SNAFU for Them and SNAFU for You!

Having looked up the definition of the acronym, pretty much everything about OregaIru 3 was full-on expected. For once I watched a harem show where I did not have to root for any single girl. For once I watched a show that romance was guaranteed but instead got heartache from its undoubtedly definite and positive conclusion.
No, they were not any butterflies left in my stomach after the show; I did not even want to go back and watch the otherwise lovely last episode.

Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru. (all of its three seasons) did not let its genre define itself, however the show did not do anything worthy of genre-defining either. In fact, this show is full of appropriate clichés a rom-com anime should have.
The show played on relationships in more ways than your average harem shows and I am not talking about the “can our MC get that pussy” relationship. They are simple, interpersonal relationship Hachiman has with each and every characters in the show, primary and secondary.

That is just about most of the immediate positives I can physically type about this show. Should have taken hints the first paragraph – I am not about to come hail this show as a classic gone down in anime history or anything remotely close to as being a classic.

For the nth time, why do we watch anime?!

Definitely one of those questions that gets thrown at your face when things either go unexpected or just too darn well, befitting the acronym SNAFU. This show went along far too well.
Is it good writing? Yes.
Is it good character(s)? Maybe.
Sailor uniform
Hot mom
Majestic mom
Cute dog
Saucy Kouhai
Rap battle
30FPS hand gestures
Little sister who is obviously true waifu material
Smiles in Totsuka!

If you smiled to anything in this list, that is just the beginning of what went wrong with the entire show.
Few minutes of fame is one of the few defining qualities of a meme and that is exactly what the show, specifically the last season achieved, intentionally or not. The final season left me thinking of importance of altering source materials to achieve anime original content yet staying true to the end result. Yes, I am still hailing Saekano (FINE) being among a few shows to end a harem with maximum satisfaction for a certain girl’s shippers while inflicting minimum damage for other girls’ supporters.

Too Long; Didn’t Read?

OregaIru went AFU simply because it followed directions of the original LN nearly to the dot, plot for plot. Here is your chance to counter argue with a keyword: realism.

Too Short; Want More?

Being realistic gets us talking for a minute, but in the end you will all be coming back, crying for more imagination and innovation. Just look at how Isekai anime get so popular with little effort. People probably got tired of making up stories in the real world so they go ahead and simply create another world in their own minds — a truly simple form of innovation.
This is a little off topic but I once saw an advertisement for LINE Webtoon where it showed panels of a manhwa. I saw a dude getting sucked into a phone and instead of getting “Isekai’d”, he basically controls the phone and the rest is history. The only reason I remember this ad is because the author made no attempts to hide the fact that they drew a Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, the phone I’m currently using. But this should be a funny example of little moments of realism used in anime (but more of a serious product placement move). These moments give you a few minutes of hype and that feeling fades before you even realize. Then another thought crosses my mind:

What is real to you does not mean it is real to others and vice versa.

At this point, Relatability is probably the more often used term compared to realism in anime to validate its storytelling quality. A lot of us would maintain that they can mostly relate to Hachiman and to a certain extent, Yukino. Now I am actually excited to see comments from any of you to admit that you can relate to Yui pre-heartbreak.

Better yet, I am looking for strong, independent people out there who can relate to Iroha. Foxy as she can be, I am still inclined to think that she is the most relatable given the games of romance and drama she has been pitted into… she did not ask for any of it. She however came out with the most mental profit out of anyone.

This shot to me is extremely powerful no matter whose perspective you look from.

In case of me not writing out a full review of the show given the lack of time in my life, I am just going to call it here that OregaIru as an entire series get a satisfactory rating from me. Not glaringly bad or too stand-out in any way except a few YouTube worthy clips you can probably find right now (such as the rap battle). I cannot call this a masterpiece by any means since it presented itself as drama, romance and comedy show and having simply fulfilled the passing criteria (which I believe is a solid 5 or we call it “average” on any 1 to 10 scale) but not going even one extra mile in any way. I can name a few shows on top of my head right now if you are curious as to what extra miles mean to me…

For romance that continues long after confession – Clannad and obviously Clannad After Story.
For a less forceful harem – Saekano. Heck, even OreImo does a better job at playing the engaging harem card than this show and the ending is one of its kind.

Last but not least, I am aware that the author has decide to continue with a direct sequel to the original novels, named Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru. Shin.
Redemptions do happen and I hope it will be the case for this series.

Thanks for reading and see you next time!

6 thoughts on “SNAFU for Them and SNAFU for You!

  1. Me: flicking through the WordPress reader….
    Also me, thinking: “ Hey…a post by Shokamoka”
    Also me, thinking again: “ HEY..A POST BY SKOKAMOKA!!!!!!”
    So awesome to see you here again, and well your writing skills are still as good as ever! Hope things on your end are going okay in these strange times😊

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      1. Thanks! I’m doing my best to hold on with work and my other projects. I also managed to get all my reviews scheduled for the rest of 2020. Very good point about watching and reviewing.

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