My expectations for 2017 Fall Anime Season is high (Part 1)

Like, Asta’s screaming high.

I really only have three weeks left to enjoy anime 24/7 before leaving to Thailand to pursue a completely new career!

In this season I have fifteen titles on my watch-list which is four more than the previous. Though I could have sworn that I’d be dropping one or two soon…
In the previous season, only Made In Abyss managed an extremely strong opening episode to my liking. In this season however, I’m digging three titles where their opening episodes, while definitely not as strong, have undeniable impact.

In this part of my lazy ass overview, let us look into my first plate filled with my taste.


Two episodes into screaming audition


Black Clover (TV)


Battle genre anime aimed at shounen demographic today has some perfectly established template. So now I have Black Clover to bring in the protagonist Asta and…

Asta's 'unique' traits
All of the cliche traits shared among every. single. damn. protagonists.

I have put up with various forms of loudness, mostly Goku and Luffy in Japanese. Next in my list is Asta.


Now I can just leave the show right here and say ‘shounen anime’, wink at you a couple of times and surely you’ll almost definitely pick up on what I mean, however as it has always been the case, battle shounen anime are really blessed by magic. No matter how cliche, as long as said show does not disobey the strict guideline of what really makes anime ‘shounen’, there would always be thrills and suspense.

Battle shounen is legitimately the one prominent type of anime that relies entirely on animation department. You can write the shittiest story ever but you can save your show by inserting a few minutes of solid action.
That is not to say there aren’t battle shounen shows without decency elsewhere but animation; there are and the fans of those shows are spilling blood to defend them from the plague of corner-cutting cliches.

I’m going to guess that for the art side of the show, it’s trying to pay homage to the manga. The animation for Black Clover on the other hand… holy mother of God. It is overwhelmingly stunning! The movements especially, they are well planned out and made to look fluid with the ‘action camera’ (where the camera literally follows its target on point). This is Studio Pierrot we’re talking about!
Though, I do have to ask… whatever happened to Konbini Kareshi? I can’t even believe that show and Black Clover are from the same animation studio and are literally a season apart.

What’s worse than revealing the rivaling pair in battle shounen anime?
Having the characters say it themselves! Thanks, captain obvious!

Literally dropping this in the first episode is just… wow.


Right. That is my rant over so let me see… Black Clover

Oh, this is late but I’ll say it now. I have never read the manga so I’m pretty darn sure that my reactions are genuine and unbiased as I’m not ‘waiting for *this chapter* to be adapted’, something I could not say the same for Shokugeki no Souma: San no Sara.

Despite… DESPITE. Oh boy, I’m feeling the guilt recoiling from just saying that word. I have to be hating battle shounen anime to the guts to discard this show immediately.

Take two: Despite all of the cliches present in the first episode, I’m still longing for progress as what battle shounen shows always manage to do better than other genres is setting up a definite story. Here I know that Asta is dead set on becoming the Hokag–
Wizard King. The real fun has to always be on how he gets there. Adventure is full of thrills and suspense, as noted way earlier on how this show should also be following the guideline.

By the end of the first episode Asta is revealed to be an owner of the five cloves Grimoire which I can only assume to be a whole new level of badass since it’s higher than four cloves. This however leaves me questions: is being the Wizard King ALL Asta has in mind?

Can he go further than that?
Yuno is obviously gifted–where would he be then?
I smell Naruto-like story.

The second episode didn’t really help much with my already unimpressed self. Instead of keeping up with the hype left by the end of the first episode, the show goes flashback mode then finish off what it started. Well, I would rather at least sit through the ‘5 minute fight’ between Goku and Frieza.

I don’t have a thing for battle shounen shows. I think I’ve said this enough times.
However I will stay in the bandwagon. Stay for the opening, too.


Five million Euro worth of my attention


Mahoutsukai no Yome


An almost full-on shoujo romance aimed at shounen demographic?
Are you sure that young boys watch this kind of show?
I’m more certain that adult males are into this kind of stuff…


Three OVA episodes have been released through September 2016 to 2017 and they pretty much made up the hype around this show. I’m rather happy with the debut as it not only establishes the very back-layer of the story but the first episode also manages to take me straight to the first instance of adventure and back, in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Though I really do not want the pace to stay as it is for future episodes as the show is listed as slice of life; I am expecting slow-paced beauty of Chise’s and Elias’s lives!

This is another show with seriously solid art and animation. Wit Studio seems to have taken a little step back from being fully committed to Attack on Titan (they are definitely working on the third season right now) and is attempting to beautifully animate a completely different type of story, the kind of respect I still lack for Kyoto Animation.

