Welcoming a New Year

Do be sure to capture every final, chaotic moments of your life in 2020 so that, if not within this year, you may in the far future look back to see yourself and think that the year of 2020 was not all bad.

I will start my part by saying that anime really did save my mental wellbeing in late 2020, hence the reason some of you are recently seeing my posts popping out of nowhere after years of disappearance. I definitely apologize for having done that, ya know, having gone poof without a single word. But I think that goes perfectly inline with my 300 followers post where I had given a strong opinion on how one quits blogging – spoiler alert for those who still have yet to read it but stated that you must have a stronger will to do something other than blogging which was or was not a hobby at the time of quitting and that blogging must have had been the least of priorities in your to do list. Anything else are partly or wholly excuses.

Anyway, that very post is so harsh but it is so truthful I do not think I have any leftover wisdom to conjure up another motivational(?) post of that caliber. But that may change as I spend more time in balance between anime and the practical, so called real life.

Speaking of life, I am still not decided on whether I should dedicate this post to just anime or my life in and outside of the anime medium, so please bear with me and my ramblings. I mean if you have read this far then it is kind of weird to stop now, right?

So, like the last time I had written a post on first of January, I am pulling the phone-mode but this year the block editor has got me writing in paragraphs. While I have little to no complaints about it, the block editor really is not and will not allow me to format my posts the way I have been – the way I still want for a while. Imagine having not opened WordPress for years and coming back to be surprise motherf* by the block editor?! On the first day encountering that I felt like post Covid – it is a new world going on ya’ll.

What got me back to the anime scene late in last year were sequels of shows I rated good or better. I would not go as far as calling all of them my favorites but most were definitely in that category. Even the memes of Index III were not enough to have me excited but darn when Railgun T dropped its airing date I came back rushing like a madman, even initially ignoring my then-new girlfriend’s interest in wanting to go out for dates and such. Luckily for me she likes Railgun too, so by all means it was a safe.

I have mentioned the girlfriend quite a few times now and I will have you know she is not my right hand. We were in the same internship place and one day she’d decided to ride in the back of my motorcycle to eat a buffet. On the way back home I lost the battle of grip to wet road, we and the bike were goners. She then spent more time with me to see both of our wounds heal and I think you can guess the rest of the story. She is a Taiwanese who definitely has been doing cosplay in her teenage years. We are now mid 20’s so my blogging record and her cosplay history both link to anime and I think fate could have done it better for our encounter – I would have loved it to be less painful, literally.

We did not get together because of the anime medium but anime surely makes our bond grow even more now that I learn about her love for idol related content and odd bits of gore here and there (I know weird as hell). On the other hand she has become the more surprised one, having come to know that I am not engaged to mainstream titles (yes, I have never seen Kimetsu no Yaiba) and become easily attracted to unique shows in different seasons. Take Adachi to Shimamura for fall of 2020 – by all means that show has barely anything common with shows that I have watched in my entire life.

Onto the topic of the blog itself:

I am going to call it now. My posting frequency remains low and consistency will be nonexistent. I am back to being very busy after having recently finished a six-month internship. While I think my final semester classes will mostly be online due to Covid (20?), I have a strong ambition to do something that is unfortunately not blogging and here comes to worn-out joke: gotta watch anime to blog about anime, right pals?

But really, that may be all the time I have for – simply enjoying anime like the rest of you, not that being an anime blogger makes me feel empowered and entitled to ignore anything other anime watchers have to say about my posts and more importantly my feelings/opinions. I am aware that my writing style is between assertive and somewhat close-ended; that it barely leaves opportunity for anyone to carry on the conversation in the comments. For new readers, I will have to apologize in advance and welcome you all to the blog of wonders. I do not bite! Not sure about the barks, though.

Now I am never a believer in new year’s resolutions but I am a firm believer of finishing what I’d started. My priority is going to be finishing off the last 3 episode write-ups for Adachi to Shimamura and then I will look into new shows behind the door of journey that is 2021.

I am not saying that I won’t believe your new year’s resolutions, though. Do tell me what they are whether it is anime or blog related or not. I want to see you all beating the living hell out of Covid-19 and come at this post with massive doses of Healthy-21.

Happy New Year, everyone!

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