Using music lyrics to make up a story: HoneyWorks featuring (Vocaloid)GUMI – 告白予行練習 (Kokuhaku Yokō Renshū)

Carrying on from my Anisong lyricists appreciation post, I’ll be sharing one grand example of how creative Japanese people can actually be when it comes to music.


This song started it all – a romance story that should please many females in anime community.

Try out the English lyrics


“I’m sorry if it’s sudden but I’ve liked you for a long time.”
Are you hearing the loud, fast beating of my heart, I wonder?

Haha, “You thought that was real, didn’t you!”
This confession rehearsal – Was it cute? Were you shocked?
Don’t look at me with your face like that!

Don’t mess around like that! Stop it!
That’s right, shall we take a bit of a detour on our way home?

Tomorrow I’m going to tell the person I like.
You better support me, OK? Promise me!

Just for tomorrow, will you listen to my selfishness?
It’s grown up a little bit, the selfishness of this heart.

You gotta get serious, with all this practice and stuff.
A lying heart will be seen right through.

The fortune-telling is favorable, even though I usually don’t care about these things…
For today it’s fine, right? I’ll make myself look like a proper girl.

This is it, let me practice, I’ll say it, those real words.
You said, “I’m cheering for you!”

“Sorry for lying, but I’ve liked you all this time.”
Though my voice is trembling, I want to tell you I love you.

“Don’t make me say it anymore than this.”
With a smiling face you said, “I feel the same.”

Are you hearing the loud, fast beating of my heart, I wonder?
This voice inside my chest, I hope you can hear it…

Can you actually imagine a story out of this?


It’s okay if you cannot because that’s the point of it being in a series – there are additional songs that add and further enhance the story.

What we got out of this series are two animated movies.
Obviously, reviews for both are right around the corner~

4 thoughts on “Using music lyrics to make up a story: HoneyWorks featuring (Vocaloid)GUMI – 告白予行練習 (Kokuhaku Yokō Renshū)

    1. Yeap GUMI’s autotune happens to be the case but then unlike some producers, HoneyWorks is showing their lyrical skills rather than Vocaloid programming haha!

      I really need to get back to the Vocaloid community but then there’s a good reason as to why I left it. (Nothing to do with the peoole in the community itself)

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Oh, I love Honeyworks. Isn’t this an actual series though, since I think a lot of their releases are intertwined stories or, atleast, share the same universe. Kinda like Mekakucity Actors, only more romantic. I can’t be sure though.
    My fave from them is “A Solution for Jealousy”.
    I love this song though, I actually get chills since the storytelling is really on point.

    Liked by 1 person

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