The Obligatory One Hundred Followers Post!

A hundred of you followed me to my wonders, I will gladly welcome a hundred more~


This is a grand opportunity to celebrate with the Goddess Megumi on feature!
Have her song to go with it, too!

Leaf Ticket


Though, I’m only counting followers from WordPress and nothing else. Otherwise this post is extremely long due.






I’d like to thank you all for taking the time of your life to read any of my published posts, consisting of:

  • An alien’s analyses for random things
  • Looking Into‘s
  • Reviews
  • Top lists
  • Memes
  • Status updates
  • Budget-tight cooking recipes
  • My appreciations

…and most importantly the Wonders!

I obviously wouldn’t have been able to come this far without you all, given that I don’t really put much effort into advertising my contents. The two social links (Facebook and Twitter) are really just there for messaging shall any of the readers want to catch me in real time, and there has been!.

Funnily, I finished writing this post before the one I prioritized–another one of my cooking moments. Talking about sidetracking here; it’s real and don’t let it happen to you often!

I also jinxed myself really good this time. I’ve mentioned that I felt better after having eaten the porridge but I still had to go to work, so I’m back to feeling like crap. Luckily my boss had me leave earlier than the usual time.

Even luckier, the next few days after that were pretty much the days I didn’t have my shifts so I’ve spent a pleasant amount of time on leveling the Goddess.

It includes dying countless times. Poor, poor Megumi…

That was all worth it because I’ve reached level 40… on a freaking Priest; unarguably the hardest class to level in Wrath of The Lich King.

Level 40.png
When a guild-mate’s joke top my punny Bon Jovi lyrics…

Inactivity? Is that some kind of food?


I’ll once again declare that blogging remains one of my few hobbies! I always want to talk about something but most of the time they are really just one or two sentences of commentary on the things I’ve watched.

Take Gamers! episode 5 for example. There is so much I could be saying but I’m just going to stamp a ‘WTF’ and leave it at that.
I guess this is where Twitter comes in handy. I’ve rarely tweeted short messages about what I was watching, though I could be pulling a smirk and say that at least I’ve tweeted! ๐Ÿ˜€

It has been three months and I’m still not halfway done with the thirty day anime challenge! Wow, I am BAD at this. Even with bad on caps isn’t enough to stress how I feel about myself lol!

Me trying to write for the 30 day challenge
Me trying to write for the 30 day challenge…


After all of the remarks, it’s safe to say that I’ll surely be sticking to the weekly schedule thing, i.e. one post per week guaranteed; two or more if something great beyond my control happens. See how I survive with this.

Looking Into the Blog of Wonders: Blast from the past!


Would you look at that?! Had my blog been an anime, this would be well considered fourth wall breaking~

Allow me to show you the deeds I’ve done to myself and probably you, the readers.

My very first post on this blog went unnoticed for pretty much the entire time, having only two views total (one from Feb and the other from June)!

The one post that goes unnoticed
Betcha didn’t see a dark horse coming!


My second blog post was truly Valentine’s themed but was half a day late-posted. Oh the shame.
Right off the bat I was already hinting out how I do have a thing for rom-com and idol type anime before I’ve actually written something about myself, which you can find under the home menu!

It has been half a year now so I can say that I would have expected Alfredeo to notice me spewing out Love Live! stuff but nooooooo! It was Karandi-senpai who first took notice of my lonely self! I wouldn’t have had any clue about anything back when I started but given that it has been this long, calling her senpai can’t truly be more fitting.

I then went back on track to write about what have made me wanting to really talk about with other people, since absolutely nobody I currently know of are aware of their existence.

ClariS: The duo whose names we would probably never find out!

I kept focusing on writing about things that would live true to the blog’s name, only to have later realized that it was only I who had been setting the rules up for myself.

The heavy month of June
I’ve been writing, but in the first three months my blog had only seen shadow.
In numbers.


So in April I did away with most of it and a few months later–here I am, going in every direction while still doing what I really think is unique to my blog. It was also at this time when Japan’s spring anime season came around. With new titles out for my eyes to grab, I was just overjoyed with the amount of shows that really fit with me, or you call it my taste. It was a busy season alright?!

But I stuck with writing for only one show.
That being yours truly Saenai Heroine no Sodate-kata Flat.

And it brings the boys to the yard~


I swear Fumiaki-sensei knows about the three episode rule and that was probably the biggest contribution into him writing Saekano Flat in a way that it played around with itself really hard then pretty much dropped most of play-around by the third episode, rewarding those who had enough attention span and tolerance to the lowest level of ecchi.

