Vocaloids and I…

Even I have my history with them so better off writing about the topic before I completely forget!



I had already been deep into the whole ‘anime’ thing and it was during that time when I’d asked myself, “What more could I get out of it?”
I was basically looking for recommendations after having been fully enticed by the artistically masterful crafts of Japanese music. I was and still am ‘ready for more’ so I never cared whether something similar to the awesomeness I’d experienced was anime or not. Still though, algorithms worked their way to find me the next closest thing to tags ‘anime’ and ‘music’.

Hatsune Miku.
That definitely looked like a Japanese character name; all the reason for me to dive in and find out what it was exactly.

A virtual idol? Hah, can’t get any stupider than that! Except…
It felt like entering a whole new creative world.

Synthetic voices did not bother me that much since I have and will always be more of an instrumental freak, and frankly this was where Vocaloid music has me hooked from all angles. Because of how music craft works around Vocaloids, even your average Japanese person can potentially write, compose and release songs that I considered to be hella lit even for today. Artists’ freedom is important and with the incorporation of Vocaloids, some can ride their fame solo or work as a group to create something bigger. That was exactly how groups like HoneyWorks got to where they are today; making anime movies and TV series based on their Vocaloid music videos.

Naturally, Miku was not be all end all to Vocaloid, right from the moment I’d discovered more of the others. From Luka to Kagamine twins, GUMI and even those not made by Yamaha; again I did not care much about the Vocaloid characters themselves but rather song composers and producers who showcase their never-ending stream of talents throughout the years.

Then came the issue I think almost everybody share with me: The fact that stream of talent truly never ends!
I get excited every time my favorite artists release new singles once every few months. I would make sure to buy limited edition for instrumentals and hopefully the music video plus whatever bonus they are willing to give. The problem with Vocaloids became apparent as each and every day, hundreds of songs get released and apparently it was my job as a diehard fan to give every single one of them a listen. To make it worse, some people actually make you buy the song first, like a paywall kind of thing which disappoints me as a consumer. There is a point to previews, you know?!

Anyway, 99 songs too many per day had done me right in the head and eventually I gave up. I’d put a stop to following Vocaloids altogether but will always love them to bits because they are part of what made me the person I am today; open to any possibilities no matter how absurd it may seem.


My List To You


Of course, I am not going to part without leaving a list of ALL Vocaloid songs I’ve had the pleasure to experience while I was still able to keep up. I will try to link all of the songs’ info to Vocaloid Wiki because that is where the fans work hard to keep up with the most current and accurate information.

So here is an undefined list…


[Miku] Supercell — Melt

Apparently you are not a true Hatsune Miku fan unless you have at least listened to and enjoyed one of ryo (and Supercell)’s songs. Well, there are many of his songs that I actually love — you will see more of them down the line soon enough.


[Miku] 19’s Sound Factory — Dear

Wow. I’d only just came back to check on Vocaloid videos when writing up this post. Since when did Vevo care about Vocaloids enough to actually have songs like this in their brand?
Anyway this is some of the most ‘raw’ Vocaloid songs I’ve heard in my time. Everything about it feels genuine and lovely. You could say that the song was just me taking a break from the usual high electric stuff featured in three quarters of Vocaloid songs.


[Miku] ryo(Supercell) and Dixie Flatline — Fallin’ Fallin’ Fallin’

Well well, what do you know?
Speaking of the devil, here is the high electric I’m talking about. I am almost certain that the instrumental idea mostly came from Dixie, who is very well known for using massive amount of synth and bass for their music.


[Miku] takamatt — Mr. Wonder

If I was only to look at the title of this song, it would then instantly become the blog’s theme song.


[Miku] Gapopo — Can You Hear Me (no info to link!)

I am deeply surprised to find very little to no information about this composer. I mean, if the song’s dope then I would at least expect to find its artist, no?

I guess Japan is still strong with anonymity.


[Miku] LamazeP — Po Pi Po

Oh God. Here comes the weird bunch of Vocaloid songs, though I will admit to having blasted this on my loudspeaker before, leaving visitors confused. Apparently this song is intended to have multiple versions mashed together, so if you want to crack the Easter egg set up by the composer — go find all of the other versions for this song and play them all at the same time.

This song has enough influence to the point even Kizuna Ai attempted its craziness


[Miku] VocaliodP — 1/6 -out of the gravity-

This is definitely one of my most memorable Vocaloid songs of all time. Not only it packs so much meaning and deep, heart-wrenching lyrics; the instrumental is just too dope I have a hard time deciding its genre. I mean it has bass and distorted guitars,  it has heavy synth. Light music?

