Looking into Adachi to Shimamura Episode 7: Technicolor Realization

The show pretty much outdid my expectations from having read the novel beforehand. Episode seven perfectly sums up what I’d hoped anime and more importantly the animation medium to have achieved when it comes to adaptation.

This episode’s main point could easily be summarized as:

Virgins are the ones with dirtiest minds.

It is amazing how much effort Adachi has put into letting Shimamura know that she wants something for Valentine’s day, makes me think what if Adashima was not of yuri genre but instead just a typical romance. Would Adachi still make up to the quality she holds in this show (which is extremely high for a heroine-in-love)?
Would her reactions be any different if the person she loves is a male?

Only doujin can help us find out. I guess.

This is quite possibly the most gay I have ever seen in a homosexually orientated genre without much of the overboard ecchi.

We basically get more intimate moments between the couple. I totally called it in the previous week — what did Santa say about celebrating Christmas too early?

It cannot be good…

I really cannot not help but appreciate extra efforts put into characters’ expressions when it comes to interactions between Adachi and Shimamura. Not that the others are bad; it is just that Adachi’s and Shimamura’s are simply natural, pretty much deserving for titular characters.

Majority of Adachi’s “moments” are meme worthy while Shimamura’s are just downright relatable. That is two birds with one stone. Needless to say if you are currently catching up to the show like me — such movements come at a cost of many frozen backgrounds.

In the previous week I’d given my attention to Hino and look at her two months after that time…
Back for some more?!

Good old anime trope of “guaranteed tan from Hawaii”.

But holy smokes, that tone is quite fitting for her.

Over the phone

On their New Year’s Eve call, the couple make it look easy and natural even when they are not together. It goes to show their obviously strong relationship regardless of distance, which brings me to the idea of long-distanced relationships.
There are those who have it going well and those who do not, but if Adashima has shown anything, it would be how simple it is to contribute to another person’s day. This moment would remind me of how badly I treat my mother by not making a consistent period of calls to her and most likely leaving her worried about me and in a worse case loneliness.

Shimamura says herself that she does not have many friends so without getting a call from Adachi, can you imagine her going up to Hino and Nagafuji when she is fully aware of their relationship?

Radiant Grayscale

From Hino’s skin tone to Shimamura’s hair, episode seven does not shy from touching on a theme of colors. They mean as little as seasonal change to as much as someone’s very identity. To Shimamura, she has both inside and outside colors, to which the former gets a philosophical mention in this episode. She has come to realize that Adachi is the source of vibrant colors in her life from the point she’d met her.

While she talks about her (outside) hair color often, this is the first time she mentions anything of “change”, most likely taking Adachi into her consideration, going as far as asking her directly. If she really goes back to being having black hair, she would ultimately be meeting up with her past self and whatever memories came with it.

It was nice of Adachi to instinctively think of the opposite and imagines a white-haired Shimamura. It is also nice of the show to clearly display the difference in her hair color with that cute little darker patch on top of her head.
Very noticeable indeed.


From yours truly Adachi.

This episode is back with a lot of her attempted imaginations at what Shimamura could have been if the show was restricted to adults only. It is easygoing fanservice and feels less visually intrusive than actually having Shimamura doing the nudes herself. Adachi’s next imagination with Shimamura’s chest is a really funny “wrong context” moment. Sure, she wants to find out what sorts of feelings are in Shimamura’s heart but to literally go and physically feel her chest like that…

Did Shimamura really have to take her skirt off?
Anyways I don’t care. It is cute. I want more.

Moving forward or…

Episode seven marks the first time I get to see Shimamura genuinely smile out of delight and absolutely free of guilt! What else can go wrong?

Oh, yeah…

If Hino and Nagafuji represent a smooth relationship then Adachi and Shimamura would need something else to make it dramatically different.

Sadly the episode has already reached that point. Unlike Shimamura’s English writing which makes little to no sense, the introduction of a new character makes total sense as it was hinted in episode 5 when Shimamura had that little back story time to herself. The other kid who seems to have a personality resembling Adachi’s, unless you have already spoiled yourself by reading the name tag, was in fact Tarumi. Now grown up to a beautiful lady, she intends to reclaim what she thought was hers a long time ago. In a normal romance show she would be slapped straight into the good ol’ childhood friend trope.

Remember, it is not love triangle if Adachi and Tarumi do not know one another. At least not yet anyway…
And for as long as we have been watching anime, you should be just as aware as I am when it comes to how it all ends for the childhood friend in romance anime.

Much lower key than a housewife witnessing something…

By just being alive, you are as useful as being a witness to an important plot point, Nagafuji.
Even in the novel, her dad was actually the person who served them the orders and commented on his own daughter, saying that, “because you aren’t of any use. And you interfere with business.”

You know what they say about self-improvement: no pain, no gain. And there is no better time for Adachi to come to terms with some of that.

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