Hot Potato Toss Round Four

What a perfect time to pretend that I was never away from the blogging scene!
Just casually sneaking in that award tags post…

I will start by saying that doing award post is literally one of the best methods to help yourself whenever you face the notorious “writer’s block/wall”.
Now, this one is truly my case — since I have really not followed seasonal anime for two years at the very least. I think it will have some effects on how my answers come out this time around. You can just think of me as some truly casual anime watcher yapping in a once truly anime-esque blog.

Not to forget Auri and her obsession in nominating me for awards non-stop, I am both glad and sad those times are over (at least I think it is).

She’d believed that I was more unique than the me before this nomination. I’d wanted to say that she’s dead right.

1 — Anime watching in the middle of night or during day?

My answer would have been different had I still been in high school. Now that I am in my working age, I can dare say that no average person has got the day to watch their favorite shows!
So, yes. I will have to go along with watching around after midnight if my girlfriend does not nag for attention or is sleeping at that point.

2 — Would you rather eat your most hated food for a week and get the whole next week free from work/ school/ whatever, or would you work/ study/ whatever the whole week including weekends if you get to eat your favorite food all along?

This to me, is a type of question you would see in personality tests. I for one do not harbor any hatred for work, be it school work or jobs. I am a true believer of work hard, play harder philosophy; even this post is written while I am in my work office. My sights are dead set on values such as productivity and honesty. I want to get as much out of any given period of time while being happy about doing so. That should be big pointers towards me wanting to be emotionally boosted by foods that I like while doing things that I clearly do not dislike.
Besides, do you even know how important food is to your wellbeing?
One wrong meal and that will be your day gone, yo!

3 — Learn how to sword fight or horse ride (if you are guaranteed to be a pro if you begin)

If sword fight also means winning in Olympic fencing competitions, count me in. Money is literally a side reward. On top of that, sword skills do not apply to just swords but also to anything that works as an extension of my arm. I can see it being handy for self defense.

Next up I am to respond to a fellow lovely blogger who is now inactive. It is quite sad since Fueled By Smiling is no longer here to make me smile more than I already have.

1 — You’re working on a blog post that will change your blog’s future. With this post, your blog will instantly gain thousands of new followers and become the top blog in the world. As you’re doing your final edits, your printer starts up and prints the following words. “Help me!” You ignore it, because that’s some occult nonsense that you don’t want to be involved in. Five minutes pass and your blog is ready to go. All you have to do is hit submit. Before you get the chance to do that your printer starts up again with another message, “You’re Next!” The white pages starts turning red and a girl with long black hair starts to look back at you. Not just look at you, but it also looks like the more pages that print the closer she’s getting. Freaky. So here’s question 1, do you hit submit, try to get the rest of the paper out of your printer before this weird ghost lady can get any closer to you, or do something else?

Seeing that the incident is most unlikely related to me attempting to publish my blog posts, here is how I would go around in such situation (hope it never has to happen)…

Grab my laptop and have it with me as a weapon. I know it ain’t zombie apocalypse but I am ready for just about anything that needs smacking.
It is quite hard to scare me with these “scary movie” settings, to be honest. My brain works in a more robotic way so no matter the color, if I see “You’re Next”, with immediate knowledge of myself to soon become popular with the about-to-be-published blog post, I would probably smirk and think that I am next to have the so called TOP BLOG!

Sorry. I am so boring, am I not?

2 — The lights in your room turn off and on and you start hearing laughter. Not just any kind of laughter, but it sounds like kids with a gurgling sound. Gulughahahahah Gulughahahahaha gulug gulug hahahahaha. There’s no one else at home and you’re all alone. It is the day time though, so you could always go outside….it’s just that, it’s Canada and it’s -20 but feels like -39 with the wind-chill at the moment. It’s also super bright out, which just makes it even worse. The sun makes you feel like it should be warm, but the wind hits your face and everything just freezes. Then, because you have dry eyes, you start tearing up the moment the wind decides to blow your way and that makes you even colder, because cold air and water are not a good mix….oh, sorry. That’s just how it is for me at the moment. *sigh* So how is the weather like where you live? And what’s your favorite season?

Hey! I thought you’d take me to a continuation!?
Never mind. Canada ghosts would probably say “sorry” at first sight. Not scary at all.
At one point my friend basically opened up YouTube and played a bunch of creepy videos fitting to your descriptions here. Real or not, I think those videos have one thing done right and that is engagement.

Let me see…
Now it is rainy season with floods on the streets almost every week. Not quite every day or that would be very bad. I think Coronavirus pandemic contributed very much to the minor shift in season periods. I have noticed that my friends in New Zealand are getting snows in mid September which to my experience, is uncommon. Back to me and Thailand, where I currently live. Pretty sure that rainy season just got longer…

My favorite season would have to be (specifically Thailand’s) winter season because it is not even winter by my standard. It is so warm but I get to hear a typical Thai person complaining that it is cold while I am out there with just a shirt on. Foreigners coming here – I guarantee you that it will still be too hot for you. There is simply no winter in Thailand for a non-Thai. There is a ongoing joke about 3 seasons of Thailand being hot, hotter (summer is however not a joke here) and rain.

3 — Weather, it’s the number one thing that we Canadians like to talk/complain about. But you don’t need to worry about that, because those ghost children are still laughing and it’s been getting louder and louder, the lights are still flickering, only this time it seems to be in rhythm of something, and the printer is now printing wet dark hair. At this point, I think it’s safe to say that you can’t escape this. Sorry. But before that whole thing happens there is one thing I’d like to know, “What is your favorite food combination that most people would think is weird?”

Aw, so you have to make it real before I can say I am immune to ghosts?

Well then.
Before I part I would like to leave a powerful message regarding how French fries and ice cream DO get along!

To end the fourth Hot Potato Toss, I will go ahead and answer this sleepy cat‘s questions.

1 — When did you screw everything up, but no one ever found out it was you?

Wow. That is rare indeed.
I even forgot the most recent occurrence of such a moment…

2 — What are some things that sound like compliments but are actually insults to you?

It all depends on whose mouth the words come out from since each and every one of us have different standings to every little aspect in life, whether it be talents, jobs, financial and relationship statuses. I do not think that I have ever faced a compliment with reversed effects, though I did and still do get a lot of empty compliments — ones that mean little to nothing when I know the objective truth to the matter.

It also depends on how well you take them. I know some people that are extremely easy to feel insulted.

3 — What’s the closest thing to real magic in your opinion?

Extreme near misses in professional acts. Yeah. Luck is equally important there.

4 — What’s something your brain tries to make you do and you have to will yourself not to do it?

Ordering a life-sized Katou Megumi?

5 — If you could know the absolute and total truth to one question, what question would you ask?

Will I live my life with or without regrets until the moment I die?

6 — What ridiculous thing has someone tricked you into doing or believing?

It all started with a propaganda which had me grew up and believed that milk was vital to my body.

7 — What’s the most interesting thing you’ve read or seen this week? (Time to promote some great blogs, people!)

Just going to straight up giving a shout-out to Dewbond over at Shallow Dives in Anime. Dude’s got a solid uniqueness and his blog content really screams “personality”. I could mean body and ass but that will be up to both you and him the decide. Dewbond has turned his little blog into his tweet space with the Don’t@Me section.
I think I should C&D that habit… (it’s a business trick).

Also, he’s probably Canadian so that alone warrants your visit, no?

That is it!
I have just finished watching two of Hibike! Euphonium‘s movies (ya know, the ones that added plot) and Saekano FINE.

Now you know what to expect.
Until then, stay safe and wish me safety too please. Thailand is in a hellish situation now. 😦

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