Most played songs in my personal list — Round of October 2020

Woah. It has been a very long time indeed since the last time I’d done such a list.

For those who’ve read my most recent iteration of this event back in 2018, welcome back!
And for the newcomers, welcome to the time I am not wondering about anime~

I have been using Spotify for at least a year now and that does have an effect on the kind of songs that I listen to. Your first immediate observation should be that there are less anime-related songs in my playlist. Second being that it is not limited to Japanese language.

So, breaking my own nonexistent rules, allow me to remind myself of the tunes that raped my ears during November 2020.

AAA – Next Stage

The ending theme to One Piece 3D2Y.

There is nothing to say about its relation to anime — do remember that I listen to music for the tunes and not for their relations to anything else.

About the song itself though, this is such a lit party song! I can totally see myself dancing in a boyband with this… until I heard a girl’s voice.
Yeah. I don’t mind sticking to being diverse.


Wow. Avex is very strict on copyrights. I don’t think that I will ever find the full song online until years later.

Anyway this is as simple as a song can get, yet it screams quality through and through. I like how everyone is comparing every song to Cardi B and I think I’ve gotten away from the Western music scene for at least a decade now. Never felt better.


Though, I did them betrayal by listening to Japanese version.

Perfection needs no words. Run away with them. Run away with me.


Guilty of listening to Japanese version

Listening to a song from previous year isn’t a new thing. If it’s good then it stays. Simple.

The Japanese version brought in a topic of talented diversity from this song, for examples of how Tzuyu a Taiwanese in a Korean girl group singing in Japanese and Mina is a Japanese girl in a Korean group singing English in a Japanese song….

Kizuna Ai – future base (Produced by Yunomi)

This song never left me since her collaboration event with Azur Lane game. It was the background song used for sorties and is probably the most weird yet satisfying event to date.

Unfortunately Azur Lane pulls up the “no rerun for collaboration events” policy?!

Leo Ieiri – Prime Numbers

Am I going diverse now?

Oh yeah. I haven’t told you that my taste is nonexistent.

SPiCYSOL – Traffic Jam

In Bangkok, traffic jam is NO JOKE and neither is this song. Literally my all-season jam for perfect conditions.

Maeshima Mayu – YELLOW

While Myth & Roid is going to see new directions, its ex-vocalist Mayu is out for some solo debut and you know what…
She started out strong. Hopefully she doesn’t end up wholly consumed by the industry.

TK from Ling tosite sigure, suis from Yorushika – melt

I am going to end the post with this talented piece of collaboration.

Extremely emotional. Chills down my spine at all times whenever I hear this song from start to finish. And that is probably the reason why it is not at my number one.

I really can’t have chilled spine all the time, right?

5 thoughts on “Most played songs in my personal list — Round of October 2020

    1. I’d almost went too far. Hahaha….
      There is no way I can fit 30+ songs in the list without overworking myself in my office…

      But as an advocate of greatness. Sharing great music around is only as natural as it is my duty!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I should check out some of these singers and groups. Did you know Leo Ieiri is actually named after Jungle Emperor Leo AKA Kimba the White Lion? I found out about that singer when I did research about the Kimba/TLK plagiarism controversy. The Prime Numbers song was good.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Gotcha. When I was looking at various facts involved with JEL/Kimba, Leo Ieiri came up which was fascinating. Maybe if they do another remake of that series, they could get her do cover the theme song or at least contribute to a song for a soundtrack.

        I’m glad you appreciate that fact.

        Liked by 1 person

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