Dreaming of being in bed with Kirisaki Chitoge? Then hear this out…

I think this section of my blog is here to stay. First I stumbled across the cute Kana Hanazawa‘s trip to Canada. Now this…

A lot of anime fans really do miss out on promotional videos regardless of how good/shit that said anime can be. Just in this case, the anime in question is average.

Here’s a promotional ‘seiyuu’ video for the anime Military! where voice actresses…

Sakura Ayane – Tomori Nao of Charlotte, Uraraka Ochako of Boku no Hero Academia, Onodera Haru of Nisekoi.

Touyama Nao – Kirisaki Chitoge of Nisekoi, Yuigahama Yui of OreGairu, Lalena Lelei La of GATE. And…

Minase Inori – Österreich Meteora of Re:Creators, Rem of Re:Zero, Hestia of DanMachi

…go on a trip to Rikkuland! Japan’s Ground Self-Defense Force Public Relation Center!

I know. I know what you’re here for…

Skip to 9:12 minute and close your eyes – Fap to your imaginary Chitoge.

Her voice actress does the odd…

Like seriously, not even her fellow voice actresses are telling her anything. Maybe it’s just a Japan thing to leave moaning girls be. 😀

2 thoughts on “Dreaming of being in bed with Kirisaki Chitoge? Then hear this out…

  1. Oh my gawd, they have porn as an option for what you’re looking for lol.
    It’s a cute vid though. XD
    Never really bought the hype of voice actresses, but I am starting to appreciate how awesome they are. Then again, I kinda marked when I heard Megumi Hayashibara in Rakugo. The woman is a legend, damn it.

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    1. Anime voice actors/actresses today are actually extremely active and seem to always be having fun outside of anime job. Take Takahashi Rie for example – she’s cosplaying as Megumin and screaming EXPLOSION all day, haha!

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