Kushikawa Hatoko: Her Cry For Attention (Part 2)

Oh wow, to think that the second part comes an entire month later… Sorry!
Though, nothing intriguing in this part since it has all to do with the story. No clever insights whatsoever.



Her anger-filled cry consisted mainly of frustration, however somewhere beneath the tones was–in near equal weight–her desperation.

Her desire of being the chosen one.

I want to be the main heroine


Continuing into the seventh episode


The fact speaks for itself when a single episode is capable of showing how Andou Jurai would make a great romance protagonist but a surprisingly appalling man of the harem.

His intentional act of neglect towards Hatoko was long before he got affected by chuunibyou. While some of us love to jump the gun and call Jurai out for being a scum…

…there is always more than one side of the story, shall there be a conflict.

The first part covered most of Jurai’s side of the story. In this part, we will look at the things that triggered Hatoko into doing what she’d done without a second thought.

With the mom being absent, Jurai’s sister calls for him to ‘summon’ Hatoko at the house so that she can fix dinner for them.
Hatoko accepts Jurai’s request without hesitation, in hopes of getting a chance to be together with him after a very long time. She is also convinced that as of late, her savior Jurai has been getting closer to Tomoyo, all the while further away from her.

On the day of the promise, Hatoko’s eagerness to fulfill her wish quickly gets put on halt by Jurai as he has something to discuss with Tomoyo after club activity.

He wants to talk to Tomoyo
Yes. You, Tomoyo.


While Hatoko is more than willing to stay and wait through the business, Jurai says the one thing that puts her usual air-headed self into a state of unease. She puts on her brave face as she leaves the club room, confused. Not just in anime but even in real life, this screams bad news for any romantically, let alone emotionally dense person. I will admit into putting on a brave face when I tackle unpleasant things, only to take it out on something else later, usually myself.

No no, don’t take it the wrong way now! I do not self harm and I highly discourage anyone from doing it!


On her way to Jurai’s house, she ponders about other possibilities as to why she is still getting along with him while getting a flashback of her lonely self. Looking back to the past when she was recently saved from bullying by Jurai, Hatoko was in a way being rushed through the introduction phase of light novel culture. In case you do not know, just like Hatoko herself says, light novels tend to adapt the rarely used Kanji symbols, to which even Japanese people find it difficult to understand. Light novel authors aid their readers by inserting furigana, usually in Hiragana, alongside the Kanji symbols in a relatively much smaller print. This is pure irony given the fact that the light in light novels mean ease of readability.

Let me head over to my bookshelf and grab Saekano Girls Side 3. Please don’t sue me, Fumiaki-sensei!

Saekano GS3 Page 5
Reading from right to left, top to bottom. I didn’t recognize many Kanji symbols in the first page of the novel. But with the help from Hiragana (ignoring the very first sentence on the right), now I know that the first one is (Katou) Megumi while the third set is (Hashima) Izumi. The second set of Kanji (誕生日) does not have any aid from furigana because it is expected of anyone with little Japanese knowledge to understand what it means; it says Tanjoubi which means birthday. Combining with the rest of the sentence, “Megumi-san! O tanjoubi omedetou gozaimasu!” I’m sure you know what she is saying.

If you still don’t, then please feel free to copy-paste the roumaji line into Google Translate. ^_^


And so, with Hatoko not having been being able to fully enjoy light novels the same way she enjoys normal books, Jurai simply took it to heart and gave her a flat, ignorant response.

Urgh, and he walked away!

Hatoko can't understand light novels


Arriving at his home, Jurai gets interrogated by Hatoko because he has taken a lot longer than he promises to return. He attempts at avoiding giving Hatoko an honest answer because it would reveal Tomoyo’s secret about being a light novel author. However, unbeknown to Jurai himself, his choice of words is far from acceptable when Tomoyo’s secret needs saving. His reply screams chuuni, to which he has not realized that Hatoko does not understand.

A guise to protect Tomoyo's secret
I’ll just say this next time I can’t come up with a post for my blog.


After being nagged by Hatoko a few more times, Jurai finally repeats the same line that has put her into a state of unease. Ultimately, the final nail goes straight in a coffin, sealing away Hatoko’s ability to put up with his dishonest self.

