Eromanga-sensei – It’s a junk in my trunk!

It’s finished! Yay~

Eromanga-sensei remains attention worthy ’til the end.

What looked instantly like Moral Abomination the Animation happened to also be the best hooker for the views. I guess that’s part of what memes really are.

I tried my hardest to not relate this anime to its predecessor, OreImo. In the end I couldn’t do it.



Type: TV Series
Genre(s): Comedy, Drama, Romance and HAREM
Source of adaptation: Light Novel
The time it was aired: Spring 2017, April 9 to June 25
Studio responsible: A-1 Pictures



MAL’s Synopsis:

One year ago, Izumi Sagiri became step-siblings with Izumi Masamune. But the sudden death of their parents tears their new family apart, resulting in Sagiri becoming a shut-in which cut her off from her brother and society.

While caring for what’s left of his family, Masamune earns a living as a published light novel author with one small problem: he’s never actually met his acclaimed illustrator, Eromanga-sensei, infamous for drawing the most lewd erotica. Through an embarrassing chain of events, he learns that his very own little sister was his partner the whole time!

As new characters and challenges appear, Masamune and Sagiri must now face the light novel industry together. Eromanga-Sensei follows the development of their relationship and their struggle to become successful; and as Sagiri slowly grows out of her shell, just how long will she be able to hide her true persona from the rest of the world?

Story and Plot


Set around the same time period of OreImo, instead of a normal high school boy trying to come to terms with an eroge loving sister we have non blood related siblings that are fully into the deep levels of Otakudom. Having found out that the lewd illustrator is his little sister, the siblings set on their journey to tackle the light novel industry with low key incest powers. Though, frankly speaking, the thing with incest in this anime is that there isn’t much to worry about, unlike in its predecessor.

While the end goal of the story exists, it’s unsurprisingly far fetched as I’m dragged into seeing how they go about ‘getting there’. The show, or rather the author, uses much of the hype mechanics in novel writing. There are the starting and finishing lines, the story takes place between the two and that can literally be anything when there are no ‘vivid’ time stamps. Say, for one episode Masamune gets pressured into finishing his work within the deadline, everything is left behind in the next episode when the show literally goes back to timeless comedy which tries really hard to adapt the slice of life format.

On sale
7th episode


So the three consequent episodes are just vacation goofs. I don’t get to see any real time progression until the 11th episode.


Am I going to forget the fact that Eromanga-sensei‘s timeline is in 2017? If that ties up with OreImo then does that mean the story within the latter is also set in the same year?


And then the show goes straight back to goofing in the last episode.

The plot is where all of the rough diamonds are stacking up. They are all eventful but like the meme goes, boobs are the real plot in this anime.

Say what? All the lolis in this anime have no boobs? Oh well, take their swimsuits and panties for the plot instead then.




Admittedly, the cast of Eromanga-sensei is literally every characters traced from OreImo and buffed/adjusted. While they are all still very archetypal, I’m still fascinated by how much more personality you can shove into characters before they explode.

Going into specific:


Sagiri is Kirino with a correctly adjusted tsun and dere ratio.
Elf is Kanako fixed. Shit the latter was annoyingly cute.
Muramasa is still Kuroneko, just with more shame.
Megumi is just Ayase flipped upside down, her hate for the Otaku lasts for even less time and when that is over, oh boy she goes far and beyond. Both characters even have a lot to do with becoming friends with the little sister.
Tomoe is your neighbor girl Manami 2.0 with the love for Otaku and without the grudge against little sister (or will she hold one?)

I really have a feeling that Tomoe will make the biggest impact to the story in the next season, just like Manami did.

Let’s not forget the protagonist.

Actually, forget about him. So much for a show about siblings’ journey, the man of the pair is even less fleshed out than Kousaka Kyousuke.


