Yoshitsugu Matsuoka x Ai Kayano = There’s more to your favorite romance pair in anime

They are notoooooooooorious for voicing the main ‘ship’ in many well known anime in the romantic comedy genre. Let me just name a few…

Sora and Shiro in No Game No Life.

Kanda Sorata and Shiina Mashiro in Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo.

Though not the main ship but equally noteworthy, Aki Tomoya and Kasumigaoka Utaha in Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata.

They are cute and all


Sometimes, just sometimes, the shipping goes beyond animation and cute moments/strong chemistry can even be seen between respective voice actors.

Naturally, along with the fans, I say they should just freaking get married! ^_^

First up, they are goofing in No Game No Life’s promotional video.

If Matsuoka can be an anime character, he’s be one of the top goofing character ever.


It took quite a while for Kayano-san to get used to him.



Second in line, Tomokazu Sugita is very well known for his playful personality which makes him the most perfect choice for the likes of Gintama‘s Gintoki, Aho Girl‘s Akutsuku, Haruhi Suzumiya‘s Kyon, etc…

When not on his job however, he is sociable enough to know what’s up. He teases the hell out of Matsuoka-san, changing topics from cross dressing into ‘Ai Kayano’, making Matsuoka-san give answer on whether he’d rather see her in goth loli clothing or a school uniform. Naturally, the news got to Kayano-san herself and Matsuoka-san has to explain everything. The video ends with a picture of Ai Kayano in a school uniform, something Matsuoka-san would die for.


Last but not least, Matsuoka-san gets bullied into answering which type of girl he likes. His answer according to the girls is tits of an onee-san who wears a tight skirt. Coincidentally, the second clip in the video features Saekano Radio show where Ai Kayano says that she wears tight skirts a lot to go with her short top, making her look tall.


So, we gonna keep shippin’ them or what?!


There are a boatload more videos of the duo all over YouTube. If you happen to take massive interest in seiyuu outside of their usual anime job then please consider looking around. On top of being idols, these people are kind and fun just like any other human beings that want to bring happiness into peoples’ days.

5 thoughts on “Yoshitsugu Matsuoka x Ai Kayano = There’s more to your favorite romance pair in anime

    1. There’s the second part of the second video where they go to eat together. Doesn’t matter how one look at; it’s a dinner date, except that it has been set up by the staff.

      Kayano-san then went on and reminisced about her work as a seiyuu; it is as if I was watching real life Shirobako, holy crap. The things she said were deep and meaningful; she’s thankful for being able to shine this much as a seiyuu, thanks to all the hard work everyone else involved in anime production is doing.

      May she stay relevant as a seiyuu forever!

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      1. I’ve got to say, you watch a lot of these VApromo vids. If they weren’t so long, I’d probably watch them all too. The only japanese video I watch on youtube is Morning Musume’s morning variety shows. I later realized the vids are five or so years old not current ones.

        I’ll check out that dinner date. Ibet it looks as cute as I imagine it. XD

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