Looking into Saekano Flat Episode 2: Which one will you pick?

Ah man. I love drama and all but when this kind of ‘you choose, dumb protagonist‘ stuff gets dropped on scene, I really do struggle to instantly grasp the situation within and around it. This episode was no exception; I had to re-watch it so many times!


Instantly entered everyone’s favorite person for ‘service’

In fact, this episode covered most of the light novel’s fifth volume – Kasumigaoka Utaha and her dilemma.



Parodies, references and SAVAGERY continues!


I don’t even know why am I writing a review for this episode. Nearly every minute is FILLED with those, holy mother of God. Images and GIFs don’t do any damn justice when the comedy is just too good. And this is why guys – go pay and watch stand up comedy if you know for a fact that it will be funny, because it’ll be worth it.

If Gintama is the king of shounen genre parody fanservice, Saekano definitely sits as the queen of rom-com genre parody fanservice.


Right from that Monogatari reference to the book that Utaha is reading (Nisemonogatari), her savage comment on live action adaptations of anime and Eriri fangirling over a doujin.

And Eriri once again goes on stalker mode.


Kato is just being, well, Kato…

When had she NOT low-key stole the show?

I think I’ll put Eriri up against Usain Bolt. You’ll be amazed how fast a tsundere can run when their loved one gets in sight.


Just like the date episode 5 back in the first season, I think the concept of CG background is here to stay. At least it’s better than having an entire anime done in CG, right? RIGHT?!



Utaha and Tomoya goes on a dinner date (like they’ve always done) and comes the dilemma on the table.

Why so serious?


She blurts out her two ‘openings’, one of them being that she will have to move far away. This is the first time so either she isn’t being clear enough or Tomoya is just not focusing on her hints.

Meanwhile Kato, fully knowing the situation, tries to hinder Eriri in her stalking mission by playing ‘dressing room’ with her.



It didn’t take long for Kato to lose patience, so she lets Eriri in on what’s up

I have said this before; Kato IS ALWAYS one step ahead here. Utaha even had to give her a heads up message to make sure that her date with Tomoya wouldn’t be interrupted.


As subtle as this scene can be, this is literally Kasumigaoka Utaha acknowledging that she has no hope against Kato Megumi to win Tomoya‘s heart.
So Utaha pulls the next move to properly convey her message across and hopefully gets on par with Kato (or overtake her) once and for all.

It’s me or her. You choose, protagonist-kun.



Apparently 10 a.m. is a good time to socialize, because the day before Tomoya went to a date with Utaha, today he has visitor at around the same time.

The feels when you’ve known the guy since you were kids but the first person he gives the keys to his house to is the girl he has least history with. R.I.P SS Eriri


Getting the gist of the situation Utaha has put Tomoya in, not even Eriri has any f*cks to give. Tomoya is left to decide alone.

Well, the writer is absent…


Again, Kato is being cut out of the frames and even blurred while the pair quibble.


Until they wanted her attention!

Can somebody please stop Kato from being low-key savage?!


Two points to take here: one is that Kato just went savage, second is that it is still rare for Kato to actually want to play a game.

Which leads to the second climax of this episode’s plot.


I sung praises for Saekano‘s background music in my first season review. This season only gets better and my! That guitar BGM did give me a tense feeling, only to have it completely rid of by Izumi‘s anti-climatic comment. I won’t forget the fact that they pulled a Shaft in this scene too. If anything, we’ll see much more of it in later episodes.


So yeah, see you in the next post where I look into episode 3! ^_^

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