Setsuna Yuki steals the show (and my heart) again

I truly remembered getting massive chills down my spine upon hearing the vocal power of someone I’d expected to be related to cutesy, idolish type anime.

Going back to late 2018 when the character was announced for the ALL STARS game, coupled with a solo piece of music to go with it.

Having been a Love Live! follower, I am aware that cuteness is not the only theme to exist in the franchise, but Yuki and more importantly her seiyuu, Kusunoki Tomori, hits it really hard right out of the bat to become my focus of what would now be known as Love Live! Nijigasaki Gakuen School Idol Doukoukai anime.

I will not go into specific details of the game or the anime, but let me just say that she makes up the “cool” part of the franchise while some others make up “cute”, “cheerful”, etc.

It is indeed cool and better yet powerful. Last time I’d experience such coolness from Love Live! franchise was definitely from their side-unit Saint Snow. Their songs are just lit and here we have Yuki going all in solo.

The late 2020 anime did her justice by making her performance of the song in the first episode “lit af”.
For real, there were literal fire on-scene, yo!

I just cannot wait to hear more of what Nijigasaki club has to offer!

2 thoughts on “Setsuna Yuki steals the show (and my heart) again

  1. Thanks for coming by!
    And yes. The performance is two years old and counting. I’m just happy to share good things only diehard fans would look into.

    Tomori-san is a newcomer to anime industry but as you can see she landed a role in Love Live! and that can only mean go big or go boom!

    I’m calling it. She will be big in near future.


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