This whole series feel almost like a combination of Akagami no Shirayuki-hime and Natsume Yuujinchou. It involves the protagonist being all lovely and unique, holding an ability to ‘witness’ things normal humans deem strange. Chise, being that odd one out, gets harsh and abandoning treatment from every single human being around her, parents included. Eventually she settles in putting herself up for auction since she still believes in being worth something–there should be somebody in need of her.
Damn right she is, some parts of the auction really makes me feel warm in my heart because it shows a possible positive side of the black market involving human slave trades. Only if the rich can be this kind…

Right, kindness and good-heart usually happens in adoptions, or else they wouldn’t call it a slave auction to begin with.

I’m just going to leave my personal quote here.
Being genuinely wanted by someone is probably the best feeling in my life, ever.

Having found a place where she is convinced that she belongs, Chise gets the princess treatment and from there on everything seems to be flying up on a positive note. I’m loving it so much. I can always use a happy story; it won’t even matter if there are troubles to endure throughout the journey, as long as it gets a happy ending I will be pretty satisfied.

Given that I just found similarities to the two shows I’ve mentioned, what I’d expected before I went on to read the manga, was light-hearted comedy (you probably have very little idea on how much laughs I get from watching Natsume punching youkai).
The show certainly does not fail me in the slightest and I’m ready for 23 more episodes!

Slave bath time
Girl. You’re technically still a slave, so give in!

Aaand I’m off to read the manga again.


This does not solve my hunger issue!


Shokugeki no Souma: San no Sara


The show is not about building up hype anymore; it’s about maintaining the hype. And the third season does so by skipping little bits of the original source material to the next closest juicy part of the story. The best part about battle shounen for me has always been the battles and it seems that even the people at J.C. Staff agree with me!

Starting right in Moon Festival arc, there is already proof that the studio has learned from their mistake back in production of the second season. Within the first two episodes there has been great usage of anime original content to add some relaxing feels, balancing the action and comedy. Ecchi remains as it is.

Souma sets on pulling a bigger stunt than Jackie Chan can ever achieve in his entire life. Souma never cares about what everyone else have on their minds–the tastes, profits, chef’s fame, rank and standing; he is only after genuine reactions.

When someone eats my food and smiles because it tastes good or groans because it tastes awful, it’s fun.

He can relate to that.


Erina immediately comes off as less pissed-off than she has ever been in the previous two seasons. She’s beginning to really pick up pieces of the puzzle as to why Souma is not worth hating for life, starting from Hisako’s neutrality towards him.

By the way, Hisako is my favorite character, hands down!

Hisako offered some help
Hisako used to instantly decline Souma in the same manner as Erina herself.


Though, to get onto Souma’s good side, Erina now has to reap what she has sowed.

He's making fun of Erina


Erina also gets a new seiyuu and I am pleased with the change. Risa Taneda’s version of her immediately sounded somewhat lewd when a comparison is made against Hisako Kanemoto‘s version. Kanemoto-san sure can make a great tsundere which Erina is obviously of one, she has more of the -dere in her voice and I cannot be any more pleased about it because the ‘moment’ where Erina rids most of her tsun- side is coming soon. Screw me, I’ve read the manga.

If she sounds familiar to you, please look below at the role she has had for the previous season.

Tendou Karen – Tsundere what?!


This concludes the first part of my little impressions! I apologize if you feel somewhat tricked by the image of Just Because!
That’s because the show will be given a special treatment, by me!

I’m dead sure that the next part will be of lower quality, just like the shows involved.

<<| Part 2 >>


25 thoughts on “My expectations for 2017 Fall Anime Season is high (Part 1)

  1. Im not watching shokugeki no souma because of the kirito voice, everything else seems very worth watching , this new season looks better than the past season , I agree with that


  2. I enjoyed your take on Black Clover. i have never heard of it, but now I want to check it out. I have Mahoutsukai no Yome on my Funimation streaming list. Just waiting for the episodes to land in english.(I like my dub). Shokugeki no Souma: San no Sara is a great series and I am liking what you had to say about season 3.


  3. Asta is seriously, seriously getting on my nerves. That shouting of his getting more and more annoying. The series itself is not bad, but indon’t know if I can continue to watch this with all that shouting (not giving up though). As for the Ancient Magus Bride: that one really impresses me. Despite the first episode being a tad slow, it was still a great watch because of the quite unique setting, and wonderful characters. Can’t wait to see more of this one 😀

    Liked by 1 person

      1. ….I’ve been found out.

        Funny seeing Pine Jam doing something so thoughtful though, hope this one stays good.

        Don’t know if I’ll review anything else this season as my schedule is getting tight, but I can try a couple pieces if the inspiration hits me.

        Liked by 1 person

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