But it is too heavy for my feels!


[Miku] Kuwagata-P — Puzzle

Here we go, another sad song so you may never recover from those feels. Just so you know, this song is about dealing with a break-up/loss of a loved one.


[Miku] ryo(Supercell) — Koi wa Sensou

The widely popular song that goes more often by its English title, Love Is War. ryo is definitely one of those gifted individual who helped Vocaloid to gain its fame and eventually to where it is today. While his actual skills with the Vocaloid program is questionable since God knows when, his instrumental composition ability is never to be questioned.


[Miku] Lovely-P — VOiCE Diva Mix

A great classic to which anyone who has played Project Diva game can never miss. It is also packed with deep and meaningful lyrics (by now I’m willing to accept that’s a fact to like 99% of all Vocaloid songs).


[Miku] ryo(Supercell) — The World is Mine

ryo is back at it again! Do always pay attention to the lyrics of his songs, though! Because if we are talking about that and that only, The World is Mine has it among the best from ryo’s collection.


[Miku] DECO*27 — Yumeyume

DECO*27 (read as deco nina) has always been among my top groups for Vocaloid music, eeek! (The other being HoneyWorks). Please do watch the video as this is actually among the most animated Vocaloid music videos to date. Its melody is also happy and exciting so why not?


[Miku] DECO*27 — Ai Kotoba

Definitely one of their most memorable songs to date. The song’s title has ‘love’ in it; the melody is lovely. The lyrics is also lovely with those word plays. Who would have thought that watching a virtual idol sing can be this lovely?


[Miku] Sele-P — Amaryllis

Like flower, like song. Pretty sure it is intentional that the song sounds so good and uplifting.


[Miku] doriko and Kiru — Romeo and Cinderella

Not only that the song sound great but the lyrics which make up this song is among the most controversial at the time it was released. People in the West were already used to controversial rap artists releasing songs with powerful messages, so when dokiro came out with this to freely express his thoughts about a girl who was once pure (by all means natural), the Japanese got somewhat uncomfortable about the most natural thing called sex.

Did I ever mention that Miku fans take her age seriously? Because with that considered she is forever underage.

I really, really love the mix of violins and distorted guitars; they make a somewhat epic tale of uncomfortable things.


[Miku] Kosaki Satoru and Hata Aki — The Secret Garden

The OG for any Project Diva fans!

This should technically be the very first thing you encounter when starting up the game so nostalgia is the only language you can speak for this song.


[Miku and KAITO] Signal-P — Cendrillon

When I talk about talents for the Vocaloid program, Signal-P is definitely my top pick for the category. This guy really knows how to make them sound as realistic as possible, and when he doesn’t aim for realism; he goes beyond the boundary while making sure all is in harmony. Also, to make use of older Vocaloids like KAITO is basically ballsy at the time when Miku overshadowed literally every other characters in popularity.

You are going to see LOTS of songs from Signal-P in this list, trust me.


[Miku and Luka] minato — Magnet

This is back in the days as close to Yuri as Vocaloids could get without having to resort to the rule 34.


[Miku] ryo(Supercell) and Dixie Flatline — Sakiranun Graffiti

It seems that only big names can have their videos well animated, so here we have ryo returning with one of his most ambitious songs in my opinion.


[Kagamine Twins]  Giga-P and Orebanana-P — Electric Angel

Original song is sung by Miku and composed by Yasuo-P. There is however something about the twins that I like more in their version. Maybe it is their tickling personalities in their voices? Hmm…


[Len] Akuno-P — The Servant of Evil (Classical Version)

This song is part of a big series of music videos that make up quite a sad story. If you care enough then start from the very beginning. This song however takes the cake as my most favorite and probably the one which packs most feels within a few minutes.


[Kagamine Twins] Dixie Flatline — Gemini

Most of the time when there is a song involving this pair of twins, chances are it is going to be a love song. There were so much controversies going on, whether to regard the two as twins for real or lovers (because incest). Crypton Future Media came out and say they they did not really give a rat’s ass and that fans can think of whatever they want regarding the pair.

Rule 34 came stronger than ever.


[Kagamine Twins] Hitoshizuku-P — ‘soundless voice’, ‘proof of life’ and ‘endless wedge’

I have to group these three together because they form a story. Each of them are lovely and frankly tearful after a few listens.


[Rin] Jebanni-P — Su-Su-Su-Su, Suki, Daisuki

I li-li-li-li-like this song, love this song!

This is the original video but for the sake of song quality, I had to post the one above!