I have been re-watching the series a few more times and eventually Eriri grew onto me, so did her song.
Tsunderes, I swear.

Yuuki no Kamisama


It became a concern even to myself as I was really looking into the series, and coming out with only memes wouldn’t do you any favor, let alone myself. With a kind suggestion from WeekendOtaku, I set out to talk about nearly everything that were presented in each and every episode from the third to the finale.

If you are wondering about the statistic for the month of June which stuck out like a sore thumb…
That’s because Episode 8 happened.
Just like how battle shounen shows hype us up with… well… battles, a rom-com does it differently and truth be told, it relies a lot on the characters. I’m still looking for cure to my diabetes.

Please, anyone?


Hype begins
June 2nd, the date 8th episode of Saekano Flat aired on Japanese TV.
Crying Megumi
No way! But why?


The hype was kept at all time high mainly because Saekano Flat took advantage of its weekly broadcast schedule, dropping cliffhangers non-stop and let me not discredit the fact that the show did something most harem shows didn’t bother to pull off: every main characters were given equal coverage on their non-romantic journeys. It’s harem to the core but romance merely sits in the second layer of attributes.

Episode 9 stirred the fandom really well, I had to admit. So in attempts to help Saekano fans not get emotionally driven to the moon by the melodrama, I’d written continuation posts for the ninth and tenth episodes, which probably served as insights.

Something like this needed to have a climax, and there was one.

The Hype Climax
June 23rd, the day Finale episode aired on Japanese TV.



…and then I went straight back to being low profile~


My thing with late-start


Ah 2017, how many years of legendary anime have I missed talking about?! I’m going backwards in time to mention works from the past regardless to how great they were–or more importantly–are now. That is not to forget to keep up with the current seasonal titles! I’ve only written two weekly status posts so this will probably be my third and final one.

The shows I’m still keeping up in 2017 Summer Season:


I’ve binge-watched these from the past seasons, in this season:


Will eventually binge-watch:


That feel when you know that you’re only half way into your favorite anime and there are three more seasons plus a few OVA’s to go. Thanks, Natsume!
I won’t go through this season quietly either! This much is obvious but do expect reviews for a few titles from this list!

The Blog of Wonders: Today


I’ve definitely put efforts into making my blog look as tidy as possible, with all the restrictions a free user gets. This blog has undergone theme change three times over the course of six months; it’s not dramatic but still indecisive of me. I am satisfied with the current theme… for now.

I play World of Warcraft a lot, though casually (yes, there is a thing with casually hardcore). The game makes me a huge believer in utilities in technology, be it within the user interface or the hardware itself. In relevance to my blog, it is ever so important that you have multiple choices of access to what you really want to read because not everyone likes typing in the search bar. Trust me, not even I type things into that search bar inside my own blog, so you know…

…believe this first hand experience from the blog’s owner?

Almost getting sidetracked with my stories again.

Right, so what I always try to do is seriously use correct tags for my posts; if it has only a part of the nail to do with anime and nearly an entire thumb to do with something else, it won’t receive the anime tag. The best example of a post to go with this is no other than my latest wonder on Adding energy into Pop Music, where I talked mostly about music but only mentioned Hibike! Euphoniumย at the end.
There also has been some serious attempt at sorting posts into proper categories. Those who frequent to my blog would actually notice the ongoing changes in the menu. ๐Ÿ™‚
Last but not least, I have obviously removed the blog’s title and slogan in favor of a header image. A picture really says a thousand words, though I only needed nine. Regrettably, the header image scales based on only the width. What this actually means is that if you’re viewing my blog on a smartphone, the header image is probably the smallest thing in there, even smaller than the menu button!

Oh well. It’s going to stay for a very long time.


And that’s the writing part done and dusted. Now about the whole reading thing, believe it or not but I spend more time reading other blogs than actually writing my own. I have the anime tag marked in WordPress Reader so if your post has that tag, it’s almost guaranteed to be read by me!

Just please, if you’re going to use the anime tag, make sure that it really has to do with anime. I’ve seen quite a lot of introduction posts with that tag and the only relevance I have seen was the one sentence, in many different versions, along the lines of ‘I love anime’. That was it.

Ah. Now that I think about it. No wonder why my introduction post went unnoticed; the only tag I had in it was Status! Like who the hell has Status marked as a tag in their WordPress Reader?
Shaming myself in a celebration post. Way to go, yo.

I’m going to take this chance to again, thank you for visiting, sharing, liking/linking posts in and commenting on The Blog of Wonders. An even bigger thank you to those who really kept me up for days via socializing, pinging the comments back and forth in which makes me visit your blogs to spam comments later on. Give and take they say.


