Borders of content creation

This is it. The latter part of my blog’s four years anniversary.

In the previous blog post I talked about whether my current self can produce the same thing my past-self could in today’s time. Continuing from that, I wanted to say that the underlying theme here is “time”, so let me start by what I think is a self-motivation thought I live by:

If you can come up with something, whether accidentally or intentionally, see it through to the end within time because there is no guarantee that you can do the exact same thing in the future.
In short – have an idea? Just get on with it before the time that you can no longer.

When it comes to content creation, everyone has the privilege of the clean slate. You can be anything you want to be!
So, what is with you ending up reading about content creation in a low profile anime blog like mine?
I will agree that it is often a happy accident when you end up getting your desired information from unintended sources. And that is where I am going with the title of this post. The invisible walls surrounding your content – what are they like?

I do think that within your creative border should have as many little things that make up your motivation as possible. Think of it being similar to taxis situation – when all of them look the same on the outside and given that there is no passenger pick-up queue line, how do you choose which taxi to use?
In theory, my blog should not be any different to other anime blogs on the surface, it even has the word anime in the address.

This is my very old banner for the blog. Though I no longer use it ever since I changed to the current theme.

I try to be as mentally diverse and unique as I can when I come out with a post. My creative thoughts even go into those post titles yet still attempting to perfectly summarize so that if you happen to be a title reader as opposed to a post reader then you can ultimately save time. That is not saying you should simply like and comment on my posts based on their headlines only; I do my best to make sure that the content inside are worth your clicks.

Pick one.

I am coming close to my graduation, which means I will have some free time over the course of a month of two.

On top of anime and music wonders, Shoka has covered memes, funny and cringe stuff, gamed and has cooked for the blog. So what else can Shoka possibly stuff into his blog of wonders, huh?

I would really be lying to you if I am to say that I haven’t initiated the hobby already, so here it is:


That’s riiiight, ma lovelies!
I became an outdoor person because my girlfriend nags me to go out. Hooray.

But seriously. There is this internal feeling about graduation… about how one will barely have time to go out and explore what the world, let alone the country they live in has to offer. So I have taken the chance to convince my parents to upgrade my Honda Click 125i into a Honda Forza 350 and I went out traveling.

I’d only been traveling and not much of recording, therefore no one would be expecting a travel blogger sort of stuff from me — not even myself. Though that has recently changed as I become more familiarized with the traveler lifestyle.

So basically, I have myself another hobby where…

Sums me up really well right now.

I am not here to announce the opening of my Patreon (which doesn’t exist, by the way) or any other money-making campaign. I am simply here to tell you what I should have a long time ago.

Ever since I rode the tiny scooter up from Bangkok to Chiang Mai with my girlfriend, I have never been hesitant to record as much of my life I can possibly can just to show the world that at least I have it unique.

So yeah, you can finally head over to my long dormant YouTube channel or just watch the nasty things I’d done to my Honda Click before having sold it to my uncle.

And then there is this dilemma I have had in the past few days.

Help me pick one:
A traveler who blogs about anime or an anime blogger who travels?

7 thoughts on “Borders of content creation

  1. Oh hey, I remember your old banner! I bet you get just a tinge of nostalgia whenever you see it. Enjoy the journey. Meet new people. See new perspectives. When I first left to go on my own adventure, I couldn’t imagine how different people were, from the good to the bad. You’ll definitely miss content creation. But the blog isn’t going anywhere. Take your time and explore the world.

    Glad to see ya around!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for coming by!
      Some of my adventures can be seen on YouTube channel under the same name.

      Now I feel like I want to be that person who rarely comes to write about anime that can woo my casual ass as opposed to being seasonally dedicated to the neverending flow of hype. For example in the past weeks my girlfriend wouldn’t even let my travel plans stop her from watching Vivy and I take that as a hint to watch and write about the show myself… maybe?


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