And so it begins; no longer enduring the pain, she lets out her true feelings–no holds barred. Watch the video again if you love being screamed at by Hayamin~


Mainly because Ino-Bato is a harem anime, the show sides with the heroines to give them ‘character’, to which I think is one of the major flaws when it really comes to romance department. A typical rom-com harem show will go with the obvious formula of:

  • Character introductions
  • Optional goofing around
  • Character episode/arc for each of the heroines
  • The harem either stays or breaks

There are so many ways that the last two points can be constructed and executed as they are the main deciding factors to whether that said harem show holds quality or not. This is where Ino-Bato‘s harem sits in the sore spot for me.


Welcome to Sagami’s counselling corner

Because the two obviously have a great friendship but are in an unhealthy relationship.

Jurai and Hatoko just don't suit


Hatoko chases a figure of the man who chooses her.

A few people were extremely quick to trash Jurai because of his neglecting actions. But Ino-Bato hasn’t tried to be anything romantically spectacular! It’s absolutely no brainer that Jurai has very little to no romantic interest for Hatoko, so all she has really been doing is chasing someone who is not on the same wavelength as herself.

Can’t understand light novels? No problem; make use of your body!


Much to my distaste, Jurai is also at fault for playing with her soft, romantic feelings by having her know that she’s a ‘special person’ to him. That is an easy trip-up to make Hatoko think that he is somewhat in love with her; it is one hell of a cheap romance scapegoat when she’s a childhood friend on top of that.

Hatoko’s complaints about not being able to understand him means null when she is madly in love, but how genuine exactly?
There are a few things to consider:

  • Love is not something with monetary value
  • There are many other things more romantic than a confession

While some relationships really do happen just from the looks, a lot of them involve commitment. I do not know how many years it has been for Hatoko, between her junior to high school, but she still isn’t able to understand light novels after all that time!


If anything, Ino-Bato is showing Hatoko’s struggle to get noticed by Jurai.

This could have easily ended with her being quickly, brutally rejected but by choosing to be a harem show, this is already a poor choice of the story. Hatoko has to stay in good terms with Jurai just because of the chuuni plot armor. Do you remember what it was?

That’s right; when Sayumi brought back Hatoko with her awakened Route of Origin. Everything, including Hatoko’s emotion state went back to before the moment of her outburst after a few sentences of Jurai’s chuunibyou-reeking incantation (all the while without an actual apology), like nothing had happened. Using plot armor to keep a heroine within the harem is just laughable.

Tomoyo’s older brother makes it even worse for her by dropping the chuunibyou logic, something alone the lines of, “he also needs someone who can’t understand him.”

God no, he does not. Sometimes anime, even though we know that it is not realistic, can be annoying when it tries to be realistic. If chuunibyou is truly a syndrome then all he needs is someone who understands that it is indeed a syndrome on top of methods to communicate. Surprise? Because there is only one person fitting for that spot…

You go, chuuni Jurai!


Jurai was actually always brutally honest.

Only when he was not acting all chuuni. Nearly everything about him may have been bluffs, one thing remains true to the end; he’d only wanted Hatoko to find awesomeness in the things he does. And if Hatoko still cannot come to terms with it then he has absolutely nothing left to do with her, hobby wise. Just think about it, you definitely do not want to spend time messing around with someone that you have very little to no interest in. Being nice to others is second nature to humans and that roughly is who Jurai is to Hatoko.
Okay, maybe that sounds a little too harsh. It is a common misconception that people come together due to the couple’s similarities. Little do we know that it works to other way around, too! Sometimes not having anything in common with the person of interest can create better chemistry than you may expect. Just like in reality, there are a few romantic shows out there that proved my point. Sadly, at least for this season of Ino-Bato, we are not going to see any real chemistry between Jurai and Hatoko.

This is quite cruel if you ask me, by sticking alongside Jurai despite clearly being the oil to his water, Hatoko is only going to get emotionally hurt unless she can come up with drastic change. There is already a tiny hint in the last episode; she gets the help from Tomoyo to understand light novels better.



Okay writing out this post has made me a little sad as it reminds me of my times back in high school. I’m going to obviously stop here and once again, seek something happy to write about~

2 thoughts on “Kushikawa Hatoko: Her Cry For Attention (Part 2)

  1. Finally got to reading your couple of posts on Hatoko’s rant. People (outside of AMLNVN groups too) should really read these two posts, considering how it can be associated to delusions not just pertaining to the said category.
    I’m going to bookmark these and come back to reading them again occasionally.
    Thanks for the wonderful writing :’)

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    1. Ah it makes me happy that my old posts are still being read!
      Longetivity beats quick fame any day!

      Thanks and I hope that you do get to come back and read not only her rants but mine also… 😁

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