Day 5 of 30 Day Anime Challenge – My favorite anime can’t have me feel ashamed!

Welcome back! Today I’m tackling the fifth challenge!


Anime You’re Ashamed You Enjoyed



This clearly won’t count Boku no Pico because I honestly couldn’t enjoy it. But then most of you would agree – why the hell was I trying to enjoy that to begin with?

Right, time for the real answer to the challenge – Never before have I been more embarrassed about admitting into enjoying Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai. Now that I think about it, I unintentionally made a direct phrase reference to this anime with the title of this post!



Funnily, both Boku no Pico and OreImo share the same conflict of sexual interest in a form of incest. If you’re wondering why I don’t feel as much shame when asked about Eromanga-sensei and ImoutoSae, my answer to you would that be…

In all honesty, it was solely the ending that completely ruined what could have been a completely enjoyable show while being harmless at the same time! Hence the absolute shame I get whenever I tell anyone that I actually enjoyed this show.

That means incoming rant and spoilers!

Really now, who in their right mind denies potentially happy endings in life for a few years of pass to suck their little sister’s mouth dry?

Kousaka Kyousuke

Now that I think about it; nearly everything about OreImo were built up nicely. The ride was fun until it crashed at the very end.

  • Conflict between a non Otaku and an Eroge-loving person who’s dying to keep it a secret – surely the show started off the best it could by having the secret found out. What I expected afterwards was fun that didn’t involve blackmailing and that was exactly what I got. Satisfied.
  • The joyous ride did not even end there, it kept going as Kirino tried her hardest to also hide her secret from her ‘friends’. But then it’s no fun if that was actually how it went in the very end, even the author knew that much.
  • Then a bigger problem came – her own family! Losing friends for being yourself would have actually been okay; it would take someone dumber than Kirino to not have realized that. However, being disowned for being yourself would have been an entirely different problem and that was where the ride got even better.
  • Pretty sure at this point there were a party of two, Kirino was no longer alone in this. Nothing Kyousuke had done were in the wrong; he was just being considerate of his little sister who happened to love Eroge so damn much.
  • Now now, don’t lie to me; surely you have at one point ended up being invested into helping someone you care about. That was Kyousuke when he helped out Kirino. The result would have been the same for both you and Kyousuke – curiosity.
  • Imagine that you’re in Kyousuke’s shoes, you’re not an Otaku and with all of this shit dumped on you at an instant, you’d be wondering about yourself. You have a family, friends and probably your other half. So if that’s the case then what is really out there for others, in other words, the Otaku?
  • That was when Kyousuke himself learned that even Otaku can have friends (duh!). At this point there was absolutely no regrets, he went all out.


Skipping to the time a harem had truly formed.

  • So Kyousuke practically had multiple dates with each girl from his harem, nothing wrong with that. There was practically nothing wrong with breaking up with Kuroneko either. It was seriously her childish, selfish move and trust me on this; my best buddy mentioned ‘having kids’ to his girlfriend back in 10th grade and they broke up almost instantly. You’d be surprised what immature decisions can do to relationships. Someone’s emotion is not a toy and even for a reason such as to ‘find out their true intention’, it takes two to tango – clearly Kuroneko was alone in that one.

Okay, I wrote too much about that one so let’s skip to the very end.

So yeah, what the hell happened? He literally turned down all confessions so he could be lovey-dovey with his little sister?! Even Kuroneko who always held him dear even after a break up (though she was really to blame for toying with his heart at first). It was a spur of the moment too! The fact that Kyousuke pulled that shit only made me half mad.

The other half would be me adding up (subtracting, rather) Kirino’s foulness of a person. Nothing up to this point have made me think about rooting for Kirino once. NOTHING. She has always been that arrogant little whiny bitch right from the start. She even at one point faked having a boyfriend to get her older brother’s attenti- love!

Naturally, Kuroneko, who genuinely loved Kyousuke, found it impossible to watch…



And it happened, Kyousuke’s over-protectiveness of his little sister slowly became love (incest) and that was where it started getting gross.

I guess you really do pay a price for going all out to help someone.

Clearly, being a Rom-Com anime, waifu war started as soon as the second heroine enters the fray.

Should have gone to SpecSavers so he could see better ending with either one of these….



I'm a sis con!
I am done f*cked



Look forward to tomorrow where I won’t be ranting, I promise!


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9 thoughts on “Day 5 of 30 Day Anime Challenge – My favorite anime can’t have me feel ashamed!

    I actually don’t like trashing any anime since I believe that every anime is beautiful; but it seems that most of them are now competing to prove me wrong.

    Oreimo was a series that could’ve been remarkable, thanks to the setting and theme. But their two biggest mistake was making Kirino the main girl and, as you said, the ending. I don’t understand why Kyousuke would accept her condition in the very end, after all that he went through! I bet incest hentai have better endings than this….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I totally saw you coming from light years away given that you have already done your bit of ranting long ago… 😛

      Actually, if the sequel for OreImo is going to be a hentai, it’s still going to be better than most others out there.

      Time to look for some doujin, I guess ?

      Liked by 1 person

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