Saekano heroines deserve your vote!

I used to be all Gung-ho about International Saimoe League. But I’ve admitted before that thanks to a certain few harems, my cup of care about the best girl remained empty for years.

That was until the finale of Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata ♭. After the obvious victory that is Katou Megumi, I went back to check on how they are doing in the competition and so on.

The waifu war without story



Kasumigaoka Utaha held her own for many rounds until she met her demise against Mashiro-chan. Funnily, both of them are voiced by the same seiyuu.



Eriri, for the (initially) annoying Tsundere, even won over the ‘God’. She also mercilessly crushed a Love Live! character by a ratio of 2:1?!
Woah. Alfredo will NOT like this.



The main heroine has absolutely no trouble crushing other girls with a smile. That’s actually scary…

I’m actually, really glad she easily took out Shitba Miyuki.

Why am I posting these?


Well now that you obviously know who is truly the best girl out there. Go and show the world that Katou Megumi has no equals! Not even Rem! She can piss right off!

The best part about the whole voting process is that it takes no registration or any other bullshit. Just visit International Saimoe League (hint: click the link) and spy for the right time to vote. This week (as of this post) will have Eriri up against Love Live!‘s Ayase Eli~

Let’s see her take out the second Love Live! character!

8 thoughts on “Saekano heroines deserve your vote!

  1. I do not usually partecipate in Waifu Wars, mostly because I forget to vote though. Thanks for the reminder and… darn if I’m sad that Utaha-senpai lost (I’m swear that I’m not really interested in waifu wars, but If I had to choose, I would support Utaha senpai, and hell if I screamed in last episode). Though I’m also sad that Misaki’s lost… but I’m totally biased when talking about Toaru.

    Main Heroine is too strong, please nerf.

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      1. Well, who would have thought that Megumi would actually take Remu out in quarters and Mashiro in semis to face Emilia in the final next monday. Anyway thank you for making me discover ISML!

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  2. I actually went snooping around on that site and I’m fairly surprised and amused about the amount of work they put in to make something like this 😛 I never knew there was an actual place to vote for your waifus

    Some of the matchups you showed are almost triggering me (why did it have to be You lol) but I can see why Saekano’s characters get so much love, after experiencing the show a little and seeing the fanbase.

    Love Live related, I can see Eli getting taken out quick but I wouldn’t be surprised if Nico goes far in this competition. I saw that she’s one of the characters you can vote on and looking at the massive fanbase of LL and her being one of, if not the most popular LL character out of the nine (and maybe even Aqours), I feel like she would be at least one of the top 10 finalists. But, I don’t know, I haven’t experienced this website too much to fully back up my thoughts.

    This post now makes me want to vote haha

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    1. Oh, I believe it isn’t limited to only waifu, but husbando too. Well, in my case I just vote my favourite character there (sorry, as much as I love them, I do not have any romantic feelings toward them…).

      Waifu wars’ essence is to trigger Otakus so to form an endless chain. Uh? Why did this remind me of Naruto? The heck. Oh, well. It must be sleep deprivation.

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      1. I think that’s the actual point if these voting contest. Less than half of the time people actually vote based on their strong romantic feeling. It’s a popularity contest in the end!

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