Be happy with RNGesus [OWLS 2019 May “Happiness” Blog Tour]

It has been decided that I rejoin OWLS to advocate for happiness this month in their blog tour.

You see. Given my blog’s nature, it is natural for me to consistently come out with anime write-ups here and there. But as soon as I heard about this month’s theme not being restricted to that medium alone, I bent away from my norm faster than you obtaining a rare stuff from a gacha game.

And that is what I want to brag about today — Gacha games and happiness they offer!



I am not the one to take my luck seriously – never enough to feel like wanting to do any kind of gambling. But whether an SSR servants shows up to my Chaldea in FGO or an SR joins my fleet in Azur Lane, they are all happy moments that I admittedly scream in joy to.

Gacha (and the games that employ the structure) works in almost the same way loot boxes do in Western-made games like Overwatch, with influences of “rate-ups” on certain items ingame during specific real word and/or ingame events. The idea of having some items being “limited” fuels the need for people to obtain said items in order to feel as if they have something valuable in possession. While this may lead many into sinking their wallets for gacha games to the point of drowning in salt, I for one treat these limited items as just “another one”, meaning that they are not really as suggested. This is especially true for popular gacha games like FGO where events get recycled more times than my hands can count and those event limited items in the gacha pool make their much anticipated return.

Now, I am just going to assume that you spend very little to no dime on gacha games. FGO‘s gacha system can be extremely harsh on you as proven by this guy below…


So even if you spend a LOT of money on the game, you are guaranteed to be rewarded with more of everything other than whatever you are after, hence the whole “salty” saying that goes around the community.

So jumping to the other side of gacha I meet Azur Lane, hailed as the gacha heaven by mass and I am going to vouch that they are not even lying. Statistically proving, the rates of rares in AL is 7% flat compared to FGO’s 0.018%! The numbers alone are sometimes enough for players to decide which game they would rather not play. The mindset difference between the two games’ playerbase is noticeable at best. I truly remember my buddies in FGO “hoping to get an SSR” while the others over in AL “waiting to get an SR”.

Though I will be honest — it is silly to even compare quality of games based on their gacha system alone so here I am with my thesis for happiness…

Play both games for maximum salt and happiness in return.



Actually, play as many gacha games as your time schedule will allow, pray to RNGesus for no reason and do the rolling ritual.

The salt shall pass. Screenshot that rare stuff you get and scream in joy like you should have ages ago when you hadn’t tried out those games!

And that’s my fill on happiness at a cost of nothing but your time. Sorry I rushed out this post with my phone as I am waaaaay to busy to even be writing up posts consistently.

Happiness does not stop here. Move on and see Mel be happy too! I’m sure she will share a how-to for you to become a happy person in the long run.


Thanks for reading and stay happy yo!

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