Blast in the past: The Cicada Block Meme

This thing is over six years old but worth a second look (or a millionth of you are a veteran meme warden).

There are trending memes. There are dying memes. There are long resting memes and there are immortal memes. The Cicada Block is most definitely classed into the immortal type because as long as there are new things to get OTP about, it will always come back.

In short, the meme spawned from the feature picture of this post, making fun of your typical shoujo manga cliche where the ikemen would always trap yo girl and making her blush like a blessed maiden.

The result?

What happens in shoujo manga.doesn’t stay in shoujo manga I guess. You may also have to give it to the artists for making memes within memes…

Wide open for a second nut punch…
Blast reality: hold me!
This one is self explanatory for Kuroko fans.
Light hearted yuri comedic slice of life, you say?
Do not just give up yet, Akko. The ship is real!
Curiosity level: 9001.
R.I.P. Leafa.
Haru loves water too much.

23 thoughts on “Blast in the past: The Cicada Block Meme

      1. Hmm… I have some ideas:
        1] Start with some topic of discussion, and then we try to argue our way through it with both words and (mostly) meme images/gifs that fits the argument well.
        2] Survival of the fittest meme – Basically a meme hunger game, made interactive. This one’s more self-explanatory.

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