Day 27 of 30 Day Anime Challenge — Going backwards in badassery

No brakes! Let’s keep going fast!


Most Badass Scene From Any Anime Character



Here we are again with Kotomine Kirei and his pure badassery. I swear this man has taken my cake for being most featured in the challenge.

This is going way back to the eighth episode, when Kirei was first showcased in a fight. It was practically a deal breaker for me as I was fully convinced he’d become among my most favorite badass characters of all time.

Damn right he is.

In the world of Fate, especially in Kirei’s mind, there is no such thing as treating women with care. Gender equality at its finest here. They are his enemy, they are as good as dead.


All he had to do was hump a freaking tree to get out of magic bindings. Jokes, it’s technically more than that but I do not owe you an explanation!


He then goes for the kill as they have pissed him off more than enough.


He ran away just like that, like these two ladies were literally pieces of shit he’d stepped on while in the middle of his real mission.



If that is not badass, I don’t even know what is.
I’m sorry if I offend any of you by laughing way too much at my choice for this challenge. I know that I’m not exactly normal for laughing at someone having a go at cold murdering.


See you back here tomorrow!


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