300 : This is madness!

3 is my lucky number and to have a hundred times my luck, how can I say that I don’t love it?

Well I don’t, actually. I went to draw a fortune, which conveniently has an English translation, and using my ‘lucky number’…

It went along the lines of, “You will face trouble. Your enemies have their eyes on you. It will be long before you are free of struggles. You are unhappy despite having food laid in  front of you and a bed to sleep on…
I skipped reading right there and quickly threw the paper into the bin. It is considered rude to actually do so but would you not?
After getting cursed by a freakin piece of paper?

The written content was not entirely wrong either but I still had to think about the last part which I’d read before I threw the paper in the bin. I am definitely happy with my life but I kind of get what it is trying to tell me; I definitely can feel some dissatisfaction from not fully earning both food and a place to sleep myself — not like when I used to live alone in New Zealand.

Oh, there was this final part of the ‘curse’ I’d remembered so well because it fits directly into why I’d written this post:
Unless you keep on looking for a new mate to spend your life with, you will have trouble with your spouse.”

As of  late I have been heavily pressured into working extra hard to prepare for this new  job I’ve mentioned in my previous status update. It is business managing job so according to my parents—since they know it all—I have to change my persona, my way of dressing, my eating habits, my tendencies to spend more time on PC than an average person; well, basically my whole self.

They are on the complete opposite side when the topic of blogs is brought up; they do not support it a tiny bit, in fact they are trying to have me stop altogether and spend all of my hours outside like people do in the last generation. The thing about Asian families is that no matter where you are, as long as it is within the same country, your relatives will find you and they will cling onto you.

With less and less time, my hobbies disappeared one by one. Now with blogging being the last one standing, it is about time I place my white flag. All good things must come to an end and I guess this blog is no exception.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for putting up with me and happy April’s Fool!

Hey, come on now. If there is one thing my parents never want to understand — it is blogging as my hobby!
While everything I have said above is actually true—no—I will not be abandoning this lovely blog of mine. I have simply come too far to turn back now.

With another massive milestone reached, I would like to thank my hundred most recent followers for the first time. I would also like to thank my two hundred other followers once more; even better if this is the third time.

Just a little funny update I guess:

By the time you read this, I am already gone to meditation. It is some kind of old tradition for Thai people, having their children do so when they are ‘old enough’. Yes, this is the equivalent to parents in the West kicking their children out of the house at the age of 18, except that the whole thing is more rooted to tradition and has no age restriction.
Meditation takes at least half a month exact, so if you see a post by me before the 23rd; it is scheduled.

What good will come out of meditation, you ask?
Well I will have you think about it. While practicing it, you are free of all electronics — this means no laptop, no smartphone, nothing in the name of online. You spend your life fully offline for half a month while revisiting the nature. So first and foremost, meditation is a mental test for anyone who thinks they can or cannot survive without tech.
Secondly, eating patterns get changed; I will only be having two meals a day and neither of them will be dinner. In fact having dinner is considered a sin when you become a monk. Personally I think this one is a way tougher challenge than the ‘no tech’ considering how much I looooove eating.

There are so much more I will get out of doing meditation, such as having clearer mind when I am finished, etc. But the more I talk about it now, the more I think of its negative side effects hence making me want to do it less and less. I will stop!

When I come back, we will continue to see this blog’s progress as I will not stop working on it. I am grateful for the three hundred and surely am hopeful for more!

Thanks for sticking with me, you champs!


P.S. I miss you, Michel boo…

Holy crap, I hope that I didn’t actually make anyone sad and that you actually managed to discover the white text, hidden between this sentence and the previous…

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