I’m still recovering from the cold so spare me from my inactivity. Being sick does not really mean having free time to blog. If anything, writing a quality blog post takes more brainpower than playing games! It hurts from the top.

Looks like I have outdone myself with this post. I don’t even know if there will be repeats for 200, 300 followers and onward…

Oh well. Blog on!



23 thoughts on “The Obligatory One Hundred Followers Post!

  1. Congrats, Shokamoka~~ You deserive it( actually I think u deserve more, but that’s subjective. )I’m sure your informative writings regarding Saekano were of great help to hundreds/thousands of ppl out there, so cheers. Delivering happiness with unique content~ Aye!

    And yeah, huge dip in views. That happened to me too after having translated all of HnG manga chapters(31-37), and the dip probably happened to other bloggers too. And it prob will happen again in the future. It hurts, but it’s inevitable I guess? I’m sure not many of us want to compromise/sacrifice our non-online lives completely for blogging. Just another case of opportunity cost we’ve got to live with~

    And with the solemn stuff out of the way, otaku talk:
    *Didn’t expect Isekai smartphone to still be on your watching list (after the rambling you posted before). Is it any good? So far, I’ve seenโ€”on youtubeโ€”MC fiddling with his phone, getting married to a blonde girl, getting beaten up by girls, seeing a girl change on the other side of the wall with his phone(~~ My glasses demands that phone~~), observing girls get molested(?)/eaten(?)/something by slimes…
    *I kinda binge watched New game. Wasn’t expecting much from it at first. I was like,”Pffft….just cute girls being cute in game industry..pfft. It will just be alright” But it was cute girls being cute in game industry+slice of life(to a certain extent). Just add an element of slice of life, and nothing can go wrong.
    *Just started 3-gatsu, and the art is beautiful. As expected of SHAFT (I didn’t know before watching it, but the animation style made me gradually realize it). The story is pretty G too.
    *More stuff to ramble, but will stop here. Adios~

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you lad! To be honest, the drop in views don’t bother me a lot. I get exactly for the amount of work I put in and I’m seeing the stable point so that’s just fine!

      Instead of answering the question about Isekai Smartphone here directly, I think I’ll attempt a post for that!
      New Game!! is getting serious, yo. Slice of Life it may be but it’s at a turning point.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Congrats buddy on the 100 followers!!! It was interesting hearing the journey of your blogging from earlier, up to today and I might want to go back and see those old posts now ๐Ÿ˜›

    Hope you get a few more hundred! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Appreciate the link! After watching some of those, I’m starting to look forward to the Halloween and Christmas themed messages, haha

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Con~gra~tu~lations~
    Being one of the first few to follow me, I only have gratitude towards you. I know my post quality was probably pretty bad at the beginning and having even one person follow me was a big deal.
    That is not to say, having one new follower now does not excite me anymore.
    Whenever I receive a new follow, I will scream at myself internally while making huge fistpumps. It never feels old to have someone confirm that they enjoy reading what you write.
    I’m truly jealous of your statistics, as someone who is definitely not popular and probably won’t be popular for quite a while, but I know it’s well earned on your side.
    Looking forward to much more from you!

    P.S: Send food pls

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚

      Was I really one of the first to really follow you?! 0.o
      Now that’s a real surprise yo~
      I’ve made sure to check my earliest posts and will now assure you that their quality are not anywhere close to the ones I post today as well!
      You happen to speak my mind a lot of times haha! Want to guess on how I felt when writing out this post? I am more than willing to wait for the one year celebration to slap my stats but I felt like talking about it now would be much more fitting since the Saekano hype has yet to fully die down. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
      Looking forward to much more from you also!

      P.S. Thou shall receive food

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Congratulations! And I’m really happy that I was able to help you along the way with some of your posts. You’re always entertaining though, regardless of the format. Keep it up and we’ll see you at 200 in no time!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! It means the world to be noticed by my senpai! ๐Ÿ™‚

      I know I’m not being obvious but the part where I talked about keeping my blog tidy and easily accessible; that was just from seeing your blog! I still remember the days right after I’ve hit follow on your blog and later gave it a visit. I was just drooling over how neat it is. You can definitely take credits for my Wonders and Anime Index pages. You obviously didn’t know until now but your blog gave me the push to create the Index, especially for the anime part. ๐Ÿ˜‰


      1. Well here’s where I would normally fawn over your kind words about taking the time to look around on my blog and praising my design choices. In the interest of remaining a super cool role model though, I’ll just leave this here:

        Pierce the heavens with your drill, kouhai.

        Liked by 1 person

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