Day 3 of 30 Day Anime Challenge – He who is God

Welcome back to the third day of the challenge!


Favorite Male Anime Character Ever



He’s more than just my favorite; he’s my admiration and probably what I wish to partly become. A peerless lad that has absolutely NOTHING standing between his sometimes-unethical desire and himself. A world class strategist, feared by even militants of the country. A man built to just get the job done, no fuss.

The one and only Gary Stu. No, I mean…

Shiba Tatsuya
Shiba Tatsuya



From the anime Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei. I don’t think I need to make claims about him being the most overpowering character relative to a given anime.
What do I mean by that? Let’s see:

If you ever think that Kirito is overpowered in Sword Art Online then just watching Tatsuya wrecking shit in his way without any feeling of real threat will take you to either a whole new level of admiration or cringe, whichever type of person you are.

Though, Gilgamesh from Fate/Zero could have easily taken this spot, he’s prevented from being on top simply because of his ‘characteristics’.

Some of you would probably wonder what is so great about Gary Stu type characters and that’s normal. Wouldn’t be boring because you are able to accomplish practically anything and everything?
Tatsuya is a little more than that; he’s doing it all according to his plan.
So much for a character with ‘no emotions’ (except his love for Miyuki) — he’s really f**king shit up for entertainment and that’s what I like best about the guy.
Just watch him brush his shoulders after mass murders amuses me in a weird way.
If I however, get a taste of his powers, I’d much less use them for destruction and instead help people in dire need—in style.

Then go home and smirk at myself for all the good deeds I’ve done in each day.



And that’s easily the third part done!

See you tomorrow~


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