Adachi, Shimamura and I, the Envious

Since I seem to have a little free time to myself, I thought that I would peek at Myanimelist and see what’s poppin’ in the current season, which I believe to be Fall of 2020. Help me get out of my time machine!

Time constraints are real so I have to be a picky consumer for the time being. If I have to pick one show out of this season to give most of my attention to…

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe. Guess I’ll write about that show.

It is not the first time an anime poster has done this to me, but there is definitely something about the poster of Adachi to Shimamura which piqued my interest, and it is not the seemingly cute girls doing whatever I think will be cute. This is coming from someone who has no idea the series exists before doing a quick information gathering.

Right. A Yuri genre light novel. Got it. Shoka’s gonna get some girls love time.

The author has done some other appreciable works, too. Take Bloom Into You novels for one. There is likely a running theme of achievement in his works and that transitioned perfectly into Adachi to Shimamura. Better yet, the anime “adaptation” pulls ahead with what I considered to be an above average execution of what would otherwise be a slightly average source material.

This could be K-On! moments all over again where less is more. Imagination is limitless when we read novels and conjuring up scenarios in our own mind. Nevertheless, the anime adaptation successfully takes on a job of assisting you with the imagination. Even if the settings can be seen with our very own eyes, Adachi to Shimamura always leave a few implications in each and every little moments as if it wants us to play along in a guessing game, an uncommon move for slice of life shows.

The grin of my face became obvious at this point. You probably have no idea how relieved I am upon seeing that the show has no drama tag on it. Because most romance anime titles come preloaded with a lot of drama! All I want after a long day in the office is to enjoy what could have been my mood at work and not to have more nerve-wrecking drama coming my way at night.

For a Shoujo-Ai show, I am inclined to say that I am being presented an absolutely proper eye candy. There is a lot to say about a little of what I have seen, which is the first three episodes.

First, let me get a certain thought out of the way:
Adachi to Shimamura does not adhere to the Three Episode Rule at all. To hell with that.

Now. I really cannot ignore the show’s overall “watery” gradient which could be seen in almost everything from the opening sequence (droppler effect) all the way to its endings (literally, water droplets). Whenever it can, the show makes extreme use of blue tint on all things on the scene as if to remind me that I still need water. I guess organisms like us really need water to live on and later tell good things about this show.

Extreme contrasts are welcomed and never overstayed. I got visually bored of certain shoujo-ai shows where literally everything in the scene gets filtered to white, leaving only the girl and her flustered faces for me to see. I am glad Adachi to Shimamura does not overdo it.

Music is impressive at the least, both background and opening/ending songs. Piano and acoustic guitar take turns to keep up with the never ending occupied mood. For a show that is supposed to have very little in the menu, there is oddly a lot to chew.

As of the third episode, the one aspect of this show in need of highlighting is the direction. In some way a visual presentation of typical slice of life show about two girls getting along is cinematic when least expected. Complement that with melodically simple yet intricate audio and you have unshakable feelings of having watched a feature film. I am putting my money on the director being artistically inspired by Naoko Yamada of Kyoto Animation. Observe the transition of events; the odd camera shots that scream lewd obsession with legs and thighs yet offering genuine reactions without the panties.

Feeling like you have met with a promising show?

For me it is a maybe. I am easily pleased, after all.

If you stick around, maybe I will let you in on the real reason as to why I chose to watch Adachi to Shimamura at all.

5 thoughts on “Adachi, Shimamura and I, the Envious

  1. I’m currently trying to make a dent in my to watch list and as such am not watching anything of the new season. Am I succeeding in that right now? Erm…not really…although I’m guessing I’m making slight progress at least 😅😅
    I don’t think this would be a show for me, but then again I’m trying out so many different genre shows these days, that I’m not saying never, ever😂
    And of course I will stick around hoping to find out what that real reason is!😊

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