Favorites are one thing; hotties are completely another

It’s getting hot in here, so hot, so take off all your clothes~


This was supposed to be my answer to a tag game from Michel but I’m going to manually adjust things up for absolute convenience. There’s actually an ulterior motive to this but… I’ll zip it.
Though, a not-so-ulterior motive is to make Irina feel the salt as she was apparently dissatisfied with my answer to her question regarding my fictional secret crush.

This will not be a top whatever list since I’m going to pull MAL up and dragged a great amount of hotties into it. These characters are so damn fine to the point that they can actually bypass their respective show’s standard in my book. In other words, they are usually enough of a reason for me to start being bias at the time I least needed to be so.
I would often watch the show just to see these characters in the scenes.

This post is for the female version and I can’t actually guarantee an upcoming male version because face it, there are way more hot lads than ladies in anime…
I would try to sort the characters by anime in alphabetical order, I guess.

Expect a totally messy format for this post because I’m trying something out.
Best you read this on anything with large screen! Trust me, I’ve tried the preview on my smartphone and it looks horrible.

Let us start my flamin’ hot journey now~


Sento Isuzu and Muse of Amagi Brilliant Park



So here I have a pretty bangin’ gal whose knock-out looks had most of my attention while I was watching the show. I wasn’t even aware of the whole ‘fanservice’ thing until much later but yes, Isuzu does come off as exactly that, and with every other female characters looking just as good, the show would later become much less about Seiya trying to save a park from closing down.

But then why the hell would you care about the story, let alone the plot when she IS the plot? 😉



Sometimes referred to as ‘goodie two-shoes’, Muse’s personality fits right with me the most out of all the girls in Elementario. But it’s kinda obvious that the ‘leader’ would have the best looks, right?

Damn, she’s fiiiine.

Can I please have a side story anime just for her? I wouldn’t mind it being for all of the Elementario girls! Like I said, her hotness alone is enough to have my will in watching the show.




Nakamura Yuri of Angel Beats!



I still remembered seeing her in the first episode. Since Angel Beats! happened to be the second anime in my watchlist, I was still fairly new to the whole ‘stockings’ trope for female anime characters. But whatever! She was the first to have demonstrated how hot a girl can look in one of those pairs… reow~
Pair that up with her hotheaded personality and I feel the flames. You usually should be able to guess an anime’s main heroine by just their looks which makes Yuri one of the biggest surprise for me today, as she is not the main heroine but only a main character—side heroine.




Tomori Nao of Charlotte



I do love calling this show Angel Beats! clone but if there is  anything from it that I can at least appreciate, it would be Nao’s foxy attitude behind her beauty—a double-edged sword in flesh. Not only she manages to come out as probably the only thing that’s not a clone of its predecessor but your view on the show will most likely, depends entirely on her.

At times it would be up, while some other times it would go down. Nao is a true driving force of Charlotte, a hot one at that.




Tohsaka Rin of Fate/Stay Night



I have this odd rule in my imaginary book when it comes to anime:
Tsundere girls cannot be hot; the point of them being labelled Tsundere at all means that at least half of their personality is cute while the remaining is whatever you probably deem undesirable.

But rules are made to be broken, and Rin kinda did that alongside a few other females in anime. She definitely has the cute half going for her but the other half is pure flame. When she acts all serious and snobby, she’s hella hot.



Matsuoka ‘Kou’ of Free!



While the girls are drooling over shirtless boys of Iwatobi Swimming Club, here I am, drooling over the underdog of the show’s true entertainment.
Say, whaaaaat? I can also have a thing for supporting characters too, you know?!
Is it just me or is Kyoto Animation great at making supporting characters very likable?

I purposely used Kou because that’s how she wants everyone to call her. And just like Muse, I would love a side story series where Kou is the protagonist, drooling over muscles for all I care. Just having her in scene is always pleasant for me.



Kousaka Reina and Tanaka Asuka of Hibike! Euphonium


She just looks so damn good in any kind of clothes. even Kumiko herself says, “That’s hot.”

Reina to me, would be a great example of that hot girl who I would never be able to get close to. This really makes Kumiko’s experience of her approach to her now entwining relationship with Reina very pleasing. The show tells my heart that maybe I shouldn’t look at people just on the outside; treat everyone equally with honesty and I would eventually be treated the same.




Ah, the senpai that has baited me into loving the show with her playful personality. I have a hard time choosing between the two for a hotter girl of the show. Everything about Reina is just downright mesmerizing while Asuka has that upperclassman feel. Being in love with an older girl is a thing and if it is for Asuka, I don’t think I have any excuse as to why I shouldn’t feel that way.