Art and Animation


Surprisingly, this is actually the best thing about this anime. Still arts are gorgeous and extremely cute as they remain faithful to the original designs. The overall looks are childish but that’s probably why this show feels like a good watch – I’m made to focus stare at the characters

Speaking of characters, there’s a huge attention to detail when it comes to the mouths of the girls, both in still frame and moving frames. It’s as if they are planning to make thirsty lolis, or has the planning phase been over with?

Stop looking, you perv
Boys, think further and you’ll have yourself a ticket straight to the prison.


Animation department is definitely above average with fluidity in the mise-en-scène. Similar to the still art, animation is heavily focused on the characters, especially when it comes to interactions between the siblings.




The opening theme

ClariS. Goddesses.
Hitorigoto has the best use of pop culture in Japanese music, mixes with anything else that exist. In this case the song goes Ska-pop with additions of concert band instruments.


The ending theme

Basically, the main theme for this anime is ‘fun’ because the opening sounds like it; the ending sounds even more so! I don’t think any type of music would fit this anime better than guitar pop.

Therefore, wise choice of having TrySail to do such a genre!


Background Music

They managed to keep this in the same style from OreImo – lots of trumpets and trombones. While they are very fitting to the scenes, I definite won’t be listening to them on their own. Though, I do take a special liking to the little song used for when Sagiri goes on live stream.


Voice acting

This is one of the things that truly saved this anime from going complete downhill. All of the voice actors/actresses sound great but the attentive focus is definitely being put to the main heroine, Sagiri.

Voiced by the lovely Akane Fujita, her role of Sagiri is practically a do or die in order fix the issue of the main heroine that was Kousaka Kirino, whom came out as all sorts of annoying. I’m glad that they chose her for the role because not only that she is extremely talented with a seriously wide vocal range; whether you will agree with me or not, she makes Sagiri into a somewhat lovable character.

Although, I still cannot forget about the protagonist. Yoshitsugu Matsuoka may be talented but I still think that there are more fitting voice actors that can really play a role of the brain-dead, incestuous, masochist of an MC. Taking into account of the fact that he also voices Aki Tomoya of Saekano Flat which is a show of the exact same genre and airs in the exact same season, you can tell immediately after watching both shows, on which protagonist is a better representation of his voice.


Fifty Shades of Cringe


Right from immoral ideas (cough* Megumi and her little brother) to sexualizing lolis. This show is the compilation of nearly everything that can have you go straight to the prison, without having to rob, kill or engage in frauds with anybody. Initially I (and surely you) thought that Eromanga-sensei would most definitely hit the sky’s limit to wincest but man – was I ever so wrong about what can and cannot happen in Japan.

Distasteful Sagiri


The show proves to me that there are some things worth worrying about, even more so than incest!


Rarely show – mostly tell


When it comes to a show that involves creation and wants to take itself seriously, there needs to be proof! Making comparisons, we actually get to see food on-scene inside of Shokugeki no Soma and we also get to see novel pieces, artworks from creators from Saekano.

What Eromanga-sensei deliberately fails to do is be realistic about creators and their creations, instead the show uses gimmick phrases like ‘millions of volumes sold!’, ‘hit title!’, ‘adapted into anime!’ and so on (cough* cough* novel authors). These things may fool children into actually believing that the characters have indeed achieved massive feat to be where they are now but without any real proof, all I’m seeing is a bunch of middle-schoolers get together, having yarns in each and every episode. Whatever the show tries to be, it’s still just a high school harem to me.

Of course, the only real proof of work I get to see is from no other than Sagiri, who provides me with endless supply of lewd illustrations.


Credits where they are due


The show won’t be standing to hold its ground if everything about it guarantees vomiting. Eromanga-sensei literally transcends OreImo in a big way, going extreme in every possible corners starting with the characters right off the bat.

The latter’s story was mostly about coming to terms with the Otaku culture, through getting along with the little sister, the former assumes that I already know about the whole Otaku thing (lolicons and shotacons to name a few), especially the whole idea about loving little sisters (yes, literally assuming that OreImo IS a culture, the actual f***). While it is asking a lot from me, the watcher, it is also just as rewarding because I’ve seen the story this anime is trying so hard to reference in nearly every episodes.

