Day 8 of 30 Day Anime Challenge – Forever Eighth Graders

Hi! It’s the eighth day of the challenge. No more feature images, darn. Here we go….


Favorite Anime Couple



My all time favorite anime couple has always been of Rikka and Yuuta from Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!


There is something childish about their relationship that I can’t seem to shake off, or rather I want it all to elope on my very self. What was initially just an acquaintance with a weirdo ends up extremely romantic over the course of time; it is human relationship done right.

The very first episode alone is more heartwarming than many other romance shows on their full season run. It is an episode that humorously portrays consequences of acceptance and more importantly, the troubles Yuuta endlessly tackles upon accepting Rikka’s persona.



The story of this couple nearly perfectly embodies the idea of little things that make big differences. They are silly and immature yet I do not want to stop Rikka from being a little shithead. That very wish is granted via Yuuta who spends his days and nights face-palming to every instances of Rikka acting derp.

Accepting Rikka is one thing for him, coming to understand her further is another matter entirely. This is where the couple vibe feels high-lifted as both slowly come to realize that:

  • For Yuuta, Rikka is just a normal girl in love once he makes it past all of her delusions.
  • For Rikka, Yuuta is also just a normal guy with libido, whom his heart feels the tingles every time she gets close.




Relationships can sometimes be conceived as invisible, attractive forces that constantly connect the emotions of two people. Since this is all new to Rikka, her chuunibyou (and sometimes Yuuta’s too) constantly becomes an energy source to break those bonds, or in simpler words a pest which stirs the waters of her relationship with Yuuta on top of every other external factors such as love rivals. Throughout their romantic struggles I’ve always rooted for the power of love to prevail while at the same time let out the tension.

Does he love her enough to let her go?
Does she love the past or the present him?

It goes without saying, Yuuta loves Rikka no matter her persona. The title says that much, “(She’s a) Chuunibyou but I still want to love (her)!
The words in brackets are just for context; there are many more. Japanese can be fun to comprehend sometimes…
But will she still love him even if he decides to truly rid of his chuuni-self?
Will she be able to see his true qualities past The Dark Flame Master?

Throughout the two seasons, these are the questions that always rise whatever the journey and shenanigans this lovely couple go through. It just goes to show that relationships don’t just form and flow. There are ups and downs for every little moment of the day, week, month, year; of their lives.



Well, that was lovely. See you back here tomorrow where I go the opposite route and talk about a certain villain…


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10 thoughts on “Day 8 of 30 Day Anime Challenge – Forever Eighth Graders

  1. I actually haven’t seen second season yet but just going off of what I’ve seen, I enjoy the relationship of Yuuta and Rikka as well. They’re so different yet so similar.

    Nice choice 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. yeah, ok, fine. i…like their relationship. She even chose to drop her chuuni just becoz he said so, but not before singing “Miagete Goran Yoru no Hoshi o”, which instantly makes me cry. I’d link the Twin Spica ED here, but i won’t cause f*ck KyoAni.
    Second season was awful though, such a waste of a love triangle.

    Liked by 1 person

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