Day 4 of 30 Day Anime Challenge – All you need is love!

The fourth challenge is on!


Favorite Female Anime Character Ever



I don’t know what’s the point of using feature images anymore. It’s a dead giveaway!

Out of all possible candidates for a female character I would obviously never regret standing next to, she is unAguribly the best choice out there!

I find it very interesting that she does not have a family name, as if she is legitimately an NPC.



Straight out of Gamers!, Aguri is oblivious to almost everything, games included. She is your most special type of airhead who is down to Earth with bubbly and fun personality, the kind anyone would love to have in a friend.

Surrounded by various types of ‘people’, Aguri never makes it her problem and hangs out with everyone to fulfill her social life. Her easy-going demeanor makes her a target for her friends to poke fun at her, especially if it involves her boyfriend Tasuku. They would think that she’s a cheap hoe who has no standard when in truth she is really far from being judgmental and would give almost anything a try, at least to the point of understanding.

It is hard understanding others.


Furthermore, her lack of judgmental trait makes her seem like a truly happy person. However, even the happiest person in the world can still be tainted by imperfection surrounding their very life!

Bloody hell Amanocchi!


People often tell you to “be yourself” and be happy with who you are. Aguri, while effortlessly banishes self insecurity shared among people who fall in love, works hard to change herself in an attempt to fit into others’ expectations. That is actually not a good thing since people like her can easily be exploited for personal gains, but if there is anything I can take out of Aguri’s book, it would be to follow through with the wishes my heart makes.

Therefore, in one way or another, Aguri remains who she is despite what she has become, and that has her won Tasuku’s whimsical heart.

Changing up


Tasuku on the other hand has some great deal with change himself, turning from no different to Keita (a game-lover loner) into being accepted by normies within the school. What this has to do with Aguri is the fact that Tasuku’s actions, shall they damage his reputation, will partly be directed to her as collateral. She’s only with Tasuku after all, and not being there for others.

As Tasuku is reminded of his old self via Keita, he slowly lets out his dire need for games while somehow manages to remain ‘normal’. So when he spends more time with Keita and co., leaving Aguri to hang out with their mutual friends, reality eventually catches up as she is pushed to decide on whether to hang out with the cool kids or the others, specifically the unpopular ones such as Keita.

Even if Aguri can change herself, she cannot change those around her, at least not instantly. Keita and his affiliates are ‘dubbed nasty, porky nerds’ and are being constantly looked down.

Aguri is very well known for not looking down at people that she has no experience of being with, so her choice is obvious.

I'll be leaving


As Aguri is obviously no perfect person, she most definitely seek favors (in return). She’s willing to open up to anyone and expects them to do the same. This makes even more sense when it comes to Keita as he’s clearly open about being addicted to games and pretty much says whatever that is on his mind, no regards to others.

The bonds of honesty sometimes do leave Aguri fragile when only she is around–the other half is missing. Her crying undertones can be heard loud and clear when she is desperate for company. This is nicely demonstrated when she proudly declares to hers and Tasuku’s mutual friend Sarina, that she would rather hang out with Keita and his company (which Tasuku is now included). With nobody present to have her brave back, she almost breaks down while clinging onto hope.
She hopes that Tasuku would not choose someone else because she chooses him.

Let’s not forget that Gamers! makes a witty use of Tasuku’s name in this very scene. In Japanese, Tasuku’s name, 祐, is only read as ‘Yuu’ while in Chinese, the letter means to assist/help which has a very snarky relation to the Japanese word 助けて / Tasukete.

Aguri is calling for ‘help’.


In a time where characters would get all worked up when it comes to interactions with members of an opposite sex, Aguri also dismisses that very quirk and gets along with everyone just fine, including Keita who is pretty much looked down by majority of people in their form. She acts tomboyish and treats her male friends like brothers while acting dumb and treating female friends like sisters. Easy-going cannot be any easier when it comes to Aguri.


That said, Aguri has some ‘little sister’ feels to her when seen from my own point of view. Her clingy nature, alongside fun and bubbly personality makes Aguri my number one pick not only for my most favorite female character, but also the one type of person I would love to hang out with all day–everyday.

Aguri Cheeeeeese



That’s the fourth one done and dusted!


See you tomorrow with part 5! ^_^’


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29 thoughts on “Day 4 of 30 Day Anime Challenge – All you need is love!

  1. Aguri is great. Must finish watching this show, I was really enjoying it, but my wife found its high energy and loudness offputting and distracting thanks to her woeful attention span, so it’s one I need to watch by myself 🙂


    1. It’s going to be a weird one for you.
      Like many people said, the title is somewhat misleading but Gamers! isn’t about ‘games’ to begin with; it’s about ‘gamers’ a.k.a. people who happen to play games.


      1. i frown at that as well! don’t tell me how to live my life, hahaha.
        but again, i understand. after all, this post didn’t analyze anything so consistency shouldn’t matter. 😀 congrats on 4 days of consistent posting

        Liked by 1 person

      2. i’m just gonna hold that mahouka thing against you. so look forward to that. 😀
        but, lol, do you want the bland “great post, keep it up” comment instead? i’d happily do that.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. no! you offended me now, so i’m not even going to comment now!!!!! :p
        also, asuka sucks!!!!! only retards like her and her sexy red suit!!!!! XD oh gawd, wait, scat? wtf

        Liked by 1 person

      4. tbh, i’d remember shoka for hiding his rage when i pointed out shougeki,which motivated him to do cooking posts, is intensely similar to yakitate. xD
        and i’m just teasing. peace.

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Actually dooood if it wasn’t for you, God knows how many more posts of praising Souma would have been made by me.

        You stopped that and it was truly for a legit good cause. You have showed me that Souma is indeed living up to a shounen tag i.e. CLICHE AF.

        Peace! (No seriously, let’s go back to Discord xD)

        Liked by 1 person

      6. don’t say that! i like your food posts!!!!
        and i actually just want you to try yakitate!!!! it’s a great show! a stupider version of souma.

        and everything is cliche, lol. it’s all about execution. :3 and yeas, don’t reply to this. i’m crawling back to discord now.

        Liked by 1 person

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