Speaking of referencing, comes the most effective way one can go about doing so.


OreImo casts in Eromanga-sensei
Look, it’s the highly referenced ‘little sister’ in an anime that’s trying to get us to know about loving the little sister while at the same time, having the main character write a novel about the best little sister in the world.

This show is going all out when it comes to the theme of imouto.


Going a little further outside of the title, the show does what nearly every shows with the Otaku theme do – referencing other shows.

Please give me Index III

*Stares at the magazine stand*
“Can I please have Index III any time soon?”


Eromanga-sensei also gives off the vibe of excitement. Whether it is the protagonist or the heroines, they all seem to have the passion for what they do despite their illogical actions. I did say that I’m into this kind of anime because I don’t need to have my brain switched on to actually get the best out of it. And for this show, it’s definitely the case for me – my weekly dose of randomness with additions of cringe and happiness.

Yes, it is possible to cringe to smile at the same time.

With all of that said, I do think that Eromanga-sensei is one of those shows you should NOT binge watch if you want to stay sane.

Last but not least, because the story is pretty much a no brainer; it is extremely easy to ‘get into’. Seriously, Eromanga-sensei makes OreImo feels like a show from the last century. Yes, I was watching OreImo while writing out this review – take my word for it.


Last Words


Brought to you by the author of OreImo with the help from brave staff at A-1 Pictures, the anime that exists metaphorically like a dodgy postal company – it finds a very special way to deliver the wrong parcel to many peoples’ doors. If you care enough to track your parcel and see how it even gets to the front of your door, you’ll be in for a surprise about how much work is involved. Same goes with the making of this anime – whether you like it or not, the amount of work put into this show is probably more than that of your favorite show.

Well well, what do you know?


But in the end of the day, Eromanga-sensei lives in the very precious corner of works that challenge anime elitists without any fear of contend.


Loli Sagiri says, “come at me!”

7 thoughts on “Eromanga-sensei – It’s a junk in my trunk!

  1. I’ll just borrow one quote from Gigguk the youtuber on this:
    “Anime is trash…
    and so am I”
    It can be trash, it can be bad, it can be provokingly sending people to jail, but I suppose, to me, all that mattered was that I had lots of fun watching it with friends and it brightened up my weekends.
    Isn’t the role of anime to entertain in the first place?
    Either way, great review, I can see that you actually went pretty in depth into an anime that doesn’t take itself seriously either.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I could be like…
      ‘Sagiri kawaii!
      10/10 wincest this is a must watch for OreImo fans!
      We got a girl who really loves dicks – dicks out for Megumin!’

      I was sure that I didn’t go into massive detail until I read your comment Haha!
      And yeah when I saw the word ‘detail’ that’s when I knew there are still some things I wanted to say…

      …incoming edits! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. This may actually fall for the same marketing trick by Kadowaka.
      ‘The two seasons’ deal, that is.

      The thing is OreImo only really needed two seasons to wrap up the entire story. Seeing how it has 12 volumes while Eromanga-sensei currently has 9, second season WILL happen but we’ll have to (are we?) wait.


  2. Yep, totally agree. Eromanga-Sensei is an updated(?) version of Oreimo in my opinion. As in, the author used the very same theme (I wonder why author-sama is so fixed on it though…) and improved it. Although I did like Oreimo enough, I couldn’t stand some parts in which she went full Tsundere. That’s the kind of tsundere I dislike (the most recent example in my mind would be err… first episode of Fuuka).

    I enjoyed it, but my best part was when Onii-chan talked about how Light Novels, and that World in general, brightened, or I dare to say, saved him.

    I always like it when MCs or other characters are otaku, but darn it if this was so much relatable.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Coming to love others who share your very experience huh~ ❤
      The whole thing regarding being saved by light novels (haha, who's being referenced here?) is actually worth talking about in serious details.

      Yeap, Eromanga-sensei HAD potential but it went the safe route by just turning into more slice of life instead of taking itself seriously the other way around!


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