Kumiko took one for the team!

Remember that funny scene in Hibike! Euphonium episode 6, when the bass section tried to cheer up Katou Hazuki?

True to Asuka’s character, you just know that it would go down the comedy route as soon as she took charge. Her instruction for Midori was straightforward. For Kumiko however, some things are better off without retaining the original meaning.

Please take one for the team, Kumiko!



Asuka’s line was not exactly a serious request unlike her expression, which probably is why having her looking like that makes this joke even funnier in the after effect.

君には人肌脱いで無らをか / Kimi ni wa hitohada nuide mura o ka

“Is it okay for you to go bare skin, I wonder?”


Another way to go around with this phrase would be, “Is it okay to take off your clothes?”


I’m sure that being asked to take off her clothes out of the blue would have been extremely awkward for Kumiko, but there wasn’t much she could do; she was being asked a favor by her beloved senpai after all. We are not the only people who happened to know Asuka well. Kumiko, being an introvert that she was, caught on Asuka’s attempt at making a fool out of her. She knew exactly that she was being tricked by the guise of helping out Hakuzi!

Was she tricked?!


In conclusion, this is the one case where English excels in having more appropriate phrases no matter the context!


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