Last but not least, I can’t forget the fact that she exists to mostly mock Kumiko’s physique for comedy and belittle all things Kumiko for as long as the latter hasn’t find her true ambitions in life. In Hibike! universe, Asuka is legitimate superiority in flesh.



Aqua of Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!



I’m purposely using the light novel’s version of her because she’s supposed to actually balance that hot looks with her element of water.

Megumin may be the best girl but when it comes down to pure looks, I still think that Aqua has it going for herself. It’s probably a major reason as to why watching her suffer from her foolish actions can be hilariously tolerable.

And yes, I never forget to look for her invisible panties every time I get the chance to, haha!



Ayase Eli of Love Live! School Idol Project



As lively and dorky μ’s can be, I was always under an impression that the foreigner Eli stood out as the only one hot mama of the group. In fact, she makes her junior protagonist look half a decade younger than she is when in reality it’s only a year.

Honestly, it ain’t only me but even anime artists tend to also draw foreigners in a way that their body curves are extreme compared to a Japanese character. Eli basically falls into that category and when seen with other members of the unit, she looks so fiiiine yo!




Kawakami Mai of Musaigen no Phantom World



There’s this unwritten rule regarding big booty oneesan’s: They are irresistibly hot from head to toe. Mai’s case is also special; she spends most of her time fighting phantoms in close combat, mainly with her legs. Naturally, she sports a seriously fit pair of them. She never skips a leg day, yo!
The first episode alone should be enough to let you into a glimpse of what she’s physically capable of.





Kasumigaoka Utaha of Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata



Oh boy, where do I even begin with this?
Utaha is clearly a true fan service package in more ways than one. While I’m clearly now on the Megumi ship, never will I deny that when it comes to (Tomoya literally) sweating hot moments of the show, the biggest and most frequent cause goes straight to The Queen herself.

This doesn’t even count the number of times Saekano makes ‘great’ use of camera techniques to really show off how ridiculously hot this senpai can be.




Suzumiya Haruhi of… Suzumiya Haruhi (series)



I was waiting to write about this one! Haruhi can easily be described as a HOT MESS. Absolutely nothing about her should guarantee your love for this radical God.

Or so I thought. I’m sure it was the work of KyoAni’s design which ultimately turned a personality abomination into looks worth admiration.

I just want to do some reckless shit with her for once and once only. I don’t even care what it is.

Haruhi is surely one of those cases where looks heavily influenced how people view her character. She even makes it more complicated with those unique hair styles for each and every day!



Saten Ruiko of Toaru Kagaku no Railgun



Might as well make the most underwhelming character hot, right?

Well at least that’s what I think about the designs for main cast of Railgun. There’s a huge variety across the board but when it gets to Ruiko, my God she’s got the best of all aspects for the looks. There is a difference between being average Joe and being the median for the three sizes. And since the show is a side story involving all girls, Ruiko exists as one of those characters whose physique belittles those who are down south in the scale. Yes, I’m looking at the Tokiwadai duo.

He esper power may be at level 0, but I’m pretty damn sure that her hot looks is sitting at level 6!




That was a long ride! I hope that you enjoy reading about what I have to say for these flaming hot ladies~

Thanks again, Michel! If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t even bother compile up a list like this. ^_^

14 thoughts on “Favorites are one thing; hotties are completely another

  1. Well, you made a terrific post for this! The format doesn’t look messy at all, it looks very cool. I have to admit that a post like this really makes me realise that I still have an awful lot of anime that I still have yet to see, as I pretty much almost don’t know any of these characters (sshhhhhh don’t tell anyone). But I enjoyed reading it a lot! And of course: you are welcome 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m pretty sure that you have seen as much a I do albeit different genres.

      If I was to put hot AND strong women in this list, I’d have to follow up with girls of the same type. The catch is that there are sooooooooo many of them, 90% of them coming from action shows no less. The Major, Erza, and Tsunade just to name a few!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I had a really hard time keeping my eyes off her, to be honest!
      And that’s when I thought exactly what I’ve written up there:

      “Are you making up for her powerlessness by having her look drop dead gorgeous?!”


  2. Can’t go wrong with Rin when it comes to listing off anime beauties. All the girls from KonoSuba have their own charm. In terms of looks I am a Darkness man.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ‘Darkness man’ you say?!

      Where’s yer head gone into?
      I hope it’s not between her boobs.. 😛

      The character design for KonoSuba anime is quite perky I had a hard time looking at them as ‘hot’. But eventually I got over that wall!

      Liked by 1 person

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