Looking into Adachi to Shimamura Episode 4: Upping the game

I really was going to leave it at two posts about the show, but it has really been a very long time since I had enjoyed an anime show this much. So, back at it with the personal anecdotes, almost real-time review of the show as it airs on Japanese TV. That is what Looking Into series is all about!

Pretty much everything you have heard or seen in the first three episodes have been improved/positively going forward, hence the need to mention that Adachi to Shimamura upped its game. More of the couple, more of the their friends, more of Yachi the alien and yet this episode managed to introduce more characters in a convincing, timely manner. Not only the show met my expectations by toning down Shimamura’s narcistic nature and keeping her defiant character intact, her inner dialogues make a lot more sense now that there is visual aid in a form of animation. Adachi on the other hand stayed cute but not completely to being air-headed level.
What in the name of surprisingly competent direction is this?!
Monogatari vibes yo.

When parents actually matter in anime

Finally a show that does not make use of parents as secondary characters on hot sale. While they have a lot of impact on Shimamura as a person in the novel, I have yet to see what the anime adaptation can come up with because for the time being, she is sticking to that defiant character of hers. While not completely going against her mother’s advices, she is definitely not at all going straight with them. Much of it could be seen within a single minute (3rd to 4th) of the show.

Basically her mom’s teachings which were “drilled” into her head got Shimamura to be out with the inner dialogues once more, this time it goes along the lines of “the world will go on without me”.
That worries me a little, but that is actually not far fetched from reality as a few of my real life friends and even my own girlfriend do mumble similar things to her. Now now. I said a few so do not go and think that I only hang out with depressed people!

What she says is valid. She maybe is worried about her future just like any normal teenager out there. The feeling of being unable to meet expectations can lead to multiple side effects which welcome even more symptoms such as stage fright and result in potential disorders. While I know that Shimamura will never get to that stage, her point is still clear as day.
Even a small problem is still valid when pooled up with bigger ones.

Having met Adachi’s mother by fate, I really did not expect a passive-aggressive contest right out of the bat. But that just makes up for Shimamura’s… once again… defiant character.

I am kind of glad Shimamura did not attempt to properly answer that question because that would definitely be playing into Adachi’s mom’s card. What could otherwise be childish drama turns out to be having a heartwarming conclusion.

Another surprise is Adachi’s mom’s reaction to Shimamura’s whimsical answer. It is only a few seconds in the anime but that is probably being translated into an entire paragraph of words inside the mother’s head. Adachi’s mom sees this as no competition to begin with and the consequences for Shimamura winning is not in any sense a punishment to her, maybe because she has wanted to get along with her daughter to begin with, hence the need to ask for Shimamura’s ideals on a good mother.

“Like being with your kid and having dinner with them, maybe?”

Without context even I would be able to guess that Adachi’s mother is simply a busy person. We will see about that in later episodes.

Second floor of the gym

Taking turns in lap pillow each episode, huh?

Try it for yourself.

Remember when Adachi mention about being able to “smell” Shimamura if faced towards her… ?

Nirvana approved.

I am starting to notice that it is only in this setting the two girls become more touchy than they usually are elsewhere. This is as yuri as it gets for the show which is really heartwarming and feels like, excuse my lack of vocab, inoffensive garbage to the hardcore yuri fans. It is at the second floor of the gym where I can feel that their chemistry is strongest, not that it has ever been weak during all the other times that they are not there.

And seriously, how unfit do you have to be in order to not achieve a single sit-up?
Unless you have major problems in your psoas major, you kind of have to never done a single sit-up for most of your life to end up like Shimamura.


This makes me question Adachi’s delinquency…

For a supposedly introverted person, Adachi actually cares for such a thing!
Well, it is good that she is self aware to an extent which makes the dynamic between four of them even more interesting. Is it going to be two pairs of yuri as implied by narrative of the first three episodes?
Or will the other two continue to waddle into matters of chemistry between Adachi and Shimamura?

Speaking of waddling, I am guessing that the current purpose of Yachi the alien is to keep the show’s pace constantly slow. Nothing more than that for now.

Pretty much all of second half of the episode is Adachi’s turn for inner dialogues and they are filled with lack of confidence, uncertainties and of course her love for Shimamura, the hero whose presence can instantly dispel all doubts within her mind. The end result is us getting some diabetes watching all of it happen.

And that seems to be the winning formula for the show. Just for this episode Shimamura goes for a little extra dose of heart melt.

Even without context, this is adorable!

It was not until the second time watching this episode I noticed that it has no ending theme! I was sure taken in by the awe I have for the duo. The inclusion of insert song near the end to (unintentionally) fool me is probably the one with most impact.

Feels all weird when a relaxing show ends up being more productive than its counterparts. I will however keep my hopes down low because barely anything good comes out of having extraordinarily high expectations.

Thank you for looking into Adachi to Shimamura with me this week and hopefully I will see you in the next!

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