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This is a clickbait title. Click me!

It is surprisingly not often you will see a collaboration from my end despite how approachable I am. There is a difference between saying hello and actually getting me to work my sweat with you, after all.

Plyasm's wormhole

hyouka curious Kininarimasu! [Anime: Hyouka]

You are now checking out the post, that is for sure. But is it really because the title of this post is somewhat click-baity?

The idea popped out of a certain poo poo’s mind after having conversed about some of the titles for anime in 2018 Spring Season being somewhat plain and obvious but strong and truly representative. This is where we gather up around the imaginary Aniblogger Coalition meeting table to share our views on some of the titles across forms of multimedia which managed to hook us in with just one look.

Baiting us is one thing; keeping us with them is completely another, but we are not going to even talk much about the end result.

Heya! Welcome to one of those good times where collaborations do happen! This post is made in a spur of the moment but it is finished…

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Yeah baby it’s finally time!

Opps. I kinda did this way too late but erm…
Just wait for the recorded stuff to come out, I guess.

Feel my excitement as I scream into the mic a thousand times.

The Zodiac Room

Hey guys! I’ve got some awesome news to share! I’m starting up a semi-regular anime podcast with a bunch of insanely awesome peeps, including Irina, The Pantless Anime Blogger, Shokamoka, Leap250, Plyasm, and more! We’ll probably have a slightly different cast every week, not to mention a different topic and theme!

Some days we’ll be discussing specific shows or topics, some days we’ll be answering some interesting questions, and some days we might even be playing little minigames or doing challenges of some sort. All I can say for sure is that it’s gonna be an absolute blast!


Join us, most Sunday mornings at around 8:30 AM, PST. We’ll be streaming live, so you guys can watch, listen, and add your comments, questions, and opinions to the discussion as well!

We’re still a bit new to these things, so mistakes may happen, and we don’t…

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The Best New Years Parties Start on the 29th!

Irina’s monthly Blogwarming party is back and you should join just for those free drinks. It’s on her.

I drink and watch anime

Hi Guys! How has you December been? Yeah, mine was super busy too! But hey, at least we got it done, right!? I hope you all had wonderful Holidays or at least not completely horrible ones. Next year will be (even) better, I promise. We could all do a Christmas anime marathon together, that’ll be fun! I hope you’ll get the chance to rest up a little at least because 2018 is just around the corner and you will need your strength. There’s going to be a lot of work and a lot of partying to be done. I’m certainly looking forward to it. I have an idea, let’s start the partying right now, the work’ll get done eventually.

Even though I haven’t checked this time (super busy and all) I’m hopingKarandi from100 Word Anime andRemyfromThe Lily Garden will agree to once again share these…

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Hyping Up: KyoAni Brilliant Rant

I am a KyoAni fanboy yet I still talk shit about them.

My love-hate relationship with Kyoto Animation, illustrated by yours truly Panties-kun. Please do check out our conve–
–more like just me full-on ranting.

The Pantless Anime Blogger

I was weirdly motivated in doing this post. I wanted to finish it before Shoka changes time zones, and I also wanted Ply to see it on his birthday. Cheers to you, you bastards. This is a Discord conversation turned into a comic. Again, it’s a rough prototype but I do hope you guys enjoy. Feedback is greatly appreciated. 

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