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Absolutely random thoughts for Made In Abyss

Some may make you crack up, some may make you click, some may have you see me in a completely different light--not a good one. But that's really the point of this post being random. Made In Abyss surfaced as unarguably the best non-sequel show of 2017 Summer Season, you even have MAL ratings to… Continue reading Absolutely random thoughts for Made In Abyss

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This voluminous review is Made In Abyss!

For only a little while it lingered around as an underdog, now it claims the throne for my MVP of Summer 2017 anime season! I'm sure people won't stop telling you how great this show is. And funnily this sort of hype usually happens to currently running shows that go beyond the boundary in craziness… Continue reading This voluminous review is Made In Abyss!

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Three more anime singles! Amazeballs!

After gushing out on how satisfied I was with IseSuma Character Song Collections, I think that I'm currently living in my own musical heaven after having purchased and downloaded three more singles that make up other anime openings. It was already hinted on my Twitter that I was taken in by the eargasm. Before I… Continue reading Three more anime singles! Amazeballs!