Blasting My Headphones: Ciki Ciki Bam Bam (チキチキバンバン) by QUEENDOM

I already knew that I was missing out on some good stuff when I no longer following seasonal anime. However letting this one off my radar is by all means nearly impossible. I’m guessing it is the wow factor that sells nowadays, and I’ll still buy it anyway.

First things first, QUEENDOM is a unit of 5 girls, each of them already in a band/group of their own. Now I never hide the fact that I listen to “lol” a LOT and man, they haven’t really been active lately so I sort of miss the cool beats. Knowing that two girls of the lol group (Hibiki and Moca) is here to help this song live in my head rent-free is more than welcomed!

This moody song opens up to a moodier show Paripi Koumei. Funny enough, I actually like the English name Ya Boy Kongming much more.

Further research allows me to find out that the song isn’t even original!

I knew the swag aura must have came from better times of music, which obviously isn’t 2022.

It’s basically a Japanese cover of the Hungarian song “Bulikiraly” by Jolly es Suzy. Now that is pure swag.

Honestly, give the original a try and you will later have two songs living rent-free in your head just like me.

And if you think it can’t get any better, Avex (the record label holding the song’s right for now) goes to give appreciation to Jolly by releasing a party remix of the song…

I really cannot wait for the full song to release in 2 days’ time.

3 thoughts on “Blasting My Headphones: Ciki Ciki Bam Bam (チキチキバンバン) by QUEENDOM

  1. I did a bit of digging a few days back to find the day the full version would release and…the anime website didn’t have anything and the Google hits didn’t have anything (although they did have a release date on the full ED), so I thought it was just going to be the TV version. Glad to know I’m wrong (…although raiding Spotify still reveals nothing, even though this reply is a day after the date you mention).

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