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Voices that potentially sell more than their names

When I stop pretending to love a single genre of anything, the entertainment industry seems to be eternally border-less. The things it has to offer throughout its lifetime can never be appreciated enough. Some will tell you that you cannot find good music if you don't listen enough. The thing is in 2018, cross platform … Continue reading Voices that potentially sell more than their names

Blasting My Headphones: Aimer — ONE

Blasting My Headphones: Aimer — ONE

From the Extended Play 花の唄 / ONE / 六等星の夜 Magic Blue ver.【 期間生産限定盤 】. The featured song is used as the theme of Fate/Stay Night: Heaven's Feel I. Presage Flower. That song is your standard Aimer stuff with extremely heavy Fate influence. They can be hit or miss, but I still think that she has yet … Continue reading Blasting My Headphones: Aimer — ONE