I am a year older than the last: Reminders of the decade-old past (Part 1)

I could be using happy GIF's but I think Tendou Karen's expression suits my reaction to saying happy birthday to myself best.   I initially wanted to create a few top five lists for this special post, however something about my birthday reminded me of the reality surrounding myself. And I honestly don't think that… Continue reading I am a year older than the last: Reminders of the decade-old past (Part 1)

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Dungeons 101: These girls get it

It is a common knowledge among gamers that we do not 'face-check' things around unfamiliar places, regardless to what genre of games we play. Taken from Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni. episode 3, Else, Linse and Yae practiced safety first.   Touya is invincible anyway, but there is absolutely nothing wrong in doubting him.

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Kumiko took one for the team!

Remember that funny scene in Hibike! Euphonium episode 6, when the bass section tried to cheer up Katou Hazuki? True to Asuka's character, you just know that it would go down the comedy route as soon as she took charge. Her instruction for Midori was straightforward. For Kumiko however, some things are better off without… Continue reading Kumiko took one for the team!

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Three more anime singles! Amazeballs!

After gushing out on how satisfied I was with IseSuma Character Song Collections, I think that I'm currently living in my own musical heaven after having purchased and downloaded three more singles that make up other anime openings. It was already hinted on my Twitter that I was taken in by the eargasm. Before I… Continue reading Three more anime singles! Amazeballs!