Souma didn’t want me in his kitchen, just like how he wasn’t wanted in Toutsuki

He had a good reason as to why he was being stingy like that, though.


I am sick; I caught a cold! 😦
All the while trying to keep my stress in check. It’s mostly fine, though. I do have a song that helps me feel stress free and having the song named exactly that is absolutely not a coincidence!

Here, jam to Miwa‘s Stress Free!


Nobody likes cooking with a sick person! So, away from his kitchen, I’ve cooked something that’s not guaranteed to always be delicious but all that mattered is I have felt better after having eaten it.


The Go-Away-Cold Rice Porridge(?)


I have to leave a question mark there as I wasn’t sure of what I’d made.


The Tools:

  • A pot and something to stir
  • A chopping board
  • A knife
  • A rice cooker or just a second pot
  • Sieve (optional)

Seriously, the point of this meal is simplicity. Ain’t nobody got the minds to cook like MasterChef when they are sick!


The Ingredients:

  • Rice!
  • A tablespoon of cooking oil
  • Sugar – tiny amount, like a single tablespoon as well
  • Salt and Pepper to taste
  • 100 g of mince meat, preferably pork
  • Garlic
  • Chicken stock cubes or just buy a ready made one – you can also use any other types of stock but this is me we’re talking about.
  • Water
  • An onion and spring onion
Spring Onions
Spring onion looks nothing like your typical, round-shaped onions!


Chop the onion first thing; make it into fine, tiny pieces.
Chop the spring onion, too! It doesn’t have to be as finely done as the other onion.
Lastly, chop the garlic if you don’t happen to have one of those in a container from the supermarket.

Set those ingredients aside.



Cook the rice, this much is obvious! If you have been cooking rice for your entire life then just take this chance and add a little more water than usual. We want the rice to be a little mushy.
Or you know what, it doesn’t matter. The rice will end up mushy at the end anyway.

Get the meat done and over with. We are not frying pork here since we’ll be making porridge! Imagine having fried meat in watery rice. Ew!

Just cook it in little amount of water and you should see some nasty meat juice pouring out.

Cook that pork
Naturally, rid of the juice or you’ll be enjoying the sour taste without lemon.


Throw the cooked meat into a sieve if you bother to use one, and let it sit there while the juice drips out and down the drain. Otherwise you are more than welcome to perform the most manual method of waste removal in food, known to mankind.

Set all of those aside for now too and let’s work on the other third of the meal: the soup!
Drop a tablespoon of cooking oil into the pot. Put both chopped garlic and onion in and start frying. It’s a common knowledge for many cooks that garlic takes much shorter to be fried than onions but that’s exactly the point; we want the garlic to turn crisp while the onion remaining slightly cooked.

Add chicken stock cubes into the mix and in with the water! Lots of water! I’m talking two to three liters here!

Another way to go about with this meal is by having garlic cooked in oil separately, but in the end all of that will be used as a flavor dressing. I saved myself the time and hassle so I don’t have to spend more time ‘dressing’ my meal.

Boil the broth
Simple science: oil and water don’t mix. Not to be confused with chicken broth; that stuff is not welcomed in this meal!


If you’re using chicken stock cubes then wait until all of them fully dissolved. After that you can add the rice and spring onions into the pot and lightly stir in circle motion.

Cue the salt and pepper, to (your) taste! Sugar is absolutely optional. I didn’t even use any since I felt like the porridge doesn’t need any of the sweet taste.


So here I have my rice porridge…


Freshly made Porridge?



Eat away while I bring you another one of my get-better-sooner meal, once again involving chicken stock!

Signing out~ *cough* | ^_^ |

3 thoughts on “Souma didn’t want me in his kitchen, just like how he wasn’t wanted in Toutsuki

    1. Wow. I’m sorry it took my half a month to figure out that some genuine comments get put straight to the spam box!

      Thanks! And trust me it’s not motivation; it’s what I have to do since I live alone LOL!

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  1. To stretch out my budget before the next pay, I always just put too much water in my rice when I cook it. I put chicken wings sometimes, and the street food version in my country puts cow stomach linings and other innards as meat. It’s pretty good.
    Seeing your dish actually makes me crave it now. XD

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