Looking into Adachi to Shimamura Episode 9: Expressive Acceptance and Denial

Most of what Shimamura says in her own little head are self explanatory when given context so that is very pleasing. We finally get to watch her and the show without thinking too much after listening to the dialogues.

Unlike the light novel’s chronological order of events, the anime version took full advantage of direction which impresses me even more after feeling the same after 8 previous weeks’ consistent quality.

In episode five we had Shimamura believing that Adachi is sort of like a puppy. In this episode we have Adachi believing in the same thing. Fate did its work. Well done.


In the previous week I’d mentioned something along the lines of episode nine being dramatic, not expecting this sort of feeling at all. By dramatic I of course did not mean headache inducing kind of relationship drama. Adashima is not going that route, at least not yet in the anime adaptation.

What clearly stood out in this episode when compared to every other ones before it is the magnitude and the frequency of Shimamura’s laughs. Oh my, tears and all. Shimamura undoubtedly had a good time in Valentine’s, I am jealous. Her joyful laughs took me by surprise, not only because light novels cannot speak, but that is undeniably a big overnight change of mood for a supposedly ambitionless girl. I would not go as far as saying her personality changed and Shimamura has even said something about it herself.

We get not one but two instances of Shimamura going to Nagoya on Valentine’s day and the eve, albeit with Adachi and Tarumi on separate days. It is a smart move of the show to let us see her version with Adachi first and letting the unfolding events represent (mental) obstacle Shimamura had faced which resulted in the overnight change as mentioned. By all means her hangout time with Tarumi is all but uncomfortable as the two of them have become sort of strangers to one another at this point.

Tiny details of expressions can be found all over the episode and every moments of them are really worth screenshotting! While they are not crazy high on budget, they are clearly distinguishable from the normal faces Shimamura and Adachi put on.
This tiny moment of them playing thumb wrestling is my favorite. Just a few seconds can tell enough about their characters.

It shall be known that Shimamura has always been playful. Adachi on the other hand looks perfect for an introvert, slightly freaking out on any surprises.
Introvert or not, if Adachi catches onto something, she is kind of a girl who would put serious effort into anything she does.

It happens to be a huge win for Adachi in Valentine’s. Everything continues to go uphill for her even when odds have been lightly stacked on her. It is also right for Adachi to be suspicious of Shimamura’s laughs as she will unlikely find out about the latter’s involvement with Tarumi anytime soon. After all, Shimamura is probably trying to make up to herself since she gets a second chance to do the same thing.

I totally would if I were Shimamura because like her, I do not think I want to go down the same uncomfortable route two days in a row. At this point it becomes a matter of fortune and luckily her chemistry with Adachi is obviously strong, hence having things go according to her plan and the end result is both of them being satisfied with the day.

Shimamura’s positive vibe is not entirely based on relationships either. Surely many of you can relate to her “experience” because that is the basics of tour guides. The things you have done in your life can be experience to improve future iterations and Shimamura does a passable job of guiding Adachi to Nagoya. I do believe that her experience alone makes up to at least a quarter of why her time with Adachi feels sweet and satisfying. On the opposite, we can only imagine what if Shimamura had never been to Nagoya beforehand — now that would be truly interesting side story.

Lastly, I want to give a shout-out to this sweet whisper template. When used by any medium, it never fails to bring about the same reaction from the character and us, the viewers.

Seriously. Try it without subtitle and no context — works wonders.

“My parents won’t be home tonight.”


Shimamura has to endure some sort of estrangement in order to accept that reality is not at all sugar-coated. Her time with Tarumi feels like it is being forced down my throat yet in a way that would not outright kill me. There is no better way to describe it than being uncomfortable and that is supposed to be the start of reconciliation between the two of them?

Shimamura does apologize for dragging Tarumi into her schedule and damn right she should. The show is going easy by not giving us Tarumi’s perspective despite massively implying that she has a lot planned in her mind. Tarumi was also to blame for killing her chance with Shimamura, always clinging onto the past and initially failing to accept what she has become in the present. Seriously, why go and ask such a question right off the bat?
Whatever happened to the flow of conversation?

Neither of them had their expectations met by the end of the day.

This situation is not exclusive to Adashima. Many of you can probably resonate with this single shot here as your significance get reduced to near zero from the moment the other person takes their phone out to do anything but make business calls or taking photos/videos.

When put in parallel to her day with Adachi, it makes perfect sense as to why she acts that way. Shimamura was a horrible guest to Tarumi’s invitation and an unsurprisingly good host to Adachi’s Valentine.


Shimamura’s quote about letting go can be confusing. While reading the subtitle, it was one of those rare moments when what I hear felt off compared to what I see.

The translation reads, “I can’t let go of the present.”

I am not saying Funimation mistranslated the sentence; it was the exact same translation found in light novels, too. But then I grabbed my Japanese friend and had him listened to the whole thing. With barely any context, what Shimamura says is along the lines of, “I cannot throw [it] away as of now.”
Can you see how it can be confusing when you think of the two words “now” and “present”?

But because what she says does indeed come with a context, it is implied that she cannot let go of Adachi.

Additionally, I will imply is that Shimamura is also not willing to throw away her past, having described it as something that hurts her whenever she reaches back to. They say that your past is what makes you today and Shimamura complains about her incomplete past-self, as if the things she’d done were not to satisfactory level.
So she goes about her dilemma is a respectable way. After pretending to have not remembered Tarumi’s nickname for most of the day, Shimamura calls her by that very name in an attempt to not leave things in a bitter state; to complete her paths in life meaningfully. And yes, it does open a gate to Tarumi’s warranted advances… coming soon. [Don’t click if you cannot handle spoilers!]

Needless to say, I apologize for being unusually late for this post. It was simply too cute, I’d spent my weekend just soaking all of it in.

Tuesday came and I went to look at my own blog, only to not find a write-up for episode 9…

Reality hits me pretty much like this.

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