[Rin] Signal-P — Unbalance

You know, Signal-P has been hailed the title RIN MASTER for a reason.


[Rin]  Signal-P — Transmit

Look, I’m just going to tell you now that for the next few songs ahead will all be from Signal-P…


[Rin] Signal-P — CHU! Shite!

OMG. Kiss me, Rin-chan!


[Kagamine Twins] Signal-P — Rin Rin Signal


[Kagamine Twins] Signal-P — Enclosure

Here it is — my number one song from yours truly Dios/Signal-P!

There is an uneasy feeling about the song’s melody, choice of instruments and the tones at which the twins are singing. Despite all of that, I could only want more of it.


[GUMI] Signal-P — Aitai

A very simple song about conveying your feelings to your loved one. But then it is well known that you can make the best out of the most basic. Here I have uploaded a cover by Morinaga Mayumi just for you, Alfredo!

[GUMI] NANA(Sevencolors) — Run Away


[GUMI] Takanon — Difficult Love

Even finding the right info for this song is just as difficult…


[GUMI] Haro-P — Miracle Gumiracle

This is a straight up Vocaloid cover on one of Touhou’s stage where Hina sings Miracle∞Hinacle. Even the song’s name is a spoof!


[GUMI] DECO*27 — Yowamushi Montblanc

I still remember when DecoNina was on a massive roll with GUMI after having ditched Miku, haha…


[GUMI] DECO*27 — Mozaik Role

Told you.


[GUMI] Signal-P — Tropical Summer


[Gumi x flower] HoneyWorks — Tokyo Summer Session

The song was originally composed for CHiCO and sana to use in one of their movies, Suki ni Naru Sono Shunkan wo.

I dare you step into HoneyWorks’ world of music. You may as well be colored impressed.


[Luka] Agoaniki-P — Double Lariat

This is one of Luka’s most popular song to date so no way in hell it would not have reached me when I was still a rabid fan of Vocaloids. You legit get to watch her spin in place until the song’s finished. There is a big meaning behind that however, and it is best for you to find out in the lyrics.


[Luka] samfree — Luka Luka★Night Fever

Again, one of those songs where you can crack an Easter egg and find other versions. You however won’t have to play them together. Luka’s version happens to be the OG and most popular of all but there is no harm in checking out the entire series.

The producer samfree passed away at 31 years of age on September 24, 2015. May his soul rest in peace.


[Luka] kouhara-P — Lonely Summer Girl

I’m going to give a little history regarding Luka here:

Her voice is provided by seiyuu Asakawa Yuu, who is probably best known for voicing Rider in Fate/Stay Night. She has been studying English non-stop to the point that I can say she has the fluency going. In fact she is among a very few Japanese seiyuu who actually care about the English language so much, her Twitter is full of it. She is proud of being involved with Luka, even naming some of her gaming usernames after it.

Her voice provision to Yamaha meant that the Vocaloid Luka was truly the first of its kind to be capable of having English voice bank. Fans were super eager to try it out!
The result was so obvious even I saw it coming; unlike Japanese phonetics, English still has a long way to go with it comes to voice synthesizers that involve ‘tones’.


[Luka] Dixie Flatline — Just Be Friends

The most popular song of Luka’s, ever. So popular some people were willing to pitch it up against a plagiarism trial.


[Luka] FatManP — Last Song


[Luka] minato — Rip=Release


[Luka] maya – Fake or Fate?

It is a relatively unsettling song about BDSM…


[Miku and Luka] EasyPop — Twinkle Twinkle

EasyPop is here to give us some joyous, bouncy techno beats which will gently tug our heartstrings!


[Luka and GUMI] EasyPop — Happy Synthesizer


[Len] Plutonius — Yuragi no Uchuu, Koi to Mirai (the second round)

I love that he came back for the second round of this song, otherwise the original was just fine.


[Rin] Chom-P —  Pantsu Nugeru mon!

This song is by all means questionable, even more so when sang by Rin-chan lol…
I dedicate this song to Panties-kun! Our beloved TPAB!
Dude you have to make this the theme song to your blog.


[Miku] Val-P — Sailing to Hope


[Miku] hashiyasume — Shin sekai e no purorougu



And that brings us to the end of my long list, consisting of Vocaloid songs I hold dear as I still listen to each and every one of them today.


Happy hunting!

55 thoughts on “Vocaloids and I…

  1. I’ve never gone down the vocaloid wormhole myself, for fear of getting too obsessed like you did, lol. I think I’ll stick with anime and manga for the time being…


    1. I actually fear for the current generation of Vocaloid fans because of how much ‘history’ there is. Just like how we tell kids to go back and listen to 80’s and 90’s music; Vocaloids have more music pieces within its single decade period in the data than three decades of Western music combined.

