Day 19 of 30 Day Anime Challenge — boom, booM, boOM, bOOM and BOOM!

Welcome back to the nineteenth day of the challenge!


Most Epic Scene Ever



I’d figured that it is going to be a different kind of epic, not adrenaline-rushing, jaw-dropping type of thing since those are ridiculously overrated as hell.
Don’t believe me? Just head over to YouTube and look up ‘epic anime scene’. Ninety percent of what you are going to find would be testosterone filled shounen/seinen battle stuff. I don’t really hate them since I do watch them more times than not, but that’s not really opening up the gate for less action-packed shows to have their place, especially when it gets really epic in relation to the show themselves.

Let us go back to last year, when a certain show not really known for its action but rather purely stupid comedy, ends with an epic finale. Let the explosions make way for Destroyer’s halt in Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!


In most anime fights the characters would contain their scream, no matter how high on the note it may be (bloody hell Asta). Here in KonoSuba, just hearing Aqua let her extremely short battle cry rip into a full-on retarded shriek easily made my day (actually, my entire season!). Her face says that much.

The follow up with concurrent Explosion™ by Wiz and Megumin retains that epicness on high, since any fan of KonoSuba would already know that shits gonna get rip whenever Megumin starts her incantations. I really have to give massive props to the light-works done by digital team over at Studio DEEN, and also to the dude in-charge of explosions because he has this odd love for Michael Bay; he even shared this video on his Twitter back when KonoSuba was still on air.

Oh, and how could I forget about Darkness?
I mean how does a scene make her, a useless character for that encounter, look so freaking epic?
I have seen countless instances of superheroes stopping trains from derailing, towers from falling, meteors from crashing. But I have yet to find something as badass as Darkness doing absolutely next to nothing—just standing and breathing, yet the gigantic Destroyer stopped short right in front of her?!




Now that was a lot of epicness in less than five hundred words.


See you back tomorrow where I will be ranting!
(I’m sure saying this should have an opposite effect…)


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