Looking into Adachi to Shimamura Episode 8: It is the little things

The eighth episode could not have been more sincere than this when it wanted to play down a famous quote rephrased from Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

Enjoy the little things in life because one day you`ll look back and realize they were the big things.”

There is no major plot whatsoever for this week, only a bunch of set-ups to what will probably be a story truly going forward in the week after. Honestly, that very last section just before the ending credits is very painful to watch, knowing what is coming and all. Its cinematic nature accompanied by heart-gripping violin-piano combination did not help in the slightest. It should be obvious enough that violins, when grouped with a piano, seldom makes upbeat and happy-spirited music!

And so, before I break down or some sort, let us look into those small moments that matter so much more than they seem!

Adachi clearly has a tendency to daydream in the middle of taking her baths. Well, after all is still a mystery regarding how people can become at their most imaginative when in the bathroom.

In this week we are joined by probably an unlikely presence of a wannabe fortune teller. What is more unlikely to me is the probability of Adachi seriously believing in such a trivia!
Remember, horoscope is a very fun thing to do in your life but please do it in moderation – it can get equally as bad as gambling.

Speaking of Zodiac signs, Adachi quickly becomes unenthusiastic upon finding out that Shimamura’s sign and hers are an unlikely match. Her imagination of such scenario though is on another level of artistry! Wouldn’t you agree with me on a chance that we did not think of something like this when we read the light novel?

Very fitting for a possibly angry Shimamura…

Little things to look out for in Adachi

Her signature cracked voice reactions are here to stay, though this time not as cute as the moment in previous episodes.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to keep the delinquent label on Adachi as her only immediate problem seems to be personal and is unrelated to school in any way. Her not attending class is not because of a bad teacher or school. If anything, delinquency fits the bill better on Shimamura.

Her little gestures tend to mean more than they seem, too. Especially seen in this episode, where she follows Yashiro in doing the kneel. It is a common knowledge that being on the same eye level with children helps them feel safer and more in control. You show that you are giving them your full attention. It also signals that you are willing and ready to engage with them. Active listening is one of the most important ways you can send the message, ‘You are important to me.’

Shimamura would have kept standing and go, “what?”

It is to no one’s surprise knowing that Adachi has some sort of service mind; she does have a part time job after all.

The menu is… chocolate for Shimamura!

I do like how she keeps wearing the ponytail despite Shimamura having told her that she already looks fine the way she is.

How dare they put her cute face behind bars!

She has become less and less of an introvert but still far from getting out of that state. Reluctantly accepting Shimamura’s invitation to play game at Nagafuji’s house, she can be seen sitting in what would otherwise be an extremely polite and at the same time awkward position in a kotatsu. I can also note her reaction to Nagafuji’s mother’s presence — it is obviously different to what Adachi is used to not seeing her own mother in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.
If anything, Adachi can perfectly represent majority of us going to a friend’s house for the first time, which can somehow imply given that we are not outright extrovert, then we are all introverts to an extent.

Realizations did not stop in the previous episode, for this week we get to see Adachi’s self reflection which in most times become the fuel for her ambitions. But then even I can see why Shimamura lacks one, hence liking her more than Adachi.
Reality can be harsh and Adachi having met Shimamura only opened up the sweet parts first, leaving the bad tasting stuff for later.

Pretty sure she’d almost broken a wall with that inner dialogue leading her to thank Shimamura without context.

Little things to look out for in Shimamura

She has become a little more active regardless of her lack of ambitions or whatnot. Shimamura has taken more initiatives since her realization in the previous episode. It is her admiration for Adachi’s determination to be her number one friend(?) which drives her to do more silly pokes at Adachi. You can say she has become cuter, but what is cuter to me is her increased interaction with others who are not Adachi as well, to the point of going out of her way to spend time with Hino and Nagafuji before of course, inviting Adachi.

She seems to be so horrible at multitasking relationships, seeing her looking at her phone with Tarumi’s contact information on it, probably thinking that reuniting with her childhood friend is going to be a pain in the ass. That alone should be enough of a sign that she is more than halfway to leaving her past.
Shimamura’s childhood is something I want explored and I do not think even the light novel has done that to depth yet. While it would not be big enough of material for a prequel series, maybe an OVA episode or two will do.

The last time Shimamura ambitiously took someone’s hand was…?
Adachi has all the rights to be jealous of Tarumi had she knew the latter.

It is not like Shimamura is unaware of her flaws; she is fully aware and is living her carefree life based around them. To her tiny surprise is of course, meeting someone who loves her with all the flaws attached. That alone is enough to have Shimamura reconciliate with her past self. Little by little and we have a playful Shimamura who is never hesitant to tease the living hell out of Adachi. We get the usual head pats this week with extra servings of diabetes on wheels.

Let’s say I truly believe in horoscopes

It is revealed that Shimamura and Adachi are Aries and Libra respectively. Aries and Libra are directly opposite one another in the Zodiac — 180 degrees apart. Adachi surprisingly makes a near perfect companion to Shimamura mostly because they are a stark contrast to one another, but to make up to perfection would be up to the two of them as time goes on and people change over time.

IF people are madly attracted to each other and fall in love, there is almost nothing that could separate them, no matter the differences. Wouldn’t we all like to find the middle ground with our loved one?
They will need to work on their bond, that much is given, but their relationship is a promise of a perfect fit of two souls meant to be together.

Relationship Checklist

Sometimes, it is the small things that keeps a couple together for a long time. So according a Lifehack article, let us see if the couple is fulfilling those little things that make them look sweeter than they were in the previous week:

Say it!
Inspired by the “shaman”, Adachi clearly went out and say how she feels. Even though it was not an “I love you”, she’d still managed it nonetheless.

Be silly together
Purposely riding bicycle the way she does with Shimamura standing on the rear wheel counts.

Say thank you
It was not hard, it was the end result despite being unintended.

Adachi went to defend Shimamura’s reaction to Hino’s sarcastic statement about people with good personality losing games.

A little present goes a long way
Adachi and her quest for the best homemade milk chocolate.

Yashiro’s Spotlight

Hooray! Finally the one episode where I do not mind her presence one bit!

Seeing her legitimately flying, the Shimamura family does not mind her status as potentially inhuman and so shouldn’t you. Simply enjoy the happiness and memes she may bring.

Based on the preview, I am guessing that next week’s episode will be most dramatic yet but simply not enough to warrant a “drama” tag in the show.

Just please, less of that sad BGM. It really got my heart going downhill for a few minutes there.

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