      It will be a huge pain to trace Vocaloid’s greatness and its origin but just like everything else multimedia, I say it will be rewarding.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. yeah, i never really got into vocaloid unlike my brother who i’ve heard various songs from him like “The World is Mine” and of course Miku’s version of “Ievan Polkka” (would you still consider that Vocaloid music? not sure) but damn, some of your choices are actually songs that I really enjoyed such as Signal-P’s stuff (Aitai is niiiiiiice).

    …and thus you may have gotten me into another realm of music lol

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I have never listened to Japanese music. My friend keeps trying to make me but I like hip hop and I dont think I would like Japanese music


    1. You might be interested to listen to Japanese takes on hip-hop, particularly if you like older stuff (’90s era). There’s a kind of refreshing honesty to it, and a self-conscious sense that they’re doing something a bit “silly”, but it’s enjoyable regardless.

      If you like video games, the Persona soundtracks provide plenty of good examples.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Wew! What a list. I know what I’m listening to at work today.

    Have you ever played any of the Hatsune Miku: Project Diva games? They feature a great selection of songs from a variety of artists, along with some brilliant “virtual music videos” that primarily serve to distract you from frantically tapping buttons in time with the song 🙂 Most of the Vocaloid songs I’m familiar with are from those games… and it helps that they’re some of the best rhythm games around, too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. YES! You took the words outta ma mouth there:
      “virtual music videos” that primarily serve to distract you from frantically tapping buttons in time with the song.

      Maybe I just suck. I have only played DIVA Dreamy Theater hence my attachment to the song VOiCE.
      I think Project Diva F was the last I’ve heard or kept up with and then Vocaloids disappeared from my radar completely.

      You are right though, most of the songs I’ve come to love really did come from the rhythm games. I’m simply saving myself from having to extend the list just so I could fit literally all of them in… 😛

      Liked by 1 person

  5. obviously the panty song sung by the girl twin is my fave. my sister had a vocaloid phase, and I basically played the vocaloid game to start me off.
    the thing I lvoe about vocaloid is that their artists eventually penetrate the anime scene, as they are talents most producers look for. Honey Works, ryo, Jin, that Nagi girl with Supercell and a whole lot more bringing their unique style of music to a larger stage.
    not a fan of Miku, but I haven’t heard her new songs. as a reviewer, I can never avoid her. She sung Yama Shibai’s ED, she inspired the Black Rock Shooter anime and I can name seven anime that referenced her and her love of leaks. jebus, she’s untouchable at this point, lol. I like IA more, but not sure if she’s voca.
    actually, my fave Miku song is the No Thank You since it was once sung to me and I was laughing. no tank you, leave me alone. yup, got it.


      1. IA and MIku is the voca Jin used exclusively for Kagerou Project, Mekakucity Actor, but I think he wanted IA to gain popularity then.
        IA does a lot of techno, but she’s nowhere near the levels of other voca.

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Like you said; Miku is freaking untouchable rofl.
        Everything with Vocaloid tags will direct potential fans to her. Ultimately this is a lesson in history — it is not about the person who has done it first; it is about the first person who has been able to do it properly.

        (Thinking of you, MEIKO, KAITO and a few others before Miku)

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Miku was a popular voca, and I believe she opened the floodgates for creative composers and such. she deserves her goddess role, lol
        Ah, I remember Paprika’s ED has a voca. the first one, I think

        Liked by 1 person

      4. The list of her involvement is endless to be honest. I’ve spotted her singing in PangYa’s 4th season opening too.

        Oh and I really do miss that golf game. I really do!

        Can I expect a list of Vocaloid songs from you, too? 😛

        Liked by 1 person

  6. It looks like I’ll have some new BGM for quite some time. Thanks!
    I remember encountering [IA]Shooting start by TeddyLoid and being mesmerized by it. Later on the same happened with Muryoku-P and his Luka stuff. At that point I failed to find something of similar style and somehow moved from Vocaloids. I guess it’s a good time to get back into it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. See!
      TeddyLoid would have been out of my ‘times’ when I used to thoroughly follow the culture.
      It’s true also, there is this Vocaloid style music you can barely find anywhere else. It will consist of fast paced lyrics, yet meaningful. The instrumental will be minimal. At least that’s how I felt when on first heard Kuzu no Honkai’s OP and ED.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah, it’s great when Vocaloids are used to create something that would be pretty much physically impossible for human performers. Or when something like Triple Baka happens. Silly but damn catchy.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yeah, but it’s just too distinctive to be excluded.
        Just as you said – it’s practically impossible to remember and keep track of everything when there’s so much stuff.

        Liked by 1 person

  7. This is great…I love too many songs from this giant list that I can’t even list them all. I don’t actively follow producers (except Honeyworks until a while ago), but I do like Hitoshizuku x Yama, Takanon, Neru, scop, Kanon 69, etc. etc.
    Thanks for the list! I’ll check out some of the recommendations once I’m…*ahem*…out of class.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. I thought that the Rin and Len weren’t strictly confirmed to be twins?
    Also, you left out a true gem: Brother is Worried.
    If you haven’t already, I recommend you try something by Mitchie M (maybe Viva Happy?) and I find that ECHO by Crusher-P is good for people who are less comfortable with listening to Japanese lyrics, too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They definitely weren’t. But human wits are definitely lightning quick when you see two people of the same age and surname. A few others didn’t see it that way and went the taboo route which led to how any Vocaloid fans know them today.
      I have definitely missed out on hidden gems like that and Mitchie M’s masterful Miku tuning.
      I still believe that the lyrics in Vocaloid songs exist to crush soft nuts; not for snowflakes!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Asking for my favorite Vocaloid is literally digging a grave for my answer!
        Unlike anime waifu, Vocaloid have their ‘moments’ and I think that I have jumped ships so many times. It definitely stated with Miku because I knew her first. I then went to drool over Luka, Rin and parked at GUMI.
        I can’t say that I’ll forever be on her ship since Miku is legit making a comeback for my attention. Artists are getting better with her software unlike the times when GUMI had the absolute ‘realistic’ advantage!

        I just dug my own grave there. Now let me dig yours~

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Miku definitely has the most songs and, more importantly, GOOD songs. Definitely makes her a strong contender.

        I do like KAITO, though. I’m not going to lie, I don’t like a lot of his songs, but there are just one or two that I really do like (in terms of tuning and stuff).

        I actually went through a ~*phase*~ where I would listen to a song by Oliver (English vocaloid, don’t kill me) over and over again… I think it was called Secrets of Wysteria? I don’t knowww

        It’s so hard to CHOOSE though!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Has English in Vocaloid software improved to the point that you can understand it?
        I mean I’d clearly expect something that sounds better than whatever Stephen Hawking was using (R.I.P.).
        I was into Vocaloid when Luka’s fame was lit due to her being provided voicebank by Yuu-san who can actually speak English. Miku English was probably one of the bigger reminders of ‘anime English’ which had me both cringing and giggling. Do remember that sometimes, though rare, seiyuu of the Vocaloids actually take their time to sing their favorite songs given that it is from their characters.
        I’m still hopeful however! Though I did make it clear as to why I’ve stopped following altogether. 😦

        I can get by with recommendations; will never set foot into the Vocaloid hell to look for things on my own now, because as you have said it:
        It’s so hard to CHOOSE!

        Liked by 1 person

      4. OH GOD. ENGRISH.

        Oliver is an English-speaking vocaloid so, unless whoever produces the song messes up terribly, you can understand what he’s saying.

        I know that some producers use Engrish when they’re doing songs for GUMI (for some reason – I’ve never really understood why) but I don’t know much about that, either.

        Do you play the games? Project Diva and Project Mirai, I mean.

        Liked by 1 person

  9. I never did like vocaloid or understand why people like it, and that is all I’ll say because if I continue I will spew hatred and probably say something I regret. I just never liked it…


    1. There’s a reason for everything. There is even reason behind a reason but we never go that far to prove our points.

      How about try something unreasonable?
      Try to praise someone for things they didn’t do. Even if it is pretending; trust me on the fact that you won’t regret saying them.

      As for vocaloid themselves — understandably not everyone’s kind of idol!

      Liked by 1 person

  10. I know that I’m going to return to this post when you’ve bookedmarked (r.i.p. english) the post. XDDD
    More of a IA and Gumi person here, but understandably Miku still holds the crown (Haven’t heard a lot of her songs yet). 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. *Confidently proclaims: “Vocaloids are nothing compared to Touhou!’*
        Okay okay, just kidding, I can’t catch up with the vocaloid production so this means that I have to set aside one day to be “Vocaloid Day” and SPAM THOSE SONGSSSS~
        Yeap I *died* at the Baka-x3. lol.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I’ve gotta warn you that it’s a blackhole leading to a whole other dimension of culture, references, the moe+weird+insane+epicness.

        You might never return…
        Even if you manage to live to tell the tale…

        Liked by 1 person

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