I will want to watch something that doesn’t remind me of being at work (i.e. fantasy stuff).

When exceptions do happen, that’s when the curious part of me gets work up to the point that I go overboard and dump a lot of info onto the blog for whatever I’m interested in.

I’m sure you can probably see that happening for Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata .

You can find me on Fate/Grand Order, add me and I can accept if my friend list is still not at cap!
ID: 306,327,864.

You can also find me in the private World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King server Warmane – I play on Alliance faction in Lordaeron realm.

Last but not least, this is extremely obvious but to have watched over hundreds of titles, there is no way that I can keep up with them all so here is my anime list.

Some blog-related awards gratuitously handed over to my blog or myself!

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