Four years of me assuming that you have read Shoka’s wonders

That is quite a number!

I think that is almost midpoint to the average unit of time it took for most successful YouTubers to have reached their current statuses. Now, I am not even going to compare their potentially six to seven figure revenue to my zero-profit hobby. I have nothing on those people, let alone on this very platform which exist many awesome bloggers and their posts that I read on a weekly basis.
There is however one common thing I have with all of the types of people I’d mentioned above, and that is making history. It is not a universal milestone and definitely not your statuary holiday. What it is though, unless WordPress eventually decides that my blog is not worth anyone’s time and deletes it, is a mark of something that has been done by someone, from somewhere in this world.

This comes to no one’s surprise: a big THANK YOU for sticking around and reading my content even when I was not here to appreciate them myself.

If Yui can make history, so can you.

Back in 2017 I’d been under some of the more intense moments of anime blogger, having pushed out content in a frequency on par with your daily evening news program while remaining up to date with the happenings. I would have labeled my 2017 self not a seasoned blogger but rather a seasonal one.
Having that in mind, I ought to look back at the things I have done. Right from choices of word and pictures I used to accommodate my posts, and my (still preferred) resulting reactions which are comments and not likes on them. That was basically what I have been doing in the past week and still not realizing that I have not written anything since new year’s day. It took Shoka’s 2021 self three months to finally reflect on something which has been done years prior.

There were so many questions I’d given myself regarding my own blog. But only a few still echoed in my head while I’d been trying to sleep in the past few early mornings at 5 a.m.
Questions like “how did you have the capabilities to write out such a post”? making me look a little self-praising. But do bear with me here as I go along with the waves of what my brain has been telling me in the past few nights, it is some weird stuff here despite me not having consumed any drug, let alone any coffee before, during and after the phenomenon.

To be rational, this applies to pretty much anything I no longer have to do in automation. Things like part time jobs and even school; once I am no longer studying a health science degree and transitioned myself to a business school, it is only natural that I question myself with a cliché of “how did I even do that?”

Just go ask any successful mangaka on how they have come this far.

It gets more relatable when you ‘upgrade’ your career, switching from minimum wage trolleyboy job in a supermarket to supervisor position and later on after many internships, ending up in assistant manager in one of the biggest companies in your country. Normally people would look at this transition with an arrow of direction in mind but I look at it from my satisfaction POV, and that is where I think working conditions of lower paying jobs are more like those math questions with multiple ways to work out your answers – it is obviously easy and allows you to be flexible with your methods despite what the employer tells you how people in their company do it. Managerial jobs on the other hand are more towards merit and excellence grade questions – they openly tell you to explain your answer but even you know there is only one or two ways to go about doing so. Those who are on top of the game will make their jobs look easy and relaxing no matter what the pay is.
Me being myself doing exactly what I said in the previous sentence, have people come up with the same kind of question. The how did I even do that one. Sometimes it takes others to have you realize that your normal life is not by all means normal in places of your presence. All content creators will come to realize this sooner or later down the line after years of doing what they always willingly do, sprinkled with of hopes and dreams.

Now this is more inline with my situation.

Now this is specifically for bloggers of course. Do go back to your much older posts and see for yourself. Ask the question of “would my 2021 self be able to produce such a masterpiece?”
The term itself means more than just what the average person views as positive. Masterpiece can be best of the worst. There is a reason Ex-Arm can trigger a conversation. Though, it is ultimately your decision.

Personally I do not think that my current self would have the capabilities to write out a quarter of my 2017 posts simply because time changed me. I win some but I also lose some. My head is slowly being filled with business vocabulary and my enjoyable anime terms slowly vanished from my muscle memory one by one. That is not the only thing that has happened. Time changes more than just me – it changed you, too. Your views on any specific subject can and will most likely have changed in the course of four years (that my blog exists). Those who used to think of me as the evening anime news channel would have to think differently otherwise, since I clearly no longer hold up to the expectations. As all of you become familiar with anime culture and all the technical things behind the medium, you may either come to understand my blabbering or religiously detest them. And then there is the matter of persona. Some people would literally like and comment on posts simply because it is written by you and nothing else – that can change, too.

To avoid misunderstanding, I am not saying that because you have produced a masterpiece in the past means everything you have written after is of lower quality or interest. Though it is true that everybody has a climax in their life – the prime time you can call it, it is actually quite difficult to quickly degrade the quality of your own content unless you pull something dramatic. I believe that quality stays with you and if you ever end up stopping to write anime blog, your next project in life should be just as good if not better. But be aware of your target audience as you really cannot expect even half of your followers to follow through with your change of direction.

So yeah, I have already answered the question people around me and eventually myself imposed on my individual. I would be glad to know if your current self has what it takes to pull the weights of your